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Majik Most - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Hip-Hop Was Molested By Majik Most

November 2005

MVRemix: Tell us about the DVD.

Majik Most: It’s pure entertainment! It blows any hip-hop related DVD off the fucking shelf into a paper shredder. It is good, good stuff. There are full music videos, exclusive video freestyles, skits, out-takes, a whole bunch of star cameos, action, adventure, whores, and more! It’s over 2 hours worth of video! All edited for not a dull fucking moment!

MVRemix: What have you been listening to lately?

Majik Most: My CD and George Carlin’s ‘You Are All Diseased’ comedy CD. I’m feeling that Apathy ‘Where’s Your Album?’ CD.

MVRemix: So, you are not in the Demigodz?

Majik Most: I was in the Demigodz for like 10 minutes once. Back in 2002, Apathy called me and was like, ‘Yo, you want to be in the Demigodz?’ I said, ‘Sure.' Then, he called me back and said, ‘Yo, man, you can’t be in it. There are already too many people.’ I didn’t cry though.

MVRemix: Who are some producers you would like to work with in the future?

Majik Most: Beatnuts, Celph Titled, Apathy, and DJ Premier.

MVRemix: Italiano! Did you have any hurdles because of your heritage or race?

Majik Most: I’m almost full Italian, yea. Naw, not really. I almost got a hernia once, but naw.

MVRemix: Did you ever get shit for using the word ‘Nigga’ on your DVD?

Majik Most: I don’t think I used the word, ‘Nigga’. Did I ? Oh yea. Well, you got to do what you got to do. You know? It’s all for the sake of entertainment. I'll wear a baby seal suit. I'll do anything if it’s good.

MVRemix: What are the biggest misconceptions do you think that people have of you?

Majik Most: That I'm the best looking man in hip-hop. I don’t think that’s true.

MVRemix: For those who do not know, what is the meaning behind your name? Who came up with it?

Majik Most: Well, my real name is Orlando. When I was younger, people called me ‘Orlando Magic’ because of the Orlando Magic basketball team! I used to live by this Majik Mart Convenience store. So, It’s ‘Majik’. The ‘Most’ was used because I got the most fucking skills you have ever seen in your life! If you don’t think so, just say I'm the best looking guy you ever saw in your life. And if you don’t think that is true, keeping going an infinite amount of times until you explode like the guy in ‘Big Trouble In Little China’.

MVRemix: You like John Carpenter movies?

Majik Most: I’m not sure of which joints he did. I never saw ‘The Thing’. I like those fucking movies with giants and radioactive things, like the giant ants. Then, the one with the giant rabbits and the cockroach one is ill.

MVRemix: Word association. When I say a name, you say the first word that pops in your head. So, if I say ‘Chuck D’, you may say ‘Revolution’. If I said ‘Flavor Flav’, you may say ‘Crack’ or ‘Clock’. Okay?

Majik Most: Yep, Yep. I’m ready.

MVRemix: Rza.

Majik Most: Perpendicular to the square!

MVRemix: 50 Cent.

Majik Most: Rent-A-Center.

MVRemix: Eminem.

Majik Most: Ha-ha.

MVRemix: Jay-Z.

Majik Most: I got to write down my lyrics!

MVRemix: Busta Rhymes.

Majik Most: Scene in ‘New Jersey Drive’.

MVRemix: Boot Camp Clik.

Majik Most: Are they still alive?

MVRemix: Curtis Mayfield.

Majik Most: ‘Super Fly’ Samples.

MVRemix: Del The Funky Homosapian.

Majik Most: Dutch Massive.

MVRemix: C Rayz Walz.

Majik Most: Giant Hats.

MVRemix: Vast Aire.

Majik Most: Bicycle pumps.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Majik Most: Redneck rebel flags.

MVRemix: Is there still beef between Vast Aire and Celph and 7l & Esoteric?

Majik Most: I don’t know, really. I just think nobody cares anymore.

MVRemix: What is your favorite part of your live show?

Majik Most: Talking shit on the mic before and after songs.

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved or changed?

Majik Most: I used to get sweaty. Now, I get sweatier.

MVRemix: Where were you on September 11th, 2001? How did you deal with it? How do you think it has affected or will affect hip-hop?

Majik Most: I was in a Cuban Barbershop and there was this Cuban guy who suspiciously looks Russian. I remember that. It was on TV. I don’t think it has affected hip-hop, really. I wouldn’t know. Ask Dead Prez or Talib Kweli.

>>> continued...

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"Well, my real name is Orlando. When I was younger, people called me ‘Orlando Magic’ because of the Orlando Magic basketball team! I used to live by this Majik Mart Convenience store."