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Motion Man - conducted by DJ INI  

Motion Man

October 2006

While on tour in Tempe, Arizona, Motion Man let us know the deal about collaborations and why he might sound better on a track with Lupe Fiasco then he would on a track with Biggie.

MVRemix: So how you doin' man?

Motion Man: I'm chillin' ridin' in the SUV with my man Bukue One and Zac Hendrix.

MVRemix: So you're on tour then?

Motion Man: Yes I am, we out in Tempe right now.

MVRemix: How is the tour going so far? You getting' a good response out there?

Motion Man: It's love man, it's all beautiful, and we gettin' a real good response, they lovin' me more and more.

MVRemix: So for those who aren't familiar, go over some of the stuff you've worked on, and some of the people you've collaborated with.

Motion Man: Aight, you makin' these easy. Well you know, I'm a bay area cat, people started noticing what I could do, I was on this radio station called KDL, and I was doin' the Wake Up Show, with Sway and King Tech, I was the second MC on the show. As far as collaborations I've worked with the likes of Kool Keith, KutMasta Kurt, he's produced every album I've put out. I'm currently working with Del, you know, we're working on an album. Let's see, E-40, Too $hort, let's see I gotta go through the archives. I've done a lot of work, I've been out there doin' my thing for a minute.

MVRemix: Do you think you've gotten the respect you've deserved so far from the people?

Motion Man: Umm, I think I could be a little further along, but I think I'm gonna help that process myself. That's just not how it's supposed to go, I mean you can be dope in your bedroom, but if no body really hears you… I need to do more things, People need to hear me more, I need to get out more, put out more records.

MVRemix: What do you got comin' up as far as projects you're workin' on?

Motion Man: Right now, I started working on a project with Del. I've got another album comin out called “Ernie Drastic,” and I got about two or three more in the works, that's what I'm trying to do, next year come out with two or three more albums, so I got more heat out there for the people.

MVRemix: So real quick, if you don't mind, we're gonna play a quick game of word association game with rap artists.

Motion Man: Aight

MVRemix: So just tell me the first word that comes to your mind when I say each of these artists.

Kool Keith

Motion Man: Ridiculous

MVRemix: Dilated Peoples

Motion Man: Ill

MVRemix: 50-Cent

Motion Man: Massive

MVRemix: Lupe Fiasco

Motion Man: That's a sick little youngster, I like that, yeah.

MVRemix: Jay-Z

Motion Man: Ah, shit…. enormous

MVRemix: You wanna go with shit or enormous?

Motion Man: He's enormous, he's large

MVRemix: 9th wonder

Motion Man: ah… dope

MVRemix: Nas

Motion Man: Illmatic, I won't even hesitate

MVRemix: So, what's your dream collaboration with someone that's around right now?

Motion Man: Well, you know, I've done tracks with E-40, you know Too $hort. I really don't know if there really is a dream collaboration out there, it could be like the guy next door, as long as we could sound good together, I don't know if me on a record with someone who's really large or out in the mainstream is even gonna sound good. You wanna put out a good project. So I couldn't say, back in the day I had dream collaborations, but now, I don't know what would sound good. I would have to sit down with somebody and see if we have good chemistry.

MVRemix: How about a collaboration with somebody that's not around anymore?

Motion Man: Biggie…. Pac

MVRemix: What about those guys make you wanna collaborate with them?

Motion Man: Pac back in the day, every time he'd see me, he'd ask me the same question: “motion, when you got shit comin' out?” Biggie, I met dude once, and he was a cool dude. I just liked what they brought to the table. They were just good artists, I feel what they were doin'. But also, there would be the judgment period there too, I think I could work with anybody, I just might sound better on a track with Lupe Fiasco then Biggie. Maybe our voices would sound better.

MVRemix: Anything else you wanna say with the people before we jump off here?

Motion Man: Everybody out there, go snatch up every album I've ever did, so I can eat.

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"I need to do more things, People need to hear me more, I need to get out more, put out more records."