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luckyiam.PSC - conducted by Phayde  

Luckyiam.PSC (Mystik Journeymen)

March 2003

MVRemix: Rank the following in order of importance: Music, money, family, girlfriends, respect.

luckyiam.PSC: Family, girlfriends, respect, music, money.

MVRemix: Okay as cliché as this is, and I know you hate shit like this -

luckyiam.PSC: Uh oh! You had to come with one!

MVRemix: Well I gotta have one, man! [laughs] What does the word "underground" mean to you?

luckyiam.PSC: Arrrrghhhh!! Underground means, to me, and to some of us, doing what you want to do against all odds, you know? Just putting your heart and soul into what you're doing, no matter if it's known by 10 people, 10,000, or 10 million people. Cuz I believe there are some people that are so-called "mainstream" but are still underground, like Method Man and Redman. They're still underground to me, you know? So underground is trying to control your destiny against all odds.

MVRemix: Last cliché question: A lot of people say hip-hop has deteriorated compared to that of the mid-80s, like with Kool G Rap, P.E. So would you agree with that, and why?

luckyiam.PSC: No, I just think that it's a shame that a lot of artists that were coming like a lot of the old-school artists, who give you that feeling, are not as exposed as much. Back then was back then. There's a good amount of people making good music, but it's just a shame that materialism, and lyrics that are about it, are very big right now, you know?

MVRemix: Alright, so on a more abstract tip, if hip-hop was a woman, tell me what she would look like.

luckyiam.PSC: [laughs] She would look like a woman who had a bunch of different qualities. She would be very smart, for the smart emcees and people that actually push the envelope. She would have a voluptuous body for the people that make the bangin' ass beats… a nice rack… a big ol' ass… then she would be mixed because there are so many different people that partake in hip-hop. Every country that we go to, there are people that are deeply-rooted in hip-hop since it's conception, so she would be like a super-mulatto. She'd be real fine and have a lot of money, cuz it makes more money than any other music on the planet.

MVRemix: Would you date her?

luckyiam.PSC: I would date her.

MVRemix: You'd be pushing up on her?

luckyiam.PSC: She's my mistress. [laughs] We've been seeing each other for a very long time.

MVRemix: Let's say you became a millionaire tomorrow. Would you still be doing what you're doing?

luckyiam.PSC: For sure. I think we're one of the rare exceptions to the rules. I mean, we make a really good amount of money now, but when we start making a lot, a lot more money, we're gonna pretty much stay the way we are, and I think for us, making more money will allow us to have more people working for us in other areas and we'll be able to concentrate on just the music. We wear so many hats, we're like managers, distributors, we get stuff manufactured. We're still doing that to this day. If we had money to free up our time to hire people to work for us, we'll be able to put a lot more effort into the music and then I think we'll be able to make some very, very classic shit.

MVRemix: How would you describe Mystik Journeymen's style to those who have never heard of you?

luckyiam.PSC: Mystik Journeymen is raw energy, truth, styles and originality put over rugged-ass underground beats that you can dance to. We're a mixture of everything, mixed into something that's unique.

MVRemix: Tell me three characteristics that are in every Mystik Journeymen track.

luckyiam.PSC: There is no three. It varies all across the board. One characteristic you might find is humour in it, always. You'll find a little bit of stuff that's political, cuz that's just how we are, but no set three. We don't make music under a template. It's whatever we're feeling at the moment, a lot of the times. And sometimes the beat.

MVRemix: Name three artists out there right now that you think should just throw in the towel.

luckyiam.PSC: I used to be very opinionated and judgmental but I've come to realize that anybody can have a fucking fan base, even a dude who goes into a studio and farts into a microphone, you know? He might have 10 people that like him.

MVRemix: Shit, I'd buy it.

luckyiam.PSC: See? So it's like, it's not my place to really judge someone on should they or shouldn't they throw in the towel, you know? If there's one artist that I think that should throw I the towel, Michael Jordan should throw in the towel. But he's already gonna retire anyway, so you know. Kobe, baby. That's all I gotta say.

MVRemix: What would you be doing right now if you weren't emcees?

luckyiam.PSC: Right now I would be enrolled in school, in college, taking courses to get my teaching credentials, and after that I would be teach third or fourth graders at a school in inner-city Los Angeles or something like that, and I would do that for like five or six years and then I would go on to college-level students.

MVRemix: What advice would you give to kids out there that are trying to make it as artists?

luckyiam.PSC: Don't! [laughs] Nah, if you're gonna do it, make sure it's really tight and not just to your yes-man friends who are around you. Make sure people are really honest with you. Practice your craft, get out there, develop a tight stage show and basically start to try to empower yourself by building up an independent entity whether it be a company or whatever, an organization, and learn how to have some kind of control so if you end up dealing with these labels you have something to stand on, something to offer, that you can take to the table with them because basically record labels rape artists for their Luckymoney all the time.

MVRemix: One guy from the website wanted me to ask you what your favourite dinosaur is.

luckyiam.PSC: My favourite dinosaur is a tyrannosaurus rex.

MVRemix: Mine too. I feel quite strongly for the t-rex. Almost sexy, isn't it?

luckyiam.PSC: You know what? It depends.

MVRemix: On what?

luckyiam.PSC: Whether it's a male or female one.

MVRemix: Let's say it's a big ass female t-rex.

luckyiam.PSC: Woooooo!! Gotta love it. Those are the most vicious ones too.

MVRemix: The epitome of sex, right there.

luckyiam.PSC: It is. Wait, I'm getting a hard-on right now.

MVRemix: Haha alright let's finish this up with one question. Actually, it's not even a question: anything else you want to say to fans out there?

luckyiam.PSC: I think you're very beautiful and I hope you're not turned away from me because of who I am… uh… [trailing off] I'd like to say to the fans -

MVRemix: Wait a minute! [laughs]

luckyiam.PSC: [laughs] Uh, thank you for all the love you guys give us. I mean, words can barely explain what you guys mean to us because without them, we would not be doing anything we're doing now, and I hope we never let you down. I hope you know that with us getting more known by other people… don't be mad, we promise we're not gonna let you down. We just wanna work hard and give that love back to you guys cuz you guys inspire us more than anything. And look out for the new Mystik Journeymen album called Best in Show, coming out late 2003. Legends, baby! Creative Differences Tour, 2003!

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