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Mod The Black Marvel - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Mod The Black Marvel

July 2005

Emcee/producer Mod The Black Marvel, is one third of Godz Wrath, the production team slowly making a name for themselves through their work with Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest and Hell Razah. In part four of MVRemix's exclusive interviews with the Super Charger Records staff; Mod gives us the rundown of how he came up as an emcee and a producer.

MVRemix: What is your first memory of Hip Hop?

Mod: My first memory of hip hop is the Public Enemy album Fear Of A Black Planet. My sister bought it for me in 1989 as a birthday present. So basically she gave me the most valuable gift - Hip hop.

MVRemix: How did you first get into producing?

Mod: Through the cats that produced for me back in the day. I didnít really feel the sound and I knew that if I put in some work, that I could find it myself. So my wiz hooked me up with a Roland W30, that thing was a pain in the ass at first but it really got the old/grimy sound - and I love that. Iíll never sell it.

MVRemix: How did you first get into rhyming?

Mod: It started as a joke , me and my cousin hanging around doing NWA, Public Enemy , Ice T rhymes. After that we just started writing them ourselves. Shit sounded kind of nice, we was like, "Letís do something with this."

MVRemix: As an emcee/producer, how did you start to make a name for yourself in the Hip Hop game?

Mod: Doing shitty ass gigs pretty much. I had to replace other cats in groups, like they asked me - "Do you got a 16?" I was like, ' Hell yeah!' I did like the same verse over and over on different songs. (Laughter)

MVRemix: As an emcee how would you describe your sound or style, and what are your strong points?

Mod: I try to be as versatile as I can be. I donít like to be compared to other styles. Iím just MOD and thatís it. I ainít got a style yet, I just wing it.

MVRemix: As a producer, how would you describe your sound or style?

Mod: I listen to various kinds of music and pretty much sample from everything. When Iím in the studio I let the angels do their work. It just gotta feel right. I love the old style - the golden age style - on some í92 till í95 sound.

MVRemix: What equipment do you use?

Mod: MPC 2000 xl, Roland W30, Mini Korg, some synthesizers by Korg and Roland.

MVRemix: How did the production super group Godz Wrath form?

Mod: Banks and Needlez hooked me up with some beats for my own album, basically I wanted to do my whole album by myself but then I heard their beats. Shit sounded right, It fit my music and it had the same vibe. So we hooked up and formed a team, because youíre stronger as a team and can hit more people at the same time.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Supercharger Records?

Mod: Me and Twann go way back. He was at every show I did. He always came around to the studio to talk about having a label/management. But we never thought of forming a team even though we talked about it for years. It was sitting there right in front of us. After that I guess we just saw the light.

MVRemix: Tell us about The Campaign Mixtape?

Mod: The Campaign Mixtape is like a portfolio of what weíve done in the past. An introduction of what is to come in the future. Its just an appetizer.

MVRemix: You and Godz Wrath have done a lot of work with The Black Market and company. How did you hook up with Killah Priest, Tragedy, Hell Razah and that whole crew?

Mod: Well, we were working on Shabazz the Disciple in the Netherlands. It was some tracks for him about 2 years ago and he hooked us up with Priest, cause Priest had a show that same week in town. He told Priest, "Yo, listen to these beats!" So we gave Priest a tape and he called us like 2 days later telling us to come over to NYC, that we had to hit the studio together. So thatís what we did. It was a great experience, and more like a blessing to work with legendary artists like them. Donít forget, these guys gave me my inspiration to become an artist.

MVRemix: What is your relationship like with them? Are you their new production team?

Mod: We became family, and the bond is tight like that. We plan on doing more productions for them in the future.

MVRemix: Is it tough working with artists when you are not around be in the studio with them?

Mod: Yes I wish I was there. You can feel the vibe when youíre there, then you can really make tracks from scratch. I like working like that. It makes the sound more complete and with more feeling.

MVRemix: What has been the biggest headache for you coming up in this Hip Hop game?

Mod: How the music changed in í97, because I think that was a big influence on where Iím at right now. The real hip hop is starting to make itís way back into the game now though.

MVRemix: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have of emcees from overseas?

Mod: That they canít rhyme in English. They forget there are people in hoods overseas going through the same struggle everyday - rhyming about the same culture. And doing it with the same quality as the States. And we about to break that barrier.

MVRemix: Tell us about your upcoming debut album. What can fans expect from it?

Mod: Political issues and how we experience the decisions made by the world's leaders. Everyday life and things we go through mentally and emotionally. I love drums , so youíre going to hear some wild shit.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future?

Mod: Iím taking this day by day. This kind of music is almost extinct and Iím blessed that I can be a part of this culture and be a part of itís history.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, or plugs?

Mod: This one is for the children. Itís all about them, and they are our future. Hope I can be the Fear Of A Black Planet for them.

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"Well, we were working on Shabazz the Disciple in the Netherlands. It was some tracks for him about 2 years ago and he hooked us up with Priest, cause Priest had a show that same week in town..."