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Little Brother - conducted by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore  

Little Brother: Being Watched

March 2006

MVRemix: What's gonna be the best place where people can cop it because obviously it won't be at places like Tower [Records]... Is there some place they can get it online?

Phonte: Yeah, I'm pretty sure all the online retailers will have it - HipHopSite will probably most definitely have it.

MVRemix: You may have to wait eight months to get it...

[Phonte chuckles]

MVRemix: I'm speaking as a person who has paid money, I've waited...

Phonte: They made me wait on some stuff too one time, I had to holler at Pizzo like "Come on fam, don't make me blast you on news for the dl." No they'll probably have it. All probably like mixtapekings and mixunit, they'll probably have it too. That'll be out... That's just a way for us to keep music...

Big Pooh: And it'll be on the internet.

Phonte: Of course, all our stuff.

MVRemix: I wanted to ask you guys that, Okayplayer obviously helped you begin to post tracks up and get some feedback - make some connections. Obviously Te, you hooked up with Nicolay like that. How has it impacted you now that you're on a major, especially now that a lot of your demographic may be college kids who are real internet familiar, so they can just download the record...

Phonte: Right. I just think that downloadin' is kind of like a blanket effect. So it's like, I still think if people like the record or they want to support the music, they'll still buy it. Downloadin' effects us the same way it's gonna effect 50 or Mariah or a song that's gonna do a million numbers. If you have a million downloads, lets say 700,000 of them may buy the album but that's because they've been exposed to ten million people, you feel me? Whereas with Little Brother, it's the same thing. If you've only been exposed to maybe a couple hundred thousands people, you have thirty thousand downloads, eighteen thousand bought a record. That's your first week right there. I don't think it's really a negative thing. When you're in a situation where you know everything you're doing is kinda to the left of everything, you not necessarily gonna get that big radio push, that big video push or whatever. You have to kind of exploit any options you can, just to get it heard. Because it's not like the music came out and people said, "Oh my god, it sucks. This is the worst ever!" It was just like, "I ain't never heard of y'all before. But once I heard, bam, I was hooked!"

Big Pooh: And sometimes you gotta realize that's the only time where some people gon' hear the album. With downloadin' it, gettin' the bootleg - that's the only way they gon' hear the album. They not goin' to a Best Buy or Tower or Sam Goody or Circuit City or nothin'.

MVRemix: And you can always tell who those people are because they'll be on the internet the next day going "Who produced this track? Who produced that track?" There's no liner notes on the MP3.

Phonte: I don't think it's a bad thing though. People gon' always bootleg, they've always been bootlegging. Never to the degree of now because with a push of a button you can have your stuff all over the world, but, we used to dub tapes. But it's just tape dubbin' to the millionth power. I ain't mad though, I still download and the stuff I like, I buy.

MVRemix: Any summer tour plans with anybody?

Phonte: I don't know as of right now.

Big Pooh: Probably Europe in the summer. We haven't did Europe since the release of this album, so we probably gonna spend some time overseas. Maybe get back to Japan in a couple years.

MVRemix: How's the response over there? I read the accounts about Japan and Europe...

Phonte: Europe is always crazy man. Japan, one time we were went out and it weren't that hot.

Big Pooh: It weren't the right circumstances.

Phonte: The people that brought us out, they ain't know what they were doin'.

Big Pooh: We got bamboozled. We was hoodwinked.

Phonte: They pulled a fast one on us. But Japan was like kinda "Eh..." Europe was dope, as always.

Big Pooh: But the funny thing I keep hearin', I heard this always - I met this Japanese girl in Vancouver (British Columbia) yesterday and I keep hearin' it over and over - "Yo, y'all come to Japan, it's gonna be crazy!" Most people don't even know we been there.

Phonte: Yeah, that was just how crazy our first...

Big Pooh: That's how bad it was.

Phonte: It was just like it was an American guy and he was like

Big Pooh: "Why y'all here?"

Phonte: He was like "Y'all here?"

Big Pooh: "Don't nobody come over here, y'all are grimey."

Phonte: Yeah, we was like in the hood of Japan, I guess it was South Central Japan or whatever.

Big Pooh: "Yo, y'all here? Wow, y'all supposed to be over the other side of town."

Phonte: We was in the hood with all that, but it is what it is.

>> continued...

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"If you've only been exposed to maybe a couple hundred thousands people, you have thirty thousand downloads, eighteen thousand bought a record. That's your first week right there."