Murs conducted by Hugo Lunny  


March 2003

These are the transcripts of an interview with Murs. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on March 9th, 2003.

Murs is a member of the West Coast's infamous Living Legends crew. Murs has a wealth of independent releases and most recently released an EP with Slug - a tribute to Christina Ricci and also just released an album on El-P's Def Jux entitled "...the End Of The Beginning"

[The interview begins with Murs shaving using an electric shaver on the tourbus]

MVRemix: Right, the first question kind of pertains to what's going on right now. Now, no offence meant, but is your beard that length because it's too awkward to trim it and cut it or is it an actual decision to grow it a long length?

Murs: It's more of a decision not to cut it than it is to grow it.

MVRemix: Is it a religious thing or...

Murs: Nah, I just decided not to cut it.

MVRemix: What other genres (if other genres do) influence you?

Murs: Punk rock and Frank Sinatra.

MVRemix: What type of Punk rock?

Murs: I like more poppy-punk. My favourite band is Tsunami Bomb from California.

MVRemix: What's so great about Christina Ricci?

Murs: She's hot, she's hot. She used to be nice and thick and very pale with her black hair...that was really cute. Now she just has to gain a couple more pounds and she'll be alright.

MVRemix: Why do you hate girls' boyfriends'? Why not the girls for their bad choices?

Murs: I think "I Hate Your Boyfriend" was directed towards the girl. It wasn't directed towards her bad decision because most of the time you don't want to make that girl your girlfriend or maybe you do. Either way, it's telling her "I hate your boyfriend" it's Murs Interviewnot really I hate your boyfriend personally. Just I hate the idea of him not being me. Not really I hate him specifically.

But then it turns out that some girls have boyfriends that actively prevent them from making choices or changing their minds or correcting their bad decisions. In that case, that's why I'd hate him. But if you don't try to interfere. You let your girl go if she wants to go then it was just a statement, nothing personal. Move on.

MVRemix: With having such a wealth of material at such a young age, do you see yourself completing your "career" as a rapper earlier than most? Or do you just want to continually create material?

Murs: Yes, I see me completing my career basically at the end of this year and putting out albums every now and then. But really completing my career this year.

MVRemix: What do you intend to do when this is no longer at the forefront of your life?

Murs: Hang out for a while because I've been working really, really hard this year. Then, after that, I want to try to get into childcare.

MVRemix: What is it that attracts you to child care?

Murs: I don't know, I've always liked kids and I've always been really good with kids. So I figure why not do something that I like besides music. Then also, you can influence their taste in music when they're little. You can mould them into good music listeners.

MVRemix: How did the deal with Def Jux arise?

Murs: I've known El for a while, we're friends. So...he thought it would be a good opportunity for both of us. He wanted to put out one of my albums so that it sounded really good and so that it was marketed well. We felt that he could offer me that. We'd talked about it since before there even was a Def Jux. When it got to the point where he thought the label could offer me something; he said "I'm ready to put out the album." And so, he did it.

Murs Interview Continued...

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