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luckyiam.PSC - conducted by Phayde  

Luckyiam.PSC (Mystik Journeymen)

March 2003

MVRemix: So right now you're on the Creative Differences tour. Have any interesting stories about shit that's happened to you?

luckyiam.PSC: Well, there was a riot at one of our shows in Austin, Texas. The police came in there and tried to shut down the place cuz it was too packed and it was a capacity issue. So then the club complied with them and got like 80 people out of there, and then the police got over-zealous and were like, 'oh we're gonna stop it now ourselves,' and two cops pushed their way through the crowd, barged through, got up on stage and tried to takes the mics from us when we were just about to be like, 'peace, have a good night, leave in peace, blah blah blah.' Well they took the mics out of our hands and we kept doing what we were doing acapella and the crowd just started going crazy. It didn't feel like a show or something, it was more like church or some kind of gathering. It was spiritual, but then within the spiritual moment there were drunk people in the crowd so they started-

MVRemix: Throwing bottles!

luckyiam.PSC: Yeah, throwing bottles at the police. The police ducked a few, then went up to one guy who got hit with a bottle and pulled out this pepper spray and started spraying it everywhere. People started running around, gagging. This one girl got trampled by a horse and taken away by paramedics and it got real ugly. Yeah, that's just one crazy night. There's been a few others.

MVRemix: So we're in the tour bus right now. Besides the X-Box and pornography, got any interesting shit that goes on in here?

luckyiam.PSC: We watch a shitload of movies, you know? I haven't watched this many movies at one time, ever. We got three different people with extensive cases of DVDs, we watch movies, we have recorded some music on this trip too. We basically eat, sleep, watch movies, play video games, talk shit.

MVRemix: So what about the Mystik Journeymen / Living Legends female groupie situation?

luckyiam.PSC: [laughs] Well you know what? We don't get a super amount of groupies like NBA players or movie stars and shit, but let's just say a lot more women are paying attention to what we're doing now. I mean, for the single characters in our crew…

MVRemix: Did anybody ever have sex where I'm sitting right now?

luckyiam.PSC: No. Because usually where you're sitting is packed full of merchandise and boxes and bags and stuff, but um… I wanna lay my naked body on that couch over there… next to us…
That's where the Silver Surfer comes out. SILVER SURFER!! You know who the Silver Surfer is?

MVRemix: No.

luckyiam.PSC: It's a comic book character that's all silver and he rides on a surf board, and he looks like he's kinda naked, so just imagine… naked on a surfboard… [lying down on couch] SILVER SURFER!

MVRemix: Ohhhh no! [laughs]

luckyiam.PSC: Yeah, he resides in me… when that red light comes on [flicking on a light switch, pointing to the corner of the tour bus] … OOO ooo OOO ooo!! Red light!!

MVRemix: I feel in trouble somewhat.

luckyiam.PSC: Don't worry, you're safe. I'm too ugly for you to even be interested in me.

MVRemix: Awww, no! [laughs] Okay, okay, moving on. Besides the drinking that I've noticed

luckyiam.PSC: [laughs]

MVRemix: I mean, of water, do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

luckyiam.PSC: We just like to be relaxed before we have to rush on stage and do what we do, cuz I think we exert a certain amount of energy when we perform, so when we don't roll in late like we did today, we get a little bit more time to relax, cuz we gotta make sure our merchandise gets in there and is set up and ready, and we sound check, and usually we have a few hours to just take our minds off everything before it's time to explode on stage.

MVRemix: And after the show… if you weren't doing this interview with me right now, what would you usually be doing?

luckyiam.PSC: If I wasn't doing the interview with you, then I would have seen somebody who looks just like you who also does interviews and is a journalist, and I would be speaking to you right now. It would just be me and you talking about whatever, maybe go out and get something to eat, watch a movie or hang out.

MVRemix: That's it?

luckyiam.PSC: Unless you wanted to do more. [laughs] It would be up to you. Totally up to you.

MVRemix: Would you still consider yourself Unsigned and Hella Broke?

luckyiam.PSC: Unsigned and Hella… smarter about things now. Unsigned and Hella… I would say connected but we don't have that many connections. Um, Unsigned and Hella Hustlin. That's what we're doing, cuz we're not hella broke no more.

>>> continued...

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