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Na'Sha - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Na'Sha or Natasha?

November 2005

We all strive for something, at least for a period of time. Some people get their break, others fail to. Na'Sha was fortunate enough to get such a break. After recording a demo, and it getting into the right hands, she up and left her life within a 9-5 job at a bank, moved near her label and began her pursuit of her dream. Na'Sha is set to release her debut album "My Story" with guests including Shaggy and Cool and Dre early in 2006.

MVRemix: How did Natasha get abbreviated to Na'sha?

Na'sha: Actually it was just a little nickname that people started callin' me when I was younger

MVRemix: Was singing something that you were taught or did it come naturally?

Na'sha: It was very natural, I started at five years old in a church choir, so that in itself, you're around a lot of singers. It got myself and my skills up. It was very natural for me.

MVRemix: What's your first memory of R&B/soul outside of the church?

Na'sha: I think that would have to be Whitney Houston's song, I don't remember which one it was but I do remember seeing her and she looked a lot like my aunt. I think it was "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," I loved that song.

MVRemix: What made you work on a demo instead of pursuing the independent route that so many more artists are doing today?

Na'sha: Well actually that's what I was told that you needed [chuckles]. You need a demo to even get an independent deal or any kind of deal. They said that they needed a couple of songs. That was the route that I took when I was about that age - when I was about fourteen. I did a couple of demo's and that's what they said they needed. They needed two or three songs that showcase what you can do vocally, so that's what I did.

MVRemix: You're quoted as saying "You have to learn to be an artist." Can you expand on that statement?

Na'sha: You do have to actually learn to be an artist because I'm a prime example. When I first came into it I thought all you had to do was sing, get up there and just do what you do - but you have to hone your skills to where it looks very professional, also. A lot of people out there are singers, a lot of people out there can dance. But to be an artist, you have to put on a face. Sometimes when you dont want to smile, you have to smile... It's a business, all of it is a business and you have to be good at what you do.

MVRemix: When I say to you, "The most stupid argument," what memory immediately springs to mind?

Na'sha: Most petit argument was between me and my sister over some fingernail polish one day. She actually threw it across the room - it almost hit my head [chuckles] - it was over whose it was; mine or hers, when we both use it anyway. [laughs]

MVRemix: How did the deal with Pure Records first arise?

Na'sha: Actually my demo was passed along in Ohio and they so happened to know the people from Ohio that I did the demo with. They passed it along and just said, "We have to meet this girl." They flew me out for the first meeting, after that I went home, packed up all my stuff and drove twenty hours to Pure Records. I've been there ever since.

MVRemix: Tell me a little about "My Story," concepts, guests and such...

Na'sha: It's a very eclectic album I think. It has a mixture of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop tracks... We have a lot of different varieties of music on there. On "My Story," you'll get me. I wrote all the songs except for two on the record... I pulled from personal experiences and other peoples' experiences so it covers all bases also.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with the producers you've enlisted on the record...

Na'sha: Pure Records, they're very well connected in the industry and they knew of Scott Storch and Cool & Dre so they let me meet them and it was on ever since. Also, my boys from Ohio, RG Productions, they're on there. They did a track called "Mama," so there is a collective decision of which artists and who I worked with. I pulled some and Pure Records did also.

MVRemix: How do you deal with the pressures with this being your debut?

Na'sha: Well all I tell myself is nobody's gonna believe in myself like me, and if I start not believin', I'm not gonna make it. So I believe in myself 200% and the people behind me, they believe in me. I try to keep positive people around me at all times so that I can achieve what I wanna achieve. There's no failiure in my mind, so I have to succeed.

MVRemix: How do you remain diverse while remaining on the subject of love and romance?

Na'sha: I think that it's a combination of your own personal style and also what you talk about. There's different experiences in love. Although the stories may be similar on this record, it's not gonna be exactly the same. I pull from my personal style which I think is very different from a lot of artists and also my experiences that I haven't heard exactly the same story so it's kind of easy for me to put that down.

MVRemix: In an interview I did with The O'Jays, they criticized younger R&B singers for their lack of sincerity and emotion attached to their material through their age and a lack of experience. How do you feel about those statements?

Na'sha: Wow, well that may be true to a certain extent. But I'm not those people, I can't speak for the younger people that they're talking about, but I do feel that it's very important to learn about your genre of music or whatever you portray before you do it. I think that it's necessary to be knowledged on your type of music because you do have people like The O'Jays and other people in the industry that are to be looked up to. I'm not gonna criticize other people but at the same time, I do understand what The O'Jays are saying and I would love to work under The O'Jays or anybody with mass experience, to get more experience for myself.

MVRemix: If you were to introduce people to R&B without them knowing anything about the genre, what would you begin with?

Na'sha: I think that the whole soul of R&B is what I would try to start off with. The emotion behind it and how we go about putting the emotion into it. I think it all starts with being real with yourself. Putting down what you feel like other music, but R&B is just that, it's rhythm and blues. It's about the whole feel of the song.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Na'sha: If I could fight them?!! [laughs] Wow, that's a weird question. If I could fight any celebrity... I would fight a man, because I know some men wouldn't hit back. So that's why I'd fight a man. I'd fight Denzel Washington. I've seen some of his movies, I think that I could take him.

MVRemix: Aside from the album do you have any other guest appearances or compilations you've been working on?

Na'sha: Right now I have a song on the record called "All Good" featuring BG the rapper. I also have a song featuring international superstar reggae Shaggy. A lot of things we're workin' on. We're tryin' to get on a movie, I'm not gonna say which one in case I don't get on then I'ma be like "Alright." I'm also on a lot of mixtapes. Doin' pretty well.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Na'sha: Stay focused, believe in yourself. Put your best foot forward. Don't listen to anybody else, listen to yourself and keep on walkin'.

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