Louis Logic conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Louis Logic

December 2001

>These are the transcripts of an interview with Louis Logic. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on December 6th, 2001. Louis Logic is one of the NY independent scene's finest, and is set to drop his full length LP later in the year (2002) along with being involved in his group's (the Demigodz) debut EP and The Odd Couple EP with Jay Love.

MVRemix: So did you and JJ resolve your differences?

Louis Logic: Haha. Oh wow, you don't waste any time do you man?

MVRemix: I said we'd just get straight into it..

Louis Logic: Haha. Oh shit, nah that's good man. I don't want to bullshit. Yes, we have settled our differences actually. I have to say that our musical relationship is better than it has been...ever. And, the quality of work that we're putting together is probably better than anything we've ever done, so, yeah.

MVRemix: Was the coverage on 'Tha Real' [MVRemix' predecessor] partly due to you two getting back "together" or what?

Louis Logic: You know what...it's funny that you ask that because I have to say that the coverage on 'Tha-Real' helped to solve the problems. If the truth be told, JJ was alerted to my initial interview. He read it and contacted you and did his interview. I think everybody just felt like they'd got to air their opinions about it and it kind of calmed everybody down. It was at the point where things were hostile, like there was going to be a fight.

MVRemix: Yeah, you seemed kind of pissed off...

Louis Logic: I was because I was being accused of something I didn't do. It was just a misunderstanding. So then what ended up happening is Rapper Louis Logic InterviewShanti kind of took the blame and became sort of the object of everybody's hatred. But, you know, bygones can be bygones. I've even managed to make up with Shanti.

MVRemix: You're a very forgiving person.

Louis Logic: Well, I try dude. It was not an easy thing for me to do and it took a long time because if I had to spell it out in plain English - Shanti straight up told lies about me to JJ. To this day I still can't even really discuss the problem with him, I have the same thing to the effect of "Hey man, we don't even need to talk about that shit, fuck it. We're friends now and that's all that matters, lets put it behind us." Because if we actually discuss it. There's no way for him to argue out of the fact that he was telling lies about me. And granted, JJ didn't have to react the way that he did. He could have been like "Nah, he would never do that. Fuck that." But, nonetheless. It wouldn't have happened if Shanti hadn't started it. I don't know what he was doing, maybe he missed his prescription or something.

MVRemix: Whatever happened to 'The Odd Couple' EP with you and Jay Love?

Louis Logic: Ah! Funny that you ask about that. See there's a whole series of co-incidences in this little discussion. The test presses just came back for the first 'Odd Couple' single.

MVRemix: Beautiful.

Louis Logic: So yeah, it'll be in stores. It should be there before the New Year but with how the distribution companies work and everything - if it's not already out which I don't think it is. Then it probably won't make it until just after New Years.

MVRemix: How do you think it came out?

Louis Logic: The first single is dope, yo. We've been performing the material around whenever possible. It's a little harder to hustle 'Odd Couple' gigs because people don't know the material. But whenever people do get it, based on the strength of past Louis Logic records or my partner Jay Love's live rhyming - at open mic's and stuff like that. When people put us on...the response is really good. There's a good dynamic between Jay Love and I because we try to play off of that whole 'Odd Couple' theme from the television show in that him and I are polar opposites. In some respects. Jay's a man who appreciates his greens, and obviously I am known for my mythic imbibing of the nectar of the gods. To get a little literary on ya.

MVRemix: Well that was well put. I understand exactly what you're saying.

Louis Logic: Thanks. I think that makes the show more enjoyable because it's not just straight battle raps with posturing and your garden-variety bullshit machismo whatever. There's a little bit of a theme to it. I think that makes it a little more interesting because it's not just the same old shit. Plus the fact that we're both idiots. Our bad habits have a tendency to make the shows a little more colourful than they might ordinarily be. By the time I hit the stage - especially when we do 'Odd Couple' shit, I'm pretty tanked up. So, we wild out man, it's a good show. People like it. I think the music is going to go over really well because it's humorous and relatively light hearted even. If I had to say it's like anything, it's kind of Beanutsy. Tough guys with a sense of humour.

MVRemix: How did you feel when the 'Please Listen To My Demo' bootleg was leaked onto the net?

Louis Logic: Oh, goddamn man! Where'd you get these questions? Haha.

MVRemix: Don't worry, we've got some generic shit coming up later.

Louis Logic: Holy shit on a stick dude. Jesus Christ on a cross. Okay, lets think. You know that feeling of bile that creeps up in your stomach when you think about somebody killing your Mom or something like that? I wanted to run the streets scalping nerdy keyboardists amuck. I can't tell you how disappointed I was that someone I trusted. As far as I can, I feel comfortable enough to say this, with the privilege of having the album before it's finished. Before its even got a home where it's coming out. And then they turn around and put it on the fuckin' Internet? Dude, if I knew who did that shit. The original person...I'd cut their legs off and send it to their Mom. It's disgusting man. It's disgraceful. It's something that whoever did it I hope this reaches. You're a cocksucker dude, that's what I think of you. I hope you get hit by a speeding bus, and it doesn't kill you. I hope it lasts forever, and you're on a liquid diet, shitting in a bag. That's grimy dude. How can you say that you're a supporter of underground music and then turn around and do some shit like that. Most of the kids who are fans of independent artists like myself. I'm not a fuckin' superstar, I'm a regular guy with a day job. Most of the dudes who are fans of shit like this they know that and they try to be supportive of the music. That's one of the reasons they listen to it. To me it's a total contradiction in terms that you're gonna turn around and do some shit like that. That guy fucked me, big time. That was half of my album. I've actually discussed the possibility of leaving a couple of tracks that are on the six-song sampler off the album as a result of that.

>> continued...

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