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Majik Most - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Hip-Hop Was Molested By Majik Most

November 2005

Some hip-hop emcees destroy the beat their rhyme. Some verbally make love to their music. Some let the music lead them while others lead the music. Majik Most is an emcee who is molests hip-hop music. Majik is not the dirty old guy on the corner who tries to pick up children. He is an emcee who violates the beat for his own amusement. Straight from Tampa, Florida, Majik earned recognition when he collaborated with The Demigodz. Majik Most is NOT in the Demigodz! Maybe he was in the group for about 5 minutes, but Most is a true solo artist. He has earned respect from some of the most critically acclaimed emcees in the underground. Louis Logic, J-Zone, Apathy, Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks) all gave him props. In 2005, Majik Most released, “Majik Most Molesting Hip-hop” on Domination Records. Since the project is a cross between a mix-tape and an album, Most calls the CD a “Milbum.” The entertaining tracks have an aggressive ridiculousness mixed with a hardcore hip-hop attitude. In the song “Deranged Barber”, Majik plays a crazy barber who destroys a customer’s hairdo. “Skinny Girls” is an anthem for making fun of anorexic women over Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance” beat. The essential straightforward hip-hop tracks are abundant throughout the album. “Forget You” and “Mother Molesters” are all extremely funny without being dumb. Celph Titled, J-Zone, and Majik Most handle the album’s production. Guests include Louis Logic, Celph Titled, and Jade Fox. Disc 2 is a DVD which includes hilarious low-budget videos, home movies, free styles, performance film, and backstage footage. A true example of hysterical independent underground hip-hop, “Majik Most Molesting Hip-hop” is uproariously entertaining. Hip-hop is just not safe anymore now that Majik Most is on the loose.

MVRemix: What goes on?

Majik Most: I got this chick coming over at 10:30, but I don’t want to rush either. Let’s go.

MVRemix: Your album, ‘Majik Most Molesting Hip-hop' was just released on Domination Records. Tell us about the album.

Majik Most: It’s exactly, exactly what everyone needs right now, in their life! It's non-stop entertainment from start to finish. It's affordably priced. Don’t feed your kids. Don’t buy food. Don’t do anything but cop this CD. Then, do all that other shit while your playing it in a 1980's Radio Raheim giant stereo attached to your fucking face.

MVRemix: This LP is labeled as a 'mix-tape'. This is not your album?

Majik Most: It is a ‘Mibum’, a mix-tape album. Actually, it started out as a mix-tape, but then turned into an epic album from hell or heaven. It matters what you like.

MVRemix: How long did it take to finish the ‘Majik Most Molesting Hip-hop' CD?

Majik Most: It took about 10 months to complete everything including the artwork and packaging and all that.

MVRemix: What is your favorite song on ‘Majik Most Molesting Hip-hop'?

Majik Most: ‘Deranged Barber' is definitely my favorite track, without a doubt.

MVRemix: Celph Titled produced a bunch of tracks. You live in Florida, but he lives in New York, right? How were these songs done?

Majik Most: Celph Titled is from Tampa. He goes back and forth all the time. He lives here and there, basically. I have my own studio in my crib, which is the exact same set-up that Celph has in his crib. So, if we are not in the same place at the same time, we can still get shit done. But, more than half of this shit I recorded with Celph at his crib in Tampa or New York. I go up there sometimes as well.

MVRemix: How did you meet Celph Titled?

Majik Most: Nah, man. I’m joking. We met back in 1997. Me and Dutch Massive were started to do songs and shit. A mutual friend told us that there was a dope producer in Tampa. We got his number and played him a tape of us spitting a cappella stuff. We really were sad guys with no beats! Shit got set off from there.

MVRemix: How is Celph Titled’s production process different from the other producers you worked with?

Majik Most: Celph knows exactly the kind of beat I want. When he hears a certain sample, he'll be like ‘That’s a Majik Most beat right there’. He's an animal. He can make a beat out of shit that other producers say is impossible. He made a beat out of some bird sounds, a snare, and a gun cocking sound. He’s the MacGyver producer.

MVRemix: When doing a song, do you first write to the beat, or do you have the theme and lyrics ready?

Majik Most: All the time, I write shit down on little scraps of paper like receipts, or whatever I can find. I write like punch lines, little clever shit, or some wordplay shit. Then, I transcribe it into a big notebook later. So, when I sit down to write one of my Pulitzer prize winning talking shit tracks, I throw a little bit of those lines in there. As far as concepts, I sit down with the beat and write out a rough draft of ideas, like a brain storming session. Then, I form it into rhymes after. One time, I summoned the ghost spirit of Rakim’s grandpa. He wrote a skit for me in chalk on a bean bag chair. I'm saving that shit for my real album.

MVRemix: Tell us about your ‘real’ album.

Majik Most: I'm dropping my ‘real’ album, "Sweaty Back Bastard" in probably 2010. I only drop in even years. That's why I will probably go platinum with this album, ‘Molesting Hip-Hop’. I already recorded most of the ‘Sweaty’ album. The skits and shit are done. It’s just burning in hell for some reason. It’s all got to be mixed. It's a lot of work! Alright? So, get off my back about it! Damn, man. Come on! Who knows when that will be ready? I'm working on a new CD now, from scratch. It may be another fucking classic.

MVRemix: Who is The Sea Captain?

Majik Most: The Sea Captain is this grimy cat who is always trying to push his fucking demo, ‘Steering Your Way’ on people.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Domination Records?

Majik Most: Celph knew the owner of Domination, this guy DJ. He came over to talk about some project that Dutch Massive had in the works, at the time. He asked me what I had popping. He was interested in putting out something from me, but I didn’t have a full LP, other than ‘Sweaty Back Bastard’ planned. So, I told him to hold on for a minute and I finished this new CD, ‘Molesting Hip-Hop’. I delivered it to his fucking face 10 months later, with a full DVD. The DVD was originally supposed to be for my ‘real’ album, but I wanted to get it out now, so that people can see me how I really look before I go bald. I don’t want to release a DVD and have people watch it at the album release party while I'm walking around with a grandpa hairline. Come on, man! Plus, I'll be crying or wearing a toupee. Either way, it would be sad.

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"I write shit down on little scraps of paper like receipts, or whatever I can find. I write like punch lines, little clever shit, or some wordplay shit. Then, I transcribe it into a big notebook later."