Lil' Flip conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Lil' Flip: Needs His

November 2005

After huge success with his album "U Gotta Feel Me" and his releases before, Lil' Flip is back in the studio recording a follow up. The lead single "What It Do?" produced by Mannie Fresh is currently making its radio rounds.

I went into this delayed interview excited, all prepared to ask about Slim Thug and T.I. and get the juice on Flip's side of things. Slim Thug had no problem answering questions about it. However, prior to the interview Flip's publicist told me that there were no questions about T.I. or Slim Thug allowed. So, I went onto other matters.

MVRemix: What's currently going on with the Clover G's?

Lil Flip: Ah man, I got my liquor out right now. I'm tryin' to do some Jay-Z shit right now. I got my liquor, I got Clover G Apparrel Ltd., I got new artists; Squad Up, Crime Bosses, the Clover G's. I'm not stoppin'! I'm makin' beats now, I'm directin' my own videos and I just finished up writin' my own movie, so I'm gettin' ready to shoot my own movie, man.

MVRemix: What's going on with your movie "Pimpin Ain't Easy"?

Lil Flip: Yeah, yeah... What I wanted to do, man, because movies take up a lot of your time and stuff - what I wanted to do was make sure that I could have some product out on the streets while... When I do my movie I wanna have other artists bubblin', so when I take off to do movies, I wanna have at least half of my album done, and I want my artists to be able to go on the road and keep the Clover G name hot. Then, when I get done with the movie I'll drop another album, ya dig?

MVRemix: What's the situation with you much talked about LP with David Banner?

Lil Flip: Oh yeah, you know what - it's kind of like the situation when Beanie Sigel and [Memphis] Bleek were supposed to drop an album and they were promotin' it. Well at that point in our careers we was just together every day. We got about ten tracks lyin' around, but because our schedules are conflictin' and he drops his albums the opposite of when I drop my albums, we haven't been able to really even work on it. But, if worst comes to worst we will for sure do a mixtape, and the mixtape will consist of original tracks - people love that shit.

MVRemix: What's currently going on with Squad Up?

Lil Flip: They recordin' they album man, like I said, we don't ever stop recordin'. They featured on my new album. I wanted to give them a little buzz to get they name out there so they rappin' on my shit. They wrappin' up they album and they mixtape.

MVRemix: What's going on with Lucky Nites (Lil Flip's liquor)?

Lil Flip: It's out. That shit is almost sold out, like that shit cannot stay on the fuckin' shelf, honestly. It's out in Houston, that shit stays fuckin' out. It's doin' good, all of the girls love the shit. The niggas like the shit too.

MVRemix: How do you feel about it? Are there any particular combinations or concoctions you like to use it with?

Lil Flip: Yeah, where we from we drink that purple stuff so I mix it with that. But basically the best way to drink that shit, I drink that shit cold. A few of my homeboys, they drink that shit hot. Some of the niggas be mixin' that shit with some Hennessey and shit.

MVRemix: When did you get and what inspired your first tattoo?

Lil Flip: My first tattoo was a cross on my stomach, just for believin' in God - that's what inspired that tattoo.

MVRemix: How many do you now have?

Lil Flip: Got 40 now.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Time Bomb" (Flip's Tattoo shop)

Lil Flip: I got a homeboy named Richard and he can do tattoos. He had a studio in San Antonio and whatnot and I'm like this man, when I make money, I'm not gonna limit myself to make rap money. There's a few things in the businesses that I own that's a necessity to the rap world. Forever rappers will get tattoos, forever rappers will wear clothes, forever rappers will wear watches, forever rappers will drink liquor, forever rappers will want beats - you dig what I'm sayin'? So basically I just went in on him and we got the tattoo shop in San Antonio. Everybody that comes through San Antonio get they tattoos there. You tell 'em Flip sent you, you get 25% off.

MVRemix: I heard you were working on a watch line, can you tell me about that?

