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luckyiam.PSC - conducted by Phayde  

Luckyiam.PSC (Mystik Journeymen)

June 2003

MVRemix: That's what I'm sayin'. As a solo artist, what do you think some of your strengths are?

luckyiam.PSC: My strength as a solo artist is being able to go a little further than my limitations when I'm doing a group project, 'cause you know you can't run off at the mouth too much when you're doing something with somebody else. You're like… I won't say trapped in a box, but you're limited. You can go different directions that might make someone else you're doing the song with uncomfortable… actually I don't have a problem with that either. My strength as a solo artist is that I think I can do a little bit better than when I'm with somebody. It gives me some sort of freedom to express myself a little more. And you get paid more, because you're doing it by yourself.

MVRemix: What about weaknesses?

luckyiam.PSC: Weaknesses as a solo artist are that I don't make my own beats, you know. So I don't have as much capability to make as much music as a producer who makes their own beats and is a solo artist. I don't get to practice that enough. I always got to wait to get beats. But now that I'm doing more albums, people are always trying to give me beats now, so that changed. On my next album I'm going to come with an album that every song on it has really really tight hooks. I think I kind of went there on Justify The Means but on my next album it's going to be like all-around, every song's super tight. Some people said they weren't feeling certain songs on Justify The Means, like I met one of my number one fans the other day and she told me she didn't like the song "Shut Up" cuz that was made for like boys and stuff. I want to make an album where every song is undeniably tight. That's what I want to do.

MVRemix: How is [the Mystik Journeymen album] "Best In Show" coming along?

luckyiam.PSC: [Laughs] I've been collecting some beats. I've got like three beats right now that are ready to be recorded. We've been touring so much that all the projects we have to work on have suffered so much because we're on the road. I feel guilty because when we got off of the Creative Differences tour, instead of working on things like the CMA and other things I needed to work on, like Best In Show, I neglected it to finish Extra Credit 2 cuz I wanted to have Extra Credit 2 when I was on tour with Murs. The ideals are there for Best In Show but honestly, until we have all the beats lined up… it hasn't even started to be recorded. I'm looking at it coming out next spring. But it's going to be the dopest album we've ever done, for sure. Just to let mother fuckers know, it's going to be real high-energy that we can just rock the fucking house down with. I'm looking forward to doing that.

MVRemix: In the last interview I had with you, one of the questions I asked you was "What would you be doing right now if you weren't an emcee" and you said you'd be back in college getting your teaching credentials and then eventually going on to teach third or fourth graders and then on to college-level students. And then in another interview you were saying, "I want to be someone's all-time favorite, make some classic albums, and leave gracefully… in three years. I'm going back to school to get my teaching credentials." Do you still plan on going through with that?

luckyiam.PSC: Yeah. The timeframe that I'm working with is still two-and-a-half to three years, for sure. Hopefully I'll be able to get what I'm ultimately trying to get out of doing, which is this music thing. I always say on a side note to that, that just because I stop putting out music for sale doesn't mean that I'm going to stop recording with my friends. Some of my friends are still going to be doing it, so you might hear me on a little verse here and there on somebody's album. I'm just not going to be trying to make music to capitalize off you know. I'm going to move on to another realm and try to do other things. For sure, two-and-a-half to three years and that's it.

MVRemix: As we said before, you're touring until June 29th. What do you plan on doing on your break?

luckyiam.PSC: Man! On my break I'm going to get my daughter Nasari and I'm going to have her for the whole month of July. Living Legends has a couple of spot dates in July. I'm really going to just try and live like a normal dude. I might take a trip up to Vancouver to visit somebody special [Laughs]. Just some time off, you know. Cuz in between these last two tours I only had barely a month and then I had to go back on the road again. This time I'm really going to invest in just being at home and stuff. Taking care of my backyard and do a little bit of traveling and then get back with Eligh in August cuz we got to go to Japan.

MVRemix: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

luckyiam.PSC: I would be in Melbourne, Australia!

MVRemix: Why is that?

luckyiam.PSC: Because I love Australia. That is my home away from home and I haven't been there in one-and-a-half to two years. I just want to go chill out in Australia, chill out in Melbourne. Me and Murs would probably do a nice little show, chill out at the Great Barrier Reef. Just live it up!

MVRemix: Describe to me what your dream venue to perform in would be like.

luckyiam.PSC: Hmmm! Dream venue to perform… something that can accommodate almost all ages… I must say like, 17 up. Great sound system, full bar for the 21 and over crowd that want to drink, you know… Nice ass security guards that are effective but not assholes, a great lighting system, and packed full of people ready to see us go on.

MVRemix: Tell me something I don't know about Luckyiam.

luckyiam.PSC: Wow. Anything you don't know about Luckyiam? Um… I really care what people say about what I do, you know? And what they think of me. I have certain insecurities but I think I deal with them my own way. And I really, really, really, really love my fans a lot.

MVRemix: That shows, man! Like on different websites I work for, people are always like "How should I approach Luckyiam?! I want to give him my beat CD!"

luckyiam.PSC: Just come up to me and say "What's up!"

MVRemix: What would make you happy in life?

luckyiam.PSC: If people all over the earth started to treat each other a little bit better. Maybe if the fad of materialism dies down a little bit and people with some sort of success or things to say are trying to make a little bit more change in the world. That would make me happy. I'm not one to super-preach to people to change things, but I would just love it if there was more of a balance in what we do. Entertainment all the way down to just regular life. I want people who suffer really hard to not have to suffer.

MVRemix: Anything else you want to add?

luckyiam.PSC: I just want to add that the album is Extra Credit 2: Summer School. Try to get it if you can, and be on the lookout for the CMA 2, Mystik Journeymen Best In Show, and last but not least Living Legends Creative Differences album coming out this fall. And go to to find out what's going on with us! Shameless plug! [Laughs] And man, it's getting wild for us now. This is my second US tour already this year and I know I'm going to be on another one this fall, so I don't know if touring is the answer… I know a lot of people are mistaken and think that the way to make it is to get out there and tour, but I think a lot of these groups need to realize that what you really need to concentrate on is getting in a lab and making some really tight music and promoting that, building your buzz. There's a lot of steps you got to take before you go out there and go on tours. Other than that, everybody keep doing what you're doing as long as it's dope, and I'll see you!

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