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MVRemix: You recently did an interview with Todd Jones who writes for MVRemix. You're quoted as having labeled American audiences as more jaded than European's, with regards to Hip Hop music. Could you elaborate upon that?

Lyrics Born: Yeah, that's true sometimes. I feel like particularly when it comes to black music or music made by people of colour, the media doesn't sustain it and support it the way that rock is supported. Or other kinds of music. The history isn't kept alive Lyrics Born Interviewthe same way that other forms of music are kept alive in America. It's unfortunate because what has developed is that we start to adapt a mentality of taking things for granted because they're not preserved. There's no history of Hip Hop, there's no history of soul. There's no history of jazz TV shows, or magazines or anything like that. But there's always the great history of Rock. Rock top 100, Rock this and that. You don't see that for other genres and I think as a result, if it's not current it disappears from our memories quickly. We're not reminded of its greatness.

I think the reason the independent scene survives so much is that there's a void, a niche that the major labels don't cater to. I think that's why. That's my opinion. I also think that we as Americans... I used to think that American's didn't care as much but now I see that it's because we're not reminded of the history. We're not reminded of the significance of the contributions, particularly artists of colour have made. The history is not documented and it's not preserved in the way that our like counterparts are.

MVRemix: On a lighter note, a la "Fight Club", if you could fight any celebrity who would it be?

Lyrics Born: Arnold.

MVRemix: What's the reason?

Lyrics Born: He's the governor of my state. It's ridiculous. He's a lot bigger than I am though.

MVRemix: You never know, a couple of cheap shots...

Lyrics Born: Yeah, that's how he won it. Haha.

MVRemix: Who are you rooting for in the 2004 US elections?

Lyrics Born: To be honest with you, I don't know yet. None of the candidates are really that thrilling. But it definitely won't be Bush.

MVRemix: It's obvious from tracks on "Later That Day," that you're not a big fan of the set-up that you're forced to be a part of with regards to bank accounts and social insurance numbers. What is it that irks you so much about them?

Lyrics Born: Oh, you know, I'm no different from anybody else. None of us like not having money in the bank. That shouldn't be read into too deeply. The reason I did that is because most people have been there at one point or another. They're just broke. That's all. That was not really meant to be interpreted as a deep social commentary.

MVRemix: If you had to compare "Later That Day" to a designer clothing label or a particular luxury car, which would you choose and why?

Lyrics Born: I don't know if I could do that, that would be kind of difficult. Lets just say that "Later That Day" is a brand of its own.

MVRemix: Tell me about the "Later That Day" remix album.

Lyrics Born: The remix album I'm really excited about. Because I did the album almost entirely by myself, I really wanted to reach out and work with a lot of artists that I didn't on the album. So we've got a "Callin' Out" remix with E-40 and Casual. We've got a Morcheeba remix of "Stop Complainin'" Shadow's doing a song. Chief Xcel from Blackalicious is doing a song. Bobby Digital is remixing "Love Me So Bad." I'm doing a few remixes. Jumbo from The Lifesavas did a remix for "Hello." It's dope, it's gonna be about ten remixes and five new songs.


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