Lloyd Banks (G-Unit) - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Lloyd Banks: The Rotten Apple

October 2006

MVRemix: The Clipse stated recently that lyric driven Hip Hop is at an all time low, what are your thoughts on that?

Lloyd Banks: Well I believe the same, to be honest with you, music doesn't stay in one place. When it bounces back to what's being said, I'll be definitely recognized. I'm definitely forcing it that, with my record, forcing mixtape material onto the actual record to make the album. I don't compromise for radio. I'ma say what I wanna say, and that's what I've been doin' since the beginning of my career. Basically I'm considered a lyricist, so that's definitely one of my strong points. I listen to what I focus on.

MVRemix: Do you listen to any other genres of music?

Lloyd Banks: I can appreciate a lot of different music. I never bought an R&B CD or anything like that, but I can appreciate the music. I'm Hip Hop man, to be honest with you. I listen to old R&B, classical stuff, but for the most part it's hardcore Hip Hop.

MVRemix: In a previous interview you'd stated you're unhappy with the current state of R&B - do you still feel the same way?

Lloyd Banks: R&B?

MVRemix: Yeah...

Lloyd Banks: I don't think I ever spoke on that, I wouldn't care less about the state of R&B.

MVRemix: That's odd. What are your thoughts on what Mya has been saying about 50 in Vibe? She told Vibe that despite what he said, there was never anything between the two of them.

Lloyd Banks: I mean [chuckles] at the end of the day, they grown. If she felt a certain way about the record, then it is what it is. You've got to expect a response. At the end of the day I could care less if it ain't about me... I didn't say it, if they gon' let it fly; let it fly.

MVRemix: Being in New York and having had five years pass, what are your thoughts on nothing being erected to commemorate 9/11 and what happened at the site of the former World Trade Center buildings?

Lloyd Banks: My thoughts on that... I mean, you can't really count it out. Maybe it will, maybe it won't.

MVRemix: I recently interviewed Obie Trice and he has a strong hatred towards people bootlegging his stuff, yet you on the other hand claim to understand it and do it yourself. You do say though, that you purchase it if it's worth purchasing. What gives you so much faith that people who bootleg albums will actually purchase them?

Lloyd Banks: Um, nah... I mean, you know it's different kinds of people. I know, because I've listened to a bootleg before. If the material is something that goes in your day to day then I'm pretty sure you can appreciate it enough to go buy it. You can't stop bootlegging, but at the end of the day that shows your demand. There's a lot of artists that don't get bootlegged because nobody really cares about it. So you've just got to really take it as just the urgency and people can't wait. You've got to get it back some other way; whether it be through shows, performing, things of that nature... Either way, it brings the money in man. I just believe that real fans will go get the official album. There's a lot of people who get your bootleg, and they never had your first album. So hopefully when they hear my bootleg, it's good enough for them to go get the real one.

MVRemix: With 50 being such a strong influence, and having branched into adult films - what else are you expanding with or moving into?

Lloyd Banks: Well I'll make that decision shortly after the album, I really wanted to focus in on the music. A lot of people were taking my footsteps from me, expecting too much, too fast. You know everybody grows at a different pace, and I just feel that all my reviews are positive and so all my reports are positive about the music, and I feel like I'm in a solid situation. When I'm comfortable with where I'm at and my space in Hip Hop, then I'll make my decision on other things, but for the most past I'm gonna focus on where my career's going as far as the music. I just turned 24 years old and I don't plan on goin' nowhere, so I don't plan on rushing.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Lloyd Banks: Um [ponders] well... I mean, who pops into my head first? Probably the media. If I could fight the media, I'd do that.

MVRemix: Would you win?

Lloyd Banks: I'd break some cameras and shit like that.

MVRemix: On another note, any feelings on the current situation that's going on with Ras Kass?

Lloyd Banks: What's his situation?

MVRemix: The situation with Game.

Lloyd Banks: Uh... you're gonna have to fill me in.

MVRemix: Basically Ras Kass and Game saw one another at a club, got into an altercation where Ras got hit. Ras says he was with one person, Game was with thirty, etc. Supposedly there's a beef situation arising via the two...

Lloyd Banks: I mean, [chuckles] once again man, I could really care less. Those [are] two grown ass men. You know they're fully aware of what's goin' on with their situation and I could care less man. If I took time to really think about what goes on outside of my situation it'd be hard... It's hard for you to focus on where you're goin' if you worry about everybody else. As two grown men they've got to deal with that situation. Altercations didn't start when Hip hop started, altercations started when life started.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Lloyd Banks: Definitely, I just wanted to send out my appreciation to my fans worldwide, period, for putting me in a position to have a second album which is in stores 10/10/06 - "Rotten Apple." My hardcore fans that followed me since my mixtape career, early 2000/2001, who followed me from "Beg For Mercy" to the first album and are here with me now. At the end of the day that's who I make the music for, the real people who go out and purchase the music and enjoy it, that's the criticism I receive and accept. Everything else is like whatever, I don't really get into it for that. So I definitely hope all my fans are satisfied come 10/10/06

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