Lil Flip: Yeah, I got the Clover G watches comin' out with the album. I'm actually givin' away five Clover G watches with the album. When you buy the album, there's gonna be like ten winners, there's gonna be golden tickets in the albums and I'm givin' away ten gifts. Five clover G watches and five Clover G chains. The watch is a four time-zone watch, well five including your time zone. And you can spin it! Not like a rim or whatever, you can turn it and you'll have four four leaf clovers and whichever style you wanna wear with the four time-zones you can wear like that, or you can turn it and wear the four four leaf clovers with diamonds in 'em.

MVRemix: What separates your clothing lines from the others that rappers have on the market? (5 Star General for men and Clover Girls clothing lines)

Lil Flip: For one, I'm making some shit where niggas can be comfortable. For one I've got the camoflague, for the street grimey shit. Then I've got the clothin' line for the kids. For the girls, I got Clover Girls, some sassy shit; halter tops. A lot of people wearin' halter tops with the jewels, with the encrusted ice - the little crystals and shit like that - that's real big and whatnot. Then I've got the collared shirt - you know, dudes have gotta go to work or whatever, and they've gotta wear collared shirts. So I've got sophisticated shit in there and shit for the streets for niggas that's on the block that don't wanna wear collared shirts. Throw on a fuckin' t-shirt and do what they do. Each t-shirt gonna have some kinda slogan, you feel me?

MVRemix: With regards to "U Gotta Feel Me," you said you felt that you needed more hits. Is "I Need Mine" more geared towards hits?

Lil Flip: Yeah, well not necessarily more hits. More so meaning I shoulda shot another video. What happened was I was so busy tourin' when I went to Europe - I was over there for like a month and a half, and when I came back I just got back in the studio in like a week. I didn't have a chance to shoot a video because I was on tour so fuckin' much. This time around I'ma shoot five videos, and with the album I'm givin' away a DVD and I got three videos on the DVD. So this time around the fans get a DVD of me, plus the hottest footage of when I went overseas to Amsterdam with Wu-Tang Clan. So I take niggas into coffee shops and show 'em how you can actually buy weed in Amsterdam. I'm givin' the fans everything they wanna know with this album.

MVRemix: With regards to the album, can you tell me a little about guests/producers or concepts featured?

Lil Flip: Yeah, well you know me, I refuse to have 50 fuckin' features on my album. Like most niggas who get they deals right now, they feel it's a must you have everybody on your album and I'm not gonna turn my album into a compilation. You dig what I'm sayin'? So the guests on my album, of course I got Squad Up, Z-Ro from the Screwed Up click and the Clover G's. But I got one of my favourite rappers which is MJG, you know Eightball & MJG. I got a record with Nate Dogg, I got a record with Lyfe on the album, and you know anytime I do an album Three 6 Mafia gon' be on there. But as far as the production go, I produced five tracks on the album. Scott Storch gave me a track, Salaam Remi gave me a track, of course, the new single "What It Do?" Mannie Fresh made that.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Lil Flip: [ponders] I'm tryin' to think who would I straight wanna stomp the shit out of? I would have to say the dude who plays Napoleon Dynamite. I would slap the shit out of him 'cause he wore them tight ass fuckin' pants.

MVRemix: Do you reckon you'd win?

Lil Flip: [chuckles] Yeah man, dude's a little bit too fuckin' goofy. Somebody should stop him from wearin' those tight ass pants man. He walk around he probably got a yeast infection that shit's so tight.

MVRemix: What do you think is the biggest mis-conception of you?

Lil Flip: There's a few of 'em but the main thing is... People get mad. If you from the streets and you come in the rap game people don't understand that you can't hustle with everybody. In the streets, if somebody comes up to you and says he likes your dope, you can't put him on. So a lot of these people feel like I don't wanna work with them or whatever, but I look at it like this man; the cats who helped me get to where I'm at - those are the people I feel I owe shit to. Like if you ain't do a motherfuckin' thing for me, I don't owe you a dime or nothin' and you're lucky if I give you advice. You see what I'm sayin'? So the cats that I help, I'm helpin' them for a reason because these cats actually helped me get to where I'm at. You can't help everybody or you end up like Hammer.

MVRemix: Aside from the album do you have any other guest appearances or compilations you've been working on?

Lil Flip: I mean, I'm gettin' a soundtrack ready for the movie, but aside from that, that's it. I ain't doin' shit else but makin' beats and editin' my DVD.

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