Louis Logic conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Louis Logic

June 2000

So, basically what ended up happening is...Why? I don't know because I can't see what Shanti stands to gain by doing this to me. Especially seeing as I've been a good friend to this guy and I guest appeared on his single that nobody wanted to press up the first time around when he tried to pass it out to people. He tried a few different distributors whose names will go unmentioned who didn't like it. I mean essentially what they told me was they laughed at it, they didn't like it at all. I did a song with him, he added it to the package and now all of a sudden it's gonna be distributed. After that this guy turns around and does this to me, he's calling up JJ with my name in his mouth telling him all this stuff about me, which is untrue. And then JJ, I've got my own reasons to be mad at him. This guy never even called me to ask me whether or not these things were true. He just assumed they were and started making threats on my answering machine.

So now I've got Ikon, from Superegular and Jedi Mind Tricks, shitting a brick. He thinks that JJ's threatening him with law stuff and he's not someone who takes lightly to threats. So he's talkin' about firebombing JJ's house and stuff, I'm like "Calm down, we're gonna find out what happens and whatever."

JJ didn't wanna settle up with me, he didn't wanna discuss it with me and find out whether any of this was true or just unsubstantiated rumours. He wouldn't get on the phone with me in person, he just kept leaving messages when I wasn't around.

Shanti was ducking me and acting like he had moved out of his parents' house, so that he wouldn't have to talk to me on the phone. I emailed him and he sent me this huge sob-story that was like Louis Logic and the infamous Shanti2000 words long about how it was not his fault etc. etc. And that if I would've handled my business practices better this never would have happened.

Of course, JJ wouldn't have had anything to question if he wouldn't have shown up on his email or on his phone with a list of things that I'd done to screw JJ over. So, the guy who was supposed to be putting together my entire album, and by that I mean when all the cuts were finished, even the ones that other producers had done, they were gonna be getting sent to JJ's studio so that he could put it together with interludes and everything and make it a full album. He's not doing it now. He won't even talk to me.

So, I have Shanti to thank for this and I have every intention of repaying him for his services to me, haha. And there will be a diss cut, there will definitely be a diss cut.

MVRemix: Looking forward to it.

I couldn't tell you why this happened to me, I don't want to sound like I'm telling my sob story and pulling out the violins. But, I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything to anybody and I have no idea why this happened to me. It was all just a big misunderstanding on JJ's part, and on Shanti's part, it was a straight up backstabbing. I don't know what he thought he was doing or what he thought my reaction was gonna be, but I mean judging from what I'm telling you right now, the reaction is not gonna be good.

MVRemix: So, what's the status with the CD at the moment? Are they still being produced or what?

Louis Logic: Yes, but on very limited quantity. We're doing like 10 here, 20 there. This isn't like some full scale operation and these are songs that have already been milked for most of their value anyway. There's a few new exclusive things on there, but they have nothing to do with JJ or Shanti. It just turned into a much uglier situation than it needed to be. As far as I can see, account wise, I have done both of those guys favours to help them get their names out, and apparently it wasn't that appreciated [laughs].

MVRemix: Do you see any possibly resolutions with JJ or not?

Louis Logic: You know what, I'm a business man. I'll work with JJ. I'm not taking it personally that JJ wouldn't take my word for it. I am a little insulted, but it wouldn't prevent me from doing something with JJ in the future. So, it's up to him. If he wanted to reconcile with me I would certainly reconcile with him. He's a talented kid and I don't think his complaints were invalid had what was said been true, which it wasn't. But he never bothered to find that out. He started shooting his gums off before he even asked.

>> continued...

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