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Maylay Sparks - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Sparking It Up From Philly to Copenhagen

March 2004

MVRemix: What is going on with Ill Advised now? What is the status of the new album?

Maylay Sparks: I have no idea.

MVRemix: When making hip-hop songs, do you go into the studio with pre-written rhymes, lyrics, and themes or do you hear the beat first and write then and there?

Maylay Sparks: It depends, but usually the beat writes the song for me while we're recording.

MVRemix: Can you expand on the song ‘Al Dia’?

Maylay Sparks: It is Spanish for ‘To date’, and it's just a day in the life of Maylay Sparks.

MVRemix: Baby Blak is a member of Ill Advised. How would you say your rhyme-style or creative process is different from Baby Blak?

Maylay Sparks: Personally I can’t say for sure especially if he still smokes as much as I do.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with The Prunes?

Maylay Sparks: We met here in Denmark and have been recording every since.

MVRemix: Can you explain the song ‘The Suare’?

Maylay Sparks: It is exactly what the term means. Just a genuine good time with friends. Jamming!

MVRemix: Malik B of The Roots is on the song ‘Black Sheep’. How did you get involved with Malik B?

Maylay Sparks: The Roots are friends and inspiration so we clicked.

MVRemix: How is BBE & Rapster different from other labels?

Maylay Sparks: The fact that they cater to good music and not trends is the answer in a nut shell.

MVRemix: Are you still involved with B9000 Records? What happened?

Maylay Sparks: B9000 and the people are great. We just did the single thing, hopefully another is in the works or something.

MVRemix: What is your favorite part of your live show?

Maylay Sparks: The fans, when they are really feeling the music and vibe, but mostly when they know the material. It goes over a lot better. Also, if I’m not to intoxicated before a late performance. ‘Promoters, get me onstage early!’ Maylay Sparks

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved?

Maylay Sparks: The fact that even though you still get the few minutes of stage-fright. Now, I have the sense of where I want to be on stage and who to focus on to draw good energy. Focus on the hype. Never try to work the unimpressed.

MVRemix: What song made you fall in love with hip-hop?

Maylay Sparks: Every hip-hop record made since ‘The Message’ Block parties. The title ‘M.C.’, and style was fresh to me. Plus, that got you the ladies.

MVRemix: How did you get the name Maylay Sparks? What does it mean?

Maylay Sparks: Baby Blak actually called me ‘Rah Maylay’ at first because I was total chaos and I spark a lot. So, Maylay Sparks it became.

MVRemix: What emcee/group would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Maylay Sparks: EPMD, Redman, Ol Dirty Bastard, Ghostface, and Raekwon too.

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    "Now, I have the sense of where I want to be on stage and who to focus on to draw good energy. Focus on the hype. Never try to work the unimpressed.."