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MC Breed - conducted by Crystal McMillian  

MC Breed

April 2007

So, I was chillin at low-key spot in Ann Arbor, Michigan called the Firefly. It's one of the only "REAL" hip hop spots in this yuppy college town where heads can come get their fix, or jump on the open mic to perform or promote their projects. Buff One from the Athletic Mic League hosts it every Sunday and there are cats who cram into this historically Jazz venue week after week.

Well, I'm sittin' there in what we'll call the modified "V.I.P" (really it's just a couple of couches off to one side) that's usually reserved for regulars and feature performers. Low and behold, in walks MC Breed. Old School hip hop head known for party tracks like and "Ain't no Future in Your Frontin" and "All we do is Club". He's most known for a collabo with 2 Pac in the early nineties called "Gotta Get Mine".

What you may NOT know is that Breed, small town rapper from Flint, Michigan has also worked with such greats as Too $hort, the D.O.C., Esham, I.C.P., Jazzy Pha, Big Proof from D-12, Warren G, and George Clinton of P-Funk. Breed has released more than a dozen albums and mixed tapes and he has a loyal following.

Now, never one to pass up a golden opportunity, I approached him about doing an interview. Breed was kind enough to grant me a few minutes before departing...with the promise that he'd be back the following week to check out the local talent at the venue.

MVRemix: Alright, this is Cool Crys..I'm with MVRemix.

MC Breed: That's where I heard that shit from...MVRemix!

MVRemix: Right, right. right. We're outside of Elevation, The Firefly in Ann Arbor and I'm here with MC Breed. I gotta couple questions for ya... Breed, where ya been?

MC Breed: Ahhh man! I've been here and there. Recording. You know.

MVRemix: Alright, so what's next? I heard you got a new single out here.

MC Breed: Yeah, it's a new single. I'm with this group. It's called the Bake Up Boyz. And we got a new single. It's called "Guccis On My Feet"

MVRemix: "Gucci's On My Feet"?

MC Breed: Yeah, and uh, you know, you can call and request that all day, right now. You can even look 'em up on Myspace, The Bake up Boyz

MVRemix: So, what's the MySpace address?

MC Breed: Well my Myspace address is

MVRemix: MmmHmm? That is the question of the hour!

MC Breed: Yeah, where is MC Breed. Well I'm right here.

MVRemix: Well Alright, Breed. As a Flintstone, I gotta ask, Have you been back to the F-L-I lately?

MC Breed: Yeah I get back there all the time

MVRemix: Ok. That's what's up. And I also gotta ask, 'cause folks remember you working with Pac, there aren't a lot of cats that got to work with Pac, tell me what that was like? Working with an icon like that?

MC Breed: Well, at the time, you know, I want really thinking, you know, that I was workin' with a icon. I mean, the song blew up for both of us; it helped both of us out.

MVRemix: That, it did

MC Breed: I mean...I loved him. He was cool. He was good people.

[At this point, some members of Breeds entourage decided that the interview was over. They started yellin' "Cut!" Walking towards their "MC Breed" adorned SUV. I think they were a bit peeved about the reference to the late, great Tupac Shakur. Never the less, Breed and his right hand man (presumably his manager or close friend) figured that they had time for a few more questions.]

MVRemix: So, what do you think is the direction of hip-hop right now? Being a forefather and founder like you are. Where do you think hat hip-hop is going?

MC Breed: To be honest with you music is so....up coming music is so blinding. I mean, people don't know what's coming next. ya know? It's always, everybody shootin' from the hip, ya know?

MVRemix: So where do YOU fall in all that?

MC Breed: I'm still making true music. That's what I'm doin'. I actually make music that's coming from my heart. You know, my back ground and the rest of that. So, you know...I like to party and the rest of that's what I make, ya know?

MVRemix: Dig that. "Cause all we do is club", right?

MC Breed: Right! Right! [laughing]

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