Lil' Flip conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Lil' Flip Interview

February 2004

These are the transcripts of an interview with Lil' Flip. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on February 12th, 2004.

Lil' Flip is a determined Sony Recording rapper from the South. Scoring platinum sales and having his material featured on his favourite sports game, Flip aims to go diamond and take the music world by storm over the next year. Flip's new album "U Gotta Feel Me" will be in stores on March 30th, 2004.

MVRemix: Can you please explain your moniker "Lil' Flip" and how it arose?

Lil' Flip: Well actually it was because I'd take any track that was already done, get it and "flip" it. I used to rap fast on tracks, when you rap fast we call it "flippin."

MVRemix: Who inspired you?

Lil' Flip: Scarface and Eightball... most of the people from the South. Like Rap-A-Lot, they were moving so many units without a lot of video play and airplay. That inspired with the notion "Stick to your guns and you don't have to compromise your creativity to sell records."

MVRemix: What would be (prior to rapping) the worst job that you've done?

Lil' Flip: Worst job? Haha. [ponders] I'd say mowing lawns. I did that for like... a day. It was too hot.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the bleeding of Hip Hop into mainstream culture. For example, Macdonalds using rap songs in their commercials and seemingly every other commercial features a DJ scratching or something like that. Do you believe it's paying homage or mocking to a degree?

Lil' Flip: It could be both. At the end of the day it's all about money. It might not all be paying homage.

MVRemix: Simple decision; Coke or Pepsi?

Lil' Flip: I'd say Pepsi.

MVRemix: I read the article on you in XXL and it basically depicted you as being very determined. What sparked your determination in the beginning?

Lil' Flip: Not to get lazy. I feel whatever you did to get where you're at, you've got to stick with it. That motivates me. As long as I keep doing what I've been doing, every year should get better.

MVRemix: Who do you wish to see yourself working with in the future?

Lil' Flip: I need to do something with probably Sade, or someone like that. Something different.

MVRemix: Now you're on the soundtrack for NFL Street, it must have been a pretty great compliment to get on there. What's your favourite gaming system?

Lil' Flip: I've got to say Playstation (2). Sony... you know. Haha.

MVRemix: Do you have any other aspirations? Like writing in a different form...

Lil' Flip: I'd love to write in other genres. I'd like that.

MVRemix: What makes for a good show?

Lil' Flip: Actually, a good show has a lot to do with the sound system. You could have a good crowd and bad music - it'll throw your vibe off.

MVRemix: Tell me about your forthcoming album ("U Gotta Feel Me")

Lil' Flip: It's not as laid back as the other ones, it's more energetic. I've got a couple of A-list producers on there, A-list cameo's (Ludacris, Cam'ron). I've got a Neptunes track and Red Spyda produced some tracks. Then I've got some hungry cats that produce half of the album. Every album I try to change and find some hungry cats to step it up a little bit. It's ten notches up from the last album.

MVRemix: When you say hungry cats, do you mean producers you came up with or producers that you've respected? Up and coming producers that nobody gave a chance because most of the big producers get a big head. "Yeah, I'm getting 300 (thousand) a track." Then you've got people who charge you a thousand dollars for a track that sounds just like that. Those are usually the people that "come up." A plus is a plus, man.

MVRemix: What makes your music worth listening to above another rapper's music? What is it that you feel you bring that others don't?

Lil' Flip: I make music depending on how I'm feeling. Music is like emotion... I don't go into the studio like [white voice] "Okay. I need a club track. Let me think, what should I say?" I just go in there and vibe. Whatever the track's making me feel, I'll put down. People know when I'm in the studio, it's the real me. I'm not giving out what everyone else is doing.

MVRemix: Do you believe MP3's are as threatening as labels would have consumers believe?

Lil' Flip: It's threatening when you're getting music for free. But as far as for me, when I'm on another coast and I need some music and I can't wait for it to be overnighted. It's good for me in that way. But, as far as free music, nah, that's not good.

MVRemix: With regards to your career, many rappers have different goals. Some want a certain amount of sales. Others want to make the perfect album. Others want longevity. For you, personally, what is your goal with rap?

Lil' Flip: My goal is to have a long career. And, you know, sell ten million. I want a diamond in the Billboard, that's everybody's goal. But, I'd rather have a long career. You've got to look at the fact that you can get rich now and ten years from now be nothing. I'd rather have the longevity.

MVRemix: Who do you look up to in that respect?

Lil' Flip: You've got to look up to Jay-Z. There's LL Cool J. He's still here. There's ten or twelve albums and he can still go gold and go platinum.

MVRemix: If you had to choose between one of the three following influences for your creativity out of drugs, food or sex, which would you choose? And note I said sex, not love.

Lil' Flip: I'd say food. For the simple reason that when I go into the studio, I go and record before I eat because I feel after I eat I get lazy, I just want to chill. You know how when you get full and you just don't want to do anything? That's how I reward myself. I go in and record, do about four tracks and eat after I'm done. So I use that. That's what fuels me.

MVRemix: If there's one thing you have left to do before you pass away, what is it?

Lil' Flip: It'd have to be I want to sell ten million records. I need a diamond.

MVRemix: How many artists have actually gone diamond? Did Pac?

Lil' Flip: Yeah, Pac and Biggie.

MVRemix: Oh, Biggie went diamond?

Lil' Flip: Yeah, on "Life After Death" because it was a double. Same with "All Eyez On Me."

MVRemix: Phat Farm and Sean John or Armani and Louis Vuitton?

Lil' Flip: You know what, I'd probably go with Sean John. I like the regular stuff. I don't like to wear clothes that if you mess it up you'll be very mad and it'll cost a thousand to get another one. I like to wear something that if I mess up, I can just buy another one for eighty dollars.

MVRemix: If there's one thing you're most proud of to date, either musically or outside of that, what would it be?

Lil' Flip: It would be spending time with my family. The music can take that away from you by travelling and all that. That's the most important though.

MVRemix: Do you have any guest appearances or collaborations that we've yet to hear coming?

Lil' Flip: There's the new Beyonce remix I'm on - I did that. I did a track for Lil' Jon. They just put out a compilation, "The Leaders Of The New South" and so I did a track for them. I limit my features. I'm kind of done with them. I did enough to get my name out there and so I don't want people to get burned out on me.

MVRemix: Predict your next year.

Lil' Flip: It's gonna be totally different. I should be at the Grammys next year..getting a kiss from Madonna.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words for your fans or potential fans that are going to be reading this?

Lil' Flip: Just that when I record my music, it's how I'm feeling at that time. And I'll always be creative. Tell them to look out for creative music.

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