Murs conducted by Hugo Lunny  


March 2003

MVRemix: Def Jux has its own reputation associated with it. Yours differs from what it's known to be. Do you feel that being on the label, you'll have people looking at in a different way and maybe not going towards it as they would with its Living Legends title attached?

Murs: I don't think Def Jux has been around long enough to turn people off. I think people are still kind of listening to see what they're going to come with next because it's just developing as a label. I hope that this will save people from ever doing that with Def Jux. When they hear my album I think they'll say "Oh, so I can expect a different kind of rap from Def Jux. I'm not going to only expect 'this' from them." I hope that to this point they haven't been expecting only one kind of music.

If they have, I don't think it'll hurt me because word of mouth will still get around like "Hey, Def Jux is doing something new. You should check out this album." The next album they're releasing after mine is S.A. Smash and that's way different from anything else. It's a step further than my album. It's way more normal and more 'fun' than the average Def Jux record.

MVRemix: You've heard the term "War is not the answer." But is it?

Murs: I don't know, it's none of my business. There's always gonna be war. There has been war since the beginning of time - people can't get along. There's no way to make it so until we evolve mentally, then we'll get to be part of the inter-stellar fuckin' coalition with the rest of the aliens. But until that point, we're just primitive human beings.

Murs InterviewMy whole thing is - I've never really gotten into gang-banging or anything like that because it's more of a past-time. People that are gang-bangers that I know, they go shoot at 'this guy' and kill one of 'them.' Then the other guy's will come back and kill one of 'mine' or one of 'our' guys and they'll go back and kill one of 'theirs.' It just keeps going back and forth forever.

But me, I'm the kind of motherfucker that if I decide I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it full on. I'm just gonna kill everybody. I think "motherfuckers" should nuke whatever your problem is and then deal with it. I don't think a lot of people need to die horrible painful deaths because there's like cinder blocks falling on ten year old boys that have to die a process, living their last under that cinder block for eight hours. If there's a quick way to kill everybody, I think you need to do that. Do it nice, quick and as painless as possible.

War, just sending people's fathers over and then bringing them back half fucked up. It sucks.

MVRemix: Aside from promoting the album and touring, what else do you have in the works? Guest appearances that have been recorded - future projects and whatnot?

Murs: I don't like to state my guest appearances because then people try to jump on your wagon. There's a couple of artists, I've got three, and one more that I hope to put on the Def Jux EP if I do it. Then there's one more which would be E-40, I tell everybody. But there's one more between that...I had a list before I ever met Shock and Humpty (Digital Underground) - I had them written down for a song. There's one more I need to do, hopefully for the remix EP - I don't know what that's gonna be like.

Hopefully I'm gonna do a song for Aesop Rock's new album called 'Bazooka Tooth.' Then I'm gonna work on the 3MG album which should be out in September. That album has been about ten years in the making so it should be really good, hopefully. Then I'm finished, I want to do an album with Jean Grae sometime...

MVRemix: A friend of mine actually brought her up, he said I should ask you about that. He said that you'd continued to joke over a period of about a few days trying to get her to marry you and that you'd called her up on her cell and proposed...what's the status with that?

Murs: I proposed to her, she said "Yes." And we were gonna get married...for a day we were engaged and then I had to call it off...
[Aesop shouts "You fucked up" while playing on the PS2 game 'The Getaway' and smirking then apologizes for shouting it out]
It was a bad decision definitely on my part...
[Aesop once again shouts "You fucked up..."]
But I'm living with it. Maybe it wasn't, then again right now it seems that it wasn't the best decision to call it off. But I have to live with it. I still want to make an album with her. Hopefully that'll happen. Then me and PSC have a group called The Under-bosses and I think one day with us travelling to our second home (Australia), we'll get it done.

MVRemix: I've never heard of Murs...I've never heard any of your material, sell me "...the End Of The Beginning"

Murs: Sell you "...the End Of The Beginning." [Exhales] Whew, man...I'm getting so lazy, I used to do that all the time but I'm really getting lazy to the point where - I'ma tell you like this "I'm just as good a rapper as 50 Cent. I don't know if the beats are as good because I don't make the beats, but the beats are decent and what I'm saying - you can relate to more than any rap you've heard in your life. If you don't believe that, I'll send you your money back."

MVRemix: How do you think Living Legends would have progressed if the Rawkus deal had come through, but they ended up where they currently are?

Murs: If it would have come through and Rawkus would have still fallen off?

MVRemix: Yeah...

Murs: I think we would've still gotten picked up by another label because we'd have already been in the industry. Wherever that A&R went to, because that's all they do. A&R's don't die, they just move around. So I think whoever would have picked us up would have moved us to their new label and I think it would have probably been good for us. I think anything would've been good for us. Anything that happens to us is good for us, especially when it has to deal with the industry.

If we beat up somebody from one label or they try to sign us - it all adds to the buzz and another person's heard about us. Our street buzz is so great and our word of mouth is such a well-oiled machine that keeps working and working. We just can't seem to get these industry motherfuckers to recognize that we have something going on because they just don't respect it. I don't know.

MVRemix: Is it a better or worse thing do you think, because with the independent scene - the successful independent scene...the profits are higher, in theory...

Murs: I think it'd be better for Living Legends to get signed because then it would put all of our independent careers on a grander scale. Sunspot has an album coming out on Battle Axe; a one album deal. My album on Def Jux is just a one album deal because none of us ever want to be owned but we're willing to let Living Legends be owned by Sony or something like that so that it could put the music everywhere and we could increase our independent profits. I see what you're saying, but the plan was never to give up the independent scene because there are good profits, it is a decent living, but we would like to boost it.

I probably make about as much money as Talib Kweli, and that's not a lot of money but still, I work so much harder than he does. Not to shit on him or anything, but it's the truth. So I would like to switch it around.

MVRemix: Are there any last comments you'd like to put to your fans/potential fans?

Murs: If I do a show in Montana, come to it. If I do a show in Seattle, come to it because I don't know when the next time I'll be in Canada is. But we will be touring from May 15th-June 24th; Murs, PSC & Brother Ali. Say your prayers, eat your vitamins and have fun before they blow up the world.

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