Mobb Deep conducted by DJ Ghost  

Mobb Deep Interview

November 2001

These are the transcripts of an interview with Mobb Deep, conducted by DJ Ghost in November of 2001.

MVRemix: What's going on?

Havoc: What's Up.

MVRemix: Chillin' Chillin'. Let me just start off by saying the new album is ill.

Havoc: Thank you.

MVRemix: The joints I'm feeling right now are "Clap," "Crawlin'," and "I Won't Fall." Those joints are hot.

Havoc: Yeah man, good lookin'.

MVRemix: One thing I noticed about the album's on a different level from the previous ones. It's still street, it's still gangsta, just like the past releases, but it seems like the level of maturity on the album differs a little from the first four.

Havoc: No question

MVRemix: Especially on the joint, "Be With You" with 112. It's not like "Trife Life" or "Let A Ho Be A Ho," it's on a completely different level...

Havoc: Right.

MVRemix: So I guess what my question is...what was the thought process during the making of Infamy?

Havoc: We just wanted to make another bangin' album, nahmean. We wasn't trying to outdo ourselves or anything like that. We just tried to come with a new album for the fans...and just do it.

MVRemix: No doubt, that's straight. Now I don't have a list of the producers in front of me since I only have the White Label right now, but besides you and Alchemist...I'm assuming he's doing work on this too right...

Havoc: Yeah, no doubt.

MVRemix: Did anyone else get on the boards this time around?

Havoc: Yeah, EZ Elpee and Scott Storch.

MVRemix: Speaking of the Alchemist, I wondering how you got the relationship started with him?

Havoc: We were fucking with DJ Muggs, you know from Cypress Hill, and then that's how we clicked. Alchemist was fucking with them and that's how we bumped heads.

MVRemix: Word. I know you guys have worked with madd producers, but who haven't you worked with that you would like to get down with?

Havoc: Definitely Dr. Dre...someone like that

MVRemix: Now I know you did a joint with the Rugged Man recently...

Havoc: RA

MVRemix: Yeah...

Havoc: No doubt

MVRemix: He's an ill MC, so how did that come about?

Havoc: I mean I knew RA from awhile back, when he was signed to Jive, and we used to go to Battery Studio...and we hooked up.

MVRemix: Alright, word. This one was for Prodigy but I guess you can answer it since he's not there with you. It's more on a serious note...I was wondering how he handles or how he takes other MC's taking shots and using his medical issues as a joke?

Havoc: I'm sayin', he gave that shit the cold shoulder. Took it serious a little somethin', but then you know, laughed it off. It's a small thing to a giant, nahmean.

MVRemix: Somthing else I was...

Havoc: P here now.
Prodigy: Yo, what up

MVRemix: What's going on. This is for either one of you. What's one of the most annoying things you get from critics? Maybe something a critic does or says...or something they might assume about you as a person or as a group?

Havoc: Nah, not really.
Prodigy: What, with the critics?

MVRemix: Yeah, with the critics, reviewers, whatever...the media

Havoc: Like up to date, you know what I'm sayin' about the 112 shit...
Prodigy: True, True
Havoc: How they be like...
Prodigy: That's one thing.
Havoc: ...that's so different for y'all, but in all actuality it's not. We stay talking about shorties, nahmean.

MVRemix: No doubt

Havoc: It's just in a different tone, nahmean.

MVRemix: I feel you. Like cats is saying you guys are trying to be more commercial with the whole 112 joint?

Prodigy: Yeah, that's what's coming from the critics now.

MVRemix: Alright, so give me your opinion on the state of Hip Hop right now.

Prodigy: Right now, you know, it's just a good time for Hip Hop. It's real big. It's expanded, nahmean. Overall, it's selling more records than ever before, nahmean.

MVRemix: Now that Prodigy's here, let me go back to the question about producers. Is there anybody you wanna work with that you haven't worked with up to this point?

Prodigy: I mean there's a lot of people out there that we would like to work with...too many to mention, nahmean.

MVRemix: Yeah, Havoc was saying Dr. Dre.

Prodigy: Yeah

MVRemix: What I'm gonna do is shoot you a word or a phrase and you just hit me with the first thing that comes to your mind.

Prodigy: Alright

MVRemix: Wu-Tang

Prodigy: Labelmates

MVRemix: Fish and Grits

Havoc: Gangsta *laughing*

MVRemix: Halle Berry

Havoc: Dime

MVRemix: Clockwork Orange

Havoc: Who

MVRemix: Clockwork Orange

Prodigy: Weird...that's fuckin'...weird movie

MVRemix: Queensbridge

Prodigy: Hood
Havoc: The hood!!

MVRemix: Puerto Rican chicks

Havoc: I wanna hit that!

MVRemix: Independent Hip Hop

Havoc: Gangsta
Prodigy: Gangsta

MVRemix: Credit Cards

Havoc: Credit Cards...bad business
Prodigy: Yeah, bad business for real!

MVRemix: The Gas Face

Havoc: MC Serch *laughs*

MVRemix: Bubba Sparxx


MVRemix: Any opinions there?

Havoc: Doing his thing.

MVRemix: Internet MC's

Havoc: Say that again.

MVRemix: Internet. Netcees. Internet MC's.

Havoc: Oh I never heard of those.

*Prodigy starts explaining*

MVRemix: Pepsi with lemon

Havoc: Nasty

MVRemix: September 11th

Havoc: Foul
Prodigy: Foul

MVRemix: Jay-Z

Prodigy: Foul...foul *laughs*
Havoc: No comment

MVRemix: I thought I would slip that one in there. Well that's basically it. I know you guys got the Murda Muzik movie coming out next year, right?

Havoc: Yeah, that's coming out right after the album.

MVRemix: Word. Honestly, I haven't heard anything about it, so if you could go ahead and plug it so cats know what to look forward to.

Havoc: Yeah, Murda Muzik is an independent movie that we shot, nahmean, out in QB, nahmean. Starring us Rappin' Noyd, Littles, Infamous Mobb, and the whole clique. We just shot the movie so people could check out our talents as far as knowing how to put a film together, and just so they could see what it look like in QB, and what we look like and how we talk. So you can get closer to us. But it's a fictional story you know what I'm sayin. It's just a movie.

MVRemix: Alright, so speaking of the Infamous Mobb, what's going on with them. They got something getting ready to drop?

Havoc: Yeah, they got something independently coming out in a little while.

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