MC Paul Barman - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

MC Paul Barman

March 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with MC Paul Barman. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on March 8th, 2000.

MVRemix: So, when did you start out in what's commonly known as Hip Hop? And, well, why?

MC Paul Barman: When I was born. At this point there are more than four elements of hip-hop. Five, six, and seven are porno, comics, and being a good person.

MVRemix: Have you felt that you've been treated very differently because of being white?

MC Paul Barman: I don't know. Yes, is a safe assumption?

MVRemix: How do you think Eminem's success will affect white emcees careers; in a negative or positive way?

MC Paul Barman: I really don't know but it is a good question. I would lean towards yes. What do you think?

MVRemix: How would you describe your style?

MC Paul Barman: Dope.

MVRemix: Now, please, this question isn't intended to offend, but people have labeled you as simply being a gimmick mocking aspiring white this true in any manner?

MC Paul Barman: I am not offended. This is the first interesting question. The only answer I could give is that I intend to mock absolutely everyone.

MVRemix: Do you think you get media coverage and have appeal because of your art or your gimmick?

MC Paul Barman: I think I get media attention because I am white and critics relate to me. It is not a gimmick.

MVRemix: Now, this is a long shot, but by any chance.... was there any message what-so-ever or direct thought within any of the tracks on your EP?

MC Paul Barman: Why would a message be a long shot? I hope I have many messages but it is not my position to spell them out in an analysis.

MVRemix: The tracks on your EP are very funny, and enjoyable to listen to...

MC Paul Barman: Thank you.
Is your older material very similar or were you more 'traditional' with your rhymes?

MC Paul Barman: My older stuff is not as good except for 'Enter Pan-Man.' My new stuff (unrecorded) is by far the best I've done and I can't believe I am being interviewed as an artist talking about something so abstract as a song that does not really yet exist. It is at this very moment when I feel the luckiest.

MVRemix: If you could work with any emcee and producer...who would they be and why? Prince Paul isn't an option...

MC Paul Barman: Too bad, I wish Prince Paul were an option. Did you like how I said 'were' just then instead of 'was' because the subjunctive takes a plural verb?

This is an interesting question. Sometimes I think I would like to work with my heroes, and sometimes I think I should put on my friends. Then I wonder if I should find someone new and deserving like Prince Paul did for me. Probably I should do all of the above that's in my power. As far as I know my 'career' will last about a month more. That being said, Milk D does not get his props! Have you heard his weird comeback EP from a couple years ago, 'Never Dated'? Dope. Also I think old Fresh Prince is really hot and I wonder if we could make something good together.

MVRemix: What's sitting in, on or near your sound system right now?

MC Paul Barman: The new Jay-Z and Ghostface. Both Ghostface's come to think of it. 'Fish' is my favorite song. I wonder if non-Rza Wu-Tang producers are more affordable...

MVRemix: What are you currently working on?

MC Paul Barman: I have tiny little hustles and big ones. I hope to make a living with creative products.

MVRemix: In 10 years time, what will be going on in Paul Barman's life?

MC Paul Barman: Best case scenario: Full-on culture provider, putting out records, books, comics, and objects made by friends and people I believe in. But "Barman, I hear the bargain bin harkenin'!" The reality is probably somewhere in between. Now I have a very serious question to ask you and I hope you include your answer in the interview. In an issue of the New Yorker a couple issues ago, there was a long interview with Mike Nichols. He said that you should never share your goals with anybody, especially publicly because people will make sure you never get it. Do you believe that's true?

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"I think I get media attention because I am white and critics relate to me. It is not a gimmick. "