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Mack 10 (Westside Connection) - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Mack 10: Hustling His Handbook

September 2005

For over a decade, Mack 10 has been one of the most recognizable rappers from the West. Mack 10 rose alongside Ice Cube and WC as part of Westside Connection in the mid 90's with "Bow Down," and since then solidified his own cliques and solo career.

Over the past few years Mack 10 has been involved in a wealth of projects both in music and movies. He's now set to release "Hustla's Handbook" on Capitol Records/Hoo Bangin' September 27th.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Hustla's Handbook"

Mack 10: It's the ultimate Mack 10 record.

MVRemix: And why would you say that?

Mack 10: It's the album... You've gotta have this one because this one is the album that all my fans want from me.

MVRemix: Can you tell me about guests or producers featured on the record?

Mack 10: Well, I went with a lot of young producers like 1500, 88 Fingers, J Classic...

MVRemix: What about guests? Aside from Nate Dogg, who else is working with you on there?

Mack 10: I got B-Real, from Cypress Hill. I got my little son, DJ, he's seven years old - I got him on a song with me and B-Real called "Step Ya Game Up." I got a couple of my young artists; I got a group called Wanted -that's my little brother and my little cousin. But really I just kept it all in house.

MVRemix: How does "Hustla's Handbook" compare to "Bang or Ball" and your other albums?

Mack 10: It's more well rounded, you know? I think this album is everything you would want from Mack 10.

MVRemix: What's currently going on with Hoo Bangin?

Mack 10: Red Cafe. A little artist I signed from Brooklyn. He'll be out first quarter next year.

MVRemix: what's the biggest difference between Mack 10 when you began and now?

Mack 10: I think I'm known more as a business man now. When I first began, it was Mack 10 the artist - he was hard. But now it's like I think people have recognized that I'm just as good or if not better a business man than I am an artist.

MVRemix: How has the music scene changed for you?

Mack 10: I remember when I first came into the rap game, if you had a good record it was gonna sell. Nowadays, it ain't about who got a good album, it's about who market themselves the best.

MVRemix: When we interviewed Hot Karl, he'd stated you wanted to sign him to Hoo Bangin - his type of music doesn't strike us like what we'd expect you to listen to. What was it about Karl that made you want to sign him?

Mack 10: Oh, Hot Karl is cool. I like him. He's just a nice guy. He ain't usually the type of artist that I would have on Hoo Bangin' 'cause he ain't really street, or really gangsta because he from the valley. But, Hot Karl really got some skills and I think there's a market for what he do.

MVRemix: It seems you've been doing more acting recently, could you tell me a little about the films you've been involved in?

Mack 10: I did a movie called "Apocolypse of the Beauty Queen," and it's kind of like a gothic movie, kind of like the end of the world. You know? It's a little different from the norm. I did a movie about pimps called "It Ain't Easy" where I'm the main character in the movie. I really like acting, man, it's another part of what I'm capable of doing. I'm just blessed to be in this situation.

MVRemix: Is there any sort of timeframe as to when they're gonna be coming out?

Mack 10: I think both of them should be out early next year.

MVRemix: Is there a chance for a third Westside Connection album?

Mack 10: Nah...

MVRemix: What's the current situation with Westside Connection?

Mack 10: I haven't talked to neither one of them. We don't really keep in touch with each other.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on how the U.S. government has dealt with Hurricane Katrina?

Mack 10: I just think that they should keep in mind that everybody is somebody and when you're in a situation like that it should be urgent, right away. [chuckles] It shouldn't take a few days for it to get urgent. People should've responded right away. People needed help.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Mack 10: If I could fight 'em? Who would I fight? I don't know. I don't really know man [chuckles] I don't look at stuff like that. You tryin' to start some shit with that question [chuckles].

MVRemix: Oh no, not really. It's more so a comedic thing...

Mack 10: I know, I know - but you know how people take stuff. I don't know, I really love everybody. [laughs]

MVRemix: Aside from the album, what else have you been working on? Guest appearances and whatnot?

Mack 10: I really haven't been doing much man, I've been tryin' to finish up Red Cafe's record.

MVRemix: When would that be due out?

Mack 10: It'd be due out early next year; first quarter.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Mack 10: If you from the streets, you gotta have this album. This album is a must have - September 27th "Hustla's Handbook."

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"I think I'm known more as a business man now. When I first began, it was Mack 10 the artist - he was hard. But now it's like I think people have recognized that I'm just as good or if not better a business man than I am an artist."