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Myron Mayhem - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Years In The Making

March 2005

12 long years, that is how long Myron Mayhem has been producing. While the name may not be familiar, Myron is a student of the game. From 1994 to 2005 he has released 20 to 25 solo beat projects, and that number keeps growing every year. MVRemix feels Myron Mayhem is the type of producer you need to get familiar with. So pay attention.

MVRemix: Tell us about some of your projects/albums over the years and your overall experience

Myron: Yeah Iíve done between 20-25 solo beat projects from 1994-2005 , which equals to about two a year. I have done production for groups The Crest, Intel Agents, PCS. Da Mind Bendaz, Playdoe, The Stormy Weathermen, & OvaDose. Plus beats for up & coming groups from all over. But itís only been in the last two years where Iíve had my production be exactly where I want it. I hadnít worked with anyone thatís right for my style, because thereís a small select group of mcís out there thatís dead on for what I want to do conceptually. I feel like this is defiantly the year to break out. My instrumental LP will be out in April or may so I feel good about things happening for sure, thatís not the norm.

MVRemix: What equipment do you use for your production?

Myron: 5000 Plus Records, VS Digital Workstation, DAW (I Built my own)PC 2.8 Intel 800fsb/1gb RAM/ 80gb Internal HD/ 80gbExternal HD Sound Forge 7 CD Architect 5 Media Catalog Battery2, Truth B2031 275w Powered Monitors, Technics sl1200mk2 Turntables (Pair), Stanton Mixer & Vestax Mixer, EMU SP1200 w/Newest OS, Alesis Studio 12-R Pro Line Mixer, Tascam 202 MK-3, Tascam 302 Mini Disc, Keyboard Workstation w/SCSI, Drum Pad Workstation w/SCSI

MVRemix: Tell us about your new album Struggle.

Myron: Itís really all in the name, itís how I felt when I was working on it. Like everything leading up to that point in my life one word struggle. It's really a writers album I made it from the stand point of what mcís need what dose the true mc need beyond beats. Someone also pointed out it being like a resume witch I feel also fits.

MVRemix: What do you want to accomplish with this album?

Myron: I want one thing in life right now and thatís to find a good label to work for. It would solve so many issues as far as things I canít do on my own, and other things I just canít do period. It would mean spending more time on creating dope music and less time trying to do everything myself all while being completely broke.

MVRemix: Is it frustrating trying to get yourself heard in this day and age of Hip Hop, when everything is so oversaturated that its tough to get exposure?

Myron: Yeah I use to think all you needed to get on, was to be dope. Itís so much more then that. I've never wanted to be a business person. I've always just wanted to make the beats, while someone I can trust whoís also good at it does the management and promotion.

MVRemix: What is your main career goal?

Myron: Like I said, right now working for a good independent label is my number one move career wise. Working with the right mcís and making great music is key. Everything else is sideboard. I feel like there's a space missing in hip-hop where my beats should be. I wanna make the best records possible.

MVRemix: Who are some of your favorite producers right now?

Myron: I like Necroís stuff a lot, and I have always dug the Large Professor, Madlib is dope, Showbiz is one of my all time favorites. And I guess style wise the Alchemist is who I think my sound is most similar to. However, some people say El-p but I donít flip my drums like that and there's nothing techno or computer sounding about my beats.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future?

Myron: Right now I'm in my studio working on my newest Instrumental LP. I donít know of any project in my life that had this much riding on it. In fact there wasnít any. This is the most important thing I have ever worked on. It should be out on vinyl in April or May.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs or plugs?

Myron: ďThe whole world is laughing at meĒ in stores around New York in late April to early May. You can also get it at my web site around the same time the address is Peace & Pounds To Real Hip-Hop Everywhere.

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