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LV (Terror Squad) - conducted by Mildred C. Fallen  

LV Got Work

November 2006

MVRemix: Okay. Who were some of the other people you would watch in the studio?

LV: I would watch Buckwild, I would watch Big Dog; those two are like my favorite producers. Actually, Nobody, Big Dog and Buckwild are my favorite producers. I would just watch them constantly.

MVRemix: This year, y'all are doin' a whole lot of albums like Ice Cube's album, you worked on that…Remy Ma's latest…how many others can we expect from you?

LV: You got that Fat Joe comin' out. We got that Diddy comin' out , you know Dre, we got that Dre (of Cool & Dre) comin' out, we got that Freeway comin' out. We got that Memphis Bleek comin' out. Man… a new artist comin' out, Sonny Carson, we got that comin' out—oh! Can't forget—we got Aasim comin' out, which is our artist signed on Bad Boy. He's the answer, the future. I mean, we got Cheri Dennis; I mean it's a home. I mean, we're blessed this year. God has blessed us. That's what we're doin.'

MVRemix: That's beautiful. You know, since you guys are part of the Terror Squad, how do you make beats that are unique to other artists, you know, without making them all sound "Terror Squad-ish?"

LV: Because we're music. Like we don't have just one sound. Like a lot people still bug out like, 'You did "Feels So Good?"' 'Yeah, 'cause it don't sound like any record we did before.' All the records we did for Puff sound different; records we did for Joe, they sound like Joe.

MVRemix: Right.

LV: It's about adapting and knowing music, you know, and how to adapt to that artist.

MVRemix: I hear that. And as far as the business [the two of you have,] Grind Music, between you and Sean C, who does what in terms of production, A&R and stuff like that?

LV: Well me and Sean, we actually could get in the studio together and like, my energy peaks off in one direction, Sean's is in another. We just feed off each other. We do beats together. It's not just like, one person doin' one thing. And Sean usually does like everything else because me; I'm the silly one! I'll tell anybody (bargaining voice) 'Hey man, you can get any beat you want!' But then Sean'll come up and be like, (seal-the-deal voice) 'Hey! Hey! So this is what that is. This is gonna cost you this, and this is how we gotta work that out.' 'Cause I'm the one dancin' all around and doin' all the stupidness, and Sean's the one like, 'Okay. Yeah. Do that.'

MVRemix: He's the business-minded one, in other words?

LV: Basically. Both of us can't do the same thing. I'm the one that's gon' have everybody having a good time and enjoying the music, and Sean's gon' be the one that's gon' sell it to them.

MVRemix: Okay. Well, let's talk about Aasim. So now he's signed to Bad Boy—did you make his tracks, then pitch him to Bad Boy, or did Bad Boy sign him first and then you made the tracks?

LV: No, we was grindin' out, like we had an apartment, and it was our studio. First, we all used to grind out at Sean's house; like when Sean would go to the office, we used to grind out at his house. But then we got an apartment, and it was our studio. We would just be in the studio everyday. And DJ's at Hot 97, like the mix-show DJ's, they would just love us and we would just go feed them music every single week. And then one time, Puff heard it, and came lookin,' like 'That's your artist right?' I was like, 'Yeah.' He was like, 'Come meet.' We met, and every time we met with him, we only had like three meetings with Puff, but we would just have new music where they was like, 'Oh my fuckin' God!' And that's how that happened; that's how we just became that family, right there.

MVRemix: Okay. And you also worked on the Biggie Duets CD, right?

LV: I forgot about that. Yes ma'am!

MVRemix: Now see, being that his work was already so well known and already appreciated with the music that was there, how did you remix [one of his songs] without losing the original integrity of his rhymes?

LV: Because we knew who we was goin' against. We knew what it was. We not tryin' to take anything away from it. We gon' keep it gutta. That's something where you just tap into the environment; we knew what it was, we knew we couldn't come soft, we couldn't come "R&B-ish" 'cause the vocals that we got, they weren't R&B.

MVRemix: Which track was that?

LV: Ummm…we did the one with Biggie and Pun. ("Get Your Grind On")

MVRemix: Actually, my most recent favorite is that "Gettin' Off…"

LV: (laughs) Oh shit!

MVRemix: 'Cause I'm a crate digger, so for me the song feels like it's got this grimey, JB's jam band kinda feel to it—

LV: Uh-huh!

MVRemix: Is that kinda what you envisioned when you did the track? Or did you just wild out on it?

LV: I just—honestly—I didn't. I dance when I do beats, 'cause I love music. I don't care what it is—if it's a beat like that—I was just in there, I was just buggin'. And when I listen to the shit; actually, let me put it like this: I came into the studio one time and my engineer at the studio, Kevin, he was like, 'I got this sample for you.' I looked at him like, 'Yeah?' And then he played it and I was like, 'Oh! Shit!' But actually, I didn't know what I was going to do with it. So I took it in the room, I was just playin' that shit over and over again mad loud, and I sampled it and just did it. And the song came to me and I was like, 'Yeah, I started it, let's go!' We just did it together, and after we did it, Puff came in. I was just lookin' at him, like crazy, just like lookin' in his face. He was like, 'What's wrong, nigga?' (laughs) I was like, 'I got something for you. I got something for you; it's a little bit different.' And he just went in the room [and listened to it] and he was like….'Ohhhhh my fucking God!' The story about how that record was created is crazy anyway.

MVRemix: Okay.

LV: Would you like to hear it?

MVRemix: Yes, I would!

LV: It's a Saturday night, we in the studio and we playin' that shit so loud, we dancin' in the street, we goin' crazy. And we say, 'Fuck that shit, let's go to a club. On this night, we go to six clubs, we start buggin' out. We come back to the studio like 6:30 in the morning and actually did that record. We just did the record straight from the studio. So actually, that record that's being done, while you hear it being done, it's a party goin' on, like people are dancin' and buggin' out! Like [Puff's] actually in the booth, he ain't on a studio mic, he's on a regular cord mic, jumping and running around the booth. I'm goin' crazy. That's like when you see the video and he's yellin', 'LV, LV!' it's 'cause I'm buggin'!

>> continued...

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"All the records we did for Puff sound different; records we did for Joe, they sound like Joe."