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luckyiam.PSC - conducted by Phayde  

Luckyiam.PSC (Mystik Journeymen)

March 2003

These are the transcripts of an interview with luckyiam.PSC, who along with BFAP AKA Sunspot Jonz, forms the incredibly talented duo Mystik Journeymen. The interview was conducted by Phayde on March 9th, 2003.

Phayde sat down with the California-based Journeyman -and Living Legends member- for an intimate interview with topics ranging from hip-hop to big-breasted dinosaurs

MVRemix: So how the fuck are you?

luckyiam.PSC: I'm doing great. What's up, this is luckyiam.PSC of the Mystik Journeymen, Living Legends Crew, CMA. Legends, baby.

MVRemix: Wanna do anymore shameless self-promotion right there?

luckyiam.PSC: I gotta let you know who I am!

MVRemix: [laughs] Alright. Okay, so today is March 9th. Would you agree that one of the greatest rappers alive died on this day?

luckyiam.PSC: Um, who was that?

MVRemix: Biggie!

luckyiam.PSC: I agree that one of the most loved rappers died on this day. Senseless violence, you know? I wasn't really big, big into Biggie, but you know, I respect his music, for real. He was a gangsta lyricist.

MVRemix: Why are you doing what you're doing right now?

luckyiam.PSC: How do I justify the means of what I'm doing now?

MVRemix: Yeah.

luckyiam.PSC: Alright. Um, I feel like music, hip-hop in general, needs a balance and since I was blessed enough to have some sort of education and a good sense of right or wrong, I feel like it's my duty, since I have that talent, to express myself and my friends and add balance to the old rap game.

MVRemix: Have you ever doubted yourself?

luckyiam.PSC: Yeah. All the time, you know? Especially since we're like, not superstars or something, on top of the whole thing I wonder if what we're doing… does it mean anything, cuz you know we're not out there running shit or making millions of dollars or anything. I wonder 'is it even good?' sometimes. Like some days we feel like we're on top of the world, other days nothing, you know?

MVRemix: So I've noticed a lot of your songs, not to generalize your music, but I've noticed a lot of your songs are reality-based, and by that meaning no frills, no gimmicks or any of that bullshit to get your shit across. So my question is, what inspires you to write?

luckyiam.PSC: People we meet, our travels, our day-to-day experiences, down to the most menial thing like getting up, having to deal with the deals, and doing the dishes to taking a shit to breaking up with a girlfriend, you know? It's just all kinds of topics like that, including the world, and state of fear that's around the world that inspires us to write at any given time. And the music and beats produced, as far as what we're actually gonna talk about as well.

MVRemix: Outside of the Living Legends crew, is there anybody you're dying to make a track with?

luckyiam.PSC: Dying to make a track with?

MVRemix: That you would really like to make a track with.

luckyiam.PSC: I'd like to make some music with Portishead, Outkast, Stevie Wonder, of course, one of my favourites. If we did something that wasn't corny with him, you know? [laughs] And um, there are other artists too, like Cee-Lo, it would be tight to do something with him. I think we would make something really fresh with DJ Quik [laughs]. I wanna get Murs on a song with E-40; I know that'll make him blow his top. And producer-wise, maybe the Neptunes, but not using a Neptune-esque beat, you know? Just something really good. And Timbaland. Oh shit.

MVRemix: What sets Mystik Journeymen, and Living Legends as a crew, apart from every other emcee out there?

luckyiam.PSC: Everyone in our crew has their own distinct style of rapping. I think we blow most people out of the water on stage live. And I think you can't really pinpoint our style; it's not really all-the-way west coast, it's not east coast...we just exist in our own genre of semi-underground but underground fools that are making money too, so we're not all-the-way underground, we're kind of popular. And we worked hard. I think we're one of the hardest working crews in hip-hop cuz everything we got up to this point we got from our own blood, sweat and tears. If we started off with the money that other people start off with… if we had that… we would be like… I don't know… that's the difference.

>>> continued...

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