Louis Logic conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Louis Logic

June 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Louis Logic. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on June 26th, 2000. Louis Logic is a very well known rapper on the Underground/Independent scene, he recently dropped a dope 12" 'Loud Mouth'/'Secret Agent' and is working on several forthcoming projects.

MVRemix: Why Hip Hop?

Louis Logic: Actually, it wasn't something I wanted to go into initially. I sort of stumbled into it, I was just rapping and stuff because I was a fan and eventually what ended up happening was I formed partners with somebody, we were like a little group. Then, we had a fall out. He went and pressed up a record and I'm such a baby that I was like "If he's gonna make a record, I'm gonna make a record!" So I went out and recorded my first song ever, shortly there after it got played to that kid L-Fudge who was on Rawkus. He then decided that he was gonna do a song with me because he liked the one that I had done and the rest is history. Before you knew I had a piece of wax out.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Celph?

Louis Logic: A reviewer who wrote for URB magazine, this kid named Meddafore, contacted me and told me that he know a kid that made beats, and was real dope, and, if I was interested in finding some production he would definitely put me down. He had just written a review for me so I was definitely psyched to take his help. He has been a helpful influence. So, he pretty much connected me with Celph via email, the next thing know we were on the phone building and now like I'd say we're pretty good friends.

MVRemix: Cool...now the question which was one of the reasons I set this interview up is I wanted to clear up the rumours surrounding your newly found problems with JJ Brown. We've heard you aren't talking because allegedly you put out your new CD which has beats by him without either informing him or paying him whatsoever. Can you clear this up ?

Louis Logic: Here we go boy, the roller coaster ride start. [pause] Okay [pause] I need a smoke for this, haha. It's ridiculous man.

Anybody who is at all familiar with the Superegular record that I put out, that had J-Treds on the A-Side 'General Principle,' there was a remix, on the B-Side, of a song that was on my first record. A song called 'Punchlines.' Well, this fellow Pen-State Alumni, a little Indian kid by the name of Shanti did the remix. I had been friends with the kid for, I'd say, 4 years. Now we've had our little moments, I mean like a little shit talking here and there, whatever. But, nothing real serious. As it turns out, I've been kind of broke lately, trying to scrape by. The starving artist type, need for rent, whatever, amd I was in need of a little money. So, I talked to Celph who is a very intelligent, resourceful guy and we came up with the idea of releasing a compilation on CD-R of all the previously released material which was already available on vinyl, but not CD.

So, it was a limited thing, you know, do it yourself, right out of the home operation, nothing real big. Nothing that was gonna generate some insane dollar revenue that people were gonna be jealous about. It was just a one off thing to take care of a specific problem. My rent problem.

Well, I wake up one morning and I had a phone call on my answering machine and it's JJ. He's making threats at me, and cursing at me, talking about I cheated him out of money and that I'm not giving him his credit for his production and that he's gonna have a lawyer do whatever they have to do to shut down Superegular. My label and Jedi Mind Tricks' as well. So, of course I'm like "Whatever," I'm knocked out on the couch when I hear this message. He called early and I was still asleep, I woke up like half way through it and I thought he was kidding. I mean I've been very good friends with JJ for at least a couple of years, we've nursed each other through broken up girlfriends cheating on us and shit like that. We were like friends, it wasn't just a music thing. I picked up the phone mid-message, and I thought he was kidding. Then it started to sound a little bit serious with all the cursing at me and him making threats. So, I pick up the phone and I'm like "Oh, you fuckin' tough guy, who you talkin' to?" and things like that. Just like breaking his balls a little bit, just to see where he was coming from, if he was serious or not. He then hangs up the phone after stuttering a little bit. And I'm like "What the...?"

So I called my manager, I have my manager call JJ. When my manager gets back to me he tells me that JJ has been corresponding back and forth with Shanti, who has been telling him a series of untruths about me that all equated to the fact that I have been cheating JJ out of money and credit. To list them off; first:

  • Shanti tells JJ that he was in Fat Beats, in New York and he tells JJ that he saw a copy of my latest single on Bronx Science; 'Loud Mouth.' JJ had produced that A-Side, now he said that he saw a copy of it that was a White Label and didn't have any production credits on it.
    So, a) that was a promo copy. None of the promo copies have production credits on them. Buds (Buds Distribution) doesn't do that, it's just the artist and the song name. That's just the way they do it, not my choice. He calls up JJ and is like "Yo, he put out that record and didn't give you credit" etc. etc.
  • Then, co-incidentally, that CD ends up online.
    Shanti calls up JJ and is like "Get online right now, Lou put out his full length album" [laughs] "He put out his full length album and he didn't give anybody any credit, and he didn't tell us that it was coming out." Which is totally untrue, almost none of that stuff that's on there is even gonna be on my full length. It was just like I said, it was a very limited, home, mom & pop only probably not even more than a couple hundred units thing. So there was that, and then
  • This little guy, Shanti, takes it upon himself to tell JJ that I sold over 10,000 units of the 'General Principle' single, which wasn't true, and that I got my money already. And he starts asking JJ "Did you see any of that money?" and of course, JJ's like "No." So he starts freaking out, JJ's at the point where he has done a beat or two for a major label project, so he recently established publishing. And, he goes on about how he wants his publishing on everything that's come out and how I've cheated him out of that opportunity by releasing these things without telling him etc. etc.

    >> continued...

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