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Lil Scrappy - conducted by Dale Coachman  

Not an Atlanta rapper, a rapper out of Atlanta

June 2006

Lilí Scrappy has taken his share of bumps and bruises. After dropping Headbussa in 2003 and becoming the ďHood StarĒ, releasing a joint album with Trillville in 2004, getting pushed off stage, and taking a bottle to the mouth and being hospitalized, Lilí Scrappy is back and ready to stand on his own and quiet all the critics.

MVRemix: How did you first meet Lilí Jon?

Lilí Scrappy: I met Jon at an event at a club and Trillville was supposed to perform first. I came to the studio and Trillville was already there and they saw me in the studio and they noticed my energy and I was like, "Yaíll need to holla at me." I had Headbussa and that was crazy in the club, the hood and all over the south. So Lilí Jon came to the club to see Trillville, Trillville did their show and then it was my turn. I was the hood star at the time and while Iím doin my show the whole club got into a big ass bar fight and one of the dudes that owns BME with Lilí Jon was there... he came in with a suit and when he left the club it was gone. So they told me to come to BME 12:00pm Monday morning. I signed the contract ran into Lilí Jon and I was like, ďWe just did that Neva Eva song whatís up with that Headbussa?Ē Je was like, ďIíll mix that, Neva Eva and do Headbussa later.Ē

MVRemix: How did you and 50 Cent hook up?

Lilí Scrappy: Basically Young Buck called me. Gangstas are connected around the world and I was hangin out with one of Young Buckís dudes and I was like yeah I feel dudeís music, and they was like, "Buck might want to holla at you." So dude called Buck and Buck was like, "Iím doin my video this week you need to come on down." So I hopped in the Chevy drove down there and we had a ball. From there I hollered at 50 and after that everyone always treated me like family. I ended up having the same book manager as them had so I ended doin the same shows. Then I run into Mike Lighty and he hooked it up with Violator then I get hit with a bottle and none of the industry cats was callin' me. Then out the blue, Curtis ď50 CentĒ Jackson called me. So Iím sittin' in the hospital, can barely talk and I was really on some fí it ish but 50 came in with some encouraging words, plus I had a girl on the way so I got up like alright Iím about to do my thing and make this money.

MVRemix: Your album title is "Bred 2 Die, Born to Live." What do you think needs to change in the Hip-Hop community and the African-American community so your album doesnít have to have that title? Because thatís a serious statement in itself.

Lilí Scrappy: I came up with that title because of our race and how things are. Black people are like pits we breed and then we die. Nothin' is gonna change unless we pray together and we canít even pray together. For example one hundred Mexicans can get in the car and be cool, a 100,000 White people could be at a rock & roll and go hard and have a mosh pit but ainít know one fightin...

MVRemix: But we canít play a pick up game of basketball.

Lilí Scrappy: Yeah we canít even play a pick up game of basketball, somebody is going to be the superstar and you are gonna want to try him, he just shot a three on you in front of some women and you want to fight. I think Black dudes are goin' crazy over women, like anything happen to you in front of a woman to make you look bad itís over wit. 'Cause itís like that wit me. Look at all the people that done got us this far, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the people before them and we still fín up.

MVRemix: You told MTV that on your new LP its ďhalf party half sorrow,Ē what sorrows have you gone through in your life?

Lilí Scrappy: The bottle situation hurt physically, but it also hurt mentally because you out there thinking if you keep it real and you show love they gonna show you love back. Some places just ainít like that, they hate whether it's city or Atlanta folk some people just hate. I donít know if itís just me but Iím a real dude, I ainít no killer I donít go shoot up people everyday that donít make you a real dude. Real folk just handle they business and keep movin' and donít talk a lot game, I talk a lot but it's real talk.

MVRemix: So how do you feel about artists who talk one thing but live the complete opposite?

Lilí Scrappy: I feel like you jinx yourself. If you watch the Pac video he was like I was rappin' about this and it was happenin' to everyone else and now itís happenin' to me. We are rappers, we are black, we go hard and we from the hood so we got trouble comin' anyway. So you have to prepared for those situations, donít look for it to happen but be ready. So do what you got to do to get your mind right so when it does go down you donít even have to fight you can recognize it and keep it movin'. Some people feel like they have to be who they say on a record to prove to people and you donít have to do that if you walk a way you still cool because you are doing you and you kept your money, ainít in jail , didnít get sued and they still mad.

MVRemix: I heard you are working with people like Mase, Buck, and Stat Quo on your album who else would you like to work with?

Lilí Scrappy: Beanie Sigel is going to come and put somethin down, Lilí Jon, and I have a few other shockers on the album.

MVRemix: The big story around hip-hop is that the South is taken over, how do you feel about that and where do you see this album in that scheme if you even want to be a part of it?

Lilí Scrappy: Iím a down south dude whether they like it or not, but I love it. I love the slang the, game and the culture, I love macaroni & cheese, fried chicken and greens. Iím proud to be a part of this southern movement. What Iím not is an Atlanta rapper, Iím a rapper from and out of Atlanta.

MVRemix: So youíre a pure rapper you arenít limited to just crunk or snap music?

Lilí Scrappy: Nah, I do what I feel like, if I want to make a snap song that day thatís what I will make, if I want to do a crunk song, or tell I girl I love her thatís the music Iím going to make. I do what I do.

MVRemix: Since 50 Cent is Executive producing this album what does he bring to the album that may not have been there in his absence?

Lilí Scrappy: He kind of thinks bigger and broader than me and he just has a brain for it. He brings the real gangsta in it, and Jon brings the crunk part so I get the best of both worlds.

MVRemix: We know you had the album with Trillville but how does it feel to have your first solo album?

Lilí Scrappy: It feels like everything is on me whether I fail or win and thatís a good feelin'. I never want to be a part of an album that just goes gold and everyone is looking at me like I didnít do my job. I go hard on everything.

MVRemix: So what or who inspired you to be a hip-hop artist?

Lilí Scrappy: Thereís nothing else out in the street but trouble, and thatís my art and how I vent out, and how I make my money. Iím not a hard dude and Iím not tryin to be, I will whip somebodyís ass if it comes to it, and Iíll bust a gun if I have to but there is no reason for that.

MVRemix: What was your experience like on the Anger Management Tour?

Lilí Scrappy: That was the tour that managed my anger. Just imagine being around Eminem, I was the dude watching these people on t.v. and now Iím around them on the same stage, or they come into my dressing room or I go into theirs. It feels real good and when I come out they scream for me the same way I scream for Em.

MVRemix: What are listening to in the deck right now?

Lilí Scrappy: Nothing but Scrappy, Pac or G-Unit and yaíll check out that Green Day thatís a hard ass album.

MVRemix: Besides the album do you have any other plans?

Lilí Scrappy: We got the Crime Mob album, coming out, the Diamond and Princess album and the G-s Up album.

MVRemix: If there was one thing you could change about the hip-hop industry what would it be?

Lilí Scrappy: I would say think before you do... a lot people react and donít think and think they can get back up from a bullet like Tupac or 50 but that doesnít happen for everyone.

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"I donít know if itís just me but Iím a real dude, I ainít no killer I donít go shoot up people everyday that donít make you a real dude. Real folk just handle they business and keep movin and donít talk a lot..."