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Mass MC - conducted by Crixus  

Mass MC

November 1999

These are the transcripts of an interview between with Mass MC. The interview was conducted by Crixus on November 15th, 1999. Mass MC is something of a stalwart in the Australian Hip Hop industry. Through the tapes he released longer ago then many of us care to remember, to his more recent 'Terror Within The Elements' EP and other forthcoming releases from the Sydney based Dominion Plantationm, the phat man of Hip Hop has been working hard to independently release dope product after dope product for relatively no personal gain. His opinions are his own, and for that alone, he deserves to be respected. Not to mention for the countless things he has done for many a young aspiring MC and the international Hip Hop scene in general.

MVRemix: You've been involved in the Australian Hip Hop industry for as long as anyone can remember, and longer then most aspiring MC's have been alive, what do you acredit your staying power to?

Mass MC: Not having to burn myself out with no major record deals. Sure I've had offers, but I want to release an album when I want that album released, not when someone is ready to release my album. I know the scene and I know it well. A Hip Hop release is a vital part of an artist, if it's released at the wrong moment, it's gonna hit a wrong chord. It might not be the same for every artist, but I've found it works for me...

MVRemix: Do you think that independent artists get the respect they deserve from the mainstream Hip Hop audience?

Mass MC: No... Not until they've heard a good independent artist.

MVRemix: Who do you think are the best independent artists out there right now?

Mass MC: The ones that make good music and release it.

MVRemix: Do you feel any animosity towards those who sell out their artistic integrity for cars and jewelry?

Mass MC: People grow with life. People might pick up one of my old records and think I am the same as what I am 10 years ago when I released that track, life goes on. Kids approach me and say "Hey! You should do more songs like 'OP RUM,' and you shouldn't have stopped releasing tapes." "How come you ain't still down with Maniak Productions anymore?" That shit is long gone, so my music is like a diary for the whole world to see. Hell, what's wrong with gold?!? You can't ask a wog a question about gold? Haha, or cars, haha. Hey, if you got the cash, spend it. No use hidin' the shit under your mattress... You can't bring it to hell with you. We all like to show off every now and then, some of us show gold, others with skills. Beware!!! Skills can be bought as well..

MVRemix: "Skills can be bought aswell..." Explain that statement.

Mass MC: You see it everyday, turn on the television you see a wack motherfucker getting props and goin' to #1 for rappin' bullshit. It's all negative. And the asshole that's getting paid is just a gronk! So skills can be bought, you can be wack. As long as you got a major record company buying skills for you, there's nothin' to worry about, they'll have a new puppet next year to write lyrics for.

MVRemix: Do you think the way major record labels treat their artists as puppets will ever change?

Mass MC: Everyone that starts out wants to be a star... People with a dream are easily accessed by the majors. When I started out, if I was offered a record deal for 10 albums and a contract for $5? I think I would have signed the contract and done it for free. Serious! I was once nearly bought by a major record company for 60/40 their favour, but after taking some advice from family and friends I refused. Best move I ever done in my life. So I guess unless people that start out get educated about bypassing the majors and start being their own record company and working together with independent artists that are into the same genre as themselves, we will always be stringed up by them. Fuck the majors!

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