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Necro - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Walking The Thin Line Between Sex And Death

July 2005

MVRemix: How did you rob the studio? Did you bum-rush it with weapons or did you just sneak it out?

Necro: We robbed it. Me and a few peeps went in. We made believe we were doing studio. We knew the night guy was a herb. When he was on break, we vic'd like 10 machines. This was when I was a thief. I have robbed people with guns before though, for the record. In that case, it was pure scheming. Young thugs in Brooklyn. All we did was scheme. Schemed for money to eat. Fuck a job!

MVRemix: How difficult was it to start Psycho+Logical Records?

Necro: It was hard. It was work. Ain’t nothing easy. I started the label with my own money, from the ground up. Sold a beat for $1,000 and invested in it. Boom! Kept it moving, started making my fans hustle for me. I had over 100 kids hustling CDs for me all over the world on some drug shit. A hustler put me on to the game, some cat from the south. He said, ‘Yo, this how you gotta rock it.’ I was already influenced by Master P. He was an idol at the time I started building my label, not lyrically or musically.

MVRemix: What is the difference between Uncle Howie Records and Psycho+Logical Records?

Necro: Business wise, I own Psycho+Logical. Bill owns Uncle Howie. My label has been in business for almost 5 plus years. Bill has been doing it maybe 1 and half years. We are 2 separate entities, even though Bill and Necro are brothers. We rock together. The labels are not together.

MVRemix: What drugs do you do now?

Necro: Food, sugar, knowledge, and sex. That’s pretty much it. Working on my goals daily is a drug. It gets me high as a motherfucker.

MVRemix: The very original video for ‘White Slavery’ is about kidnapping women and selling them. Twisted and funny, the video has many scenes dealing with S&M. Are you truly into S&M?

Necro: Definitely, some original shit, truly. It depends on the day and girl. I never claim to sit around and rock like that, all day everyday, but I be choking bitches, getting rough. I like women in leather. There is a line in that video, like others I have made. People tend to think that it is me in ‘I Need Drugs’. That was about real heroin addicts. ‘White Slavery’ was about the white slave trade. I was telling a true story.

MVRemix: You recently started a porno film company, Sexpert Video. You also made a porno film called ‘Sexy Sluts’. Tell us about it.

Necro: Yeah, I made a porno, but for some reason, I don’t care to talk about it, to be honest.

MVRemix: How is the porno business different from the hip-hop business?

Necro: In my mind, different. I got juice in hip-hop. I had nothing in porn. That’s why I stopped. When it comes to porn rap, I’m the king right now. No one fucks with me. Nobody is dropping anything sexual this year. So, in the realm of porn rap, I rule. In the world of porn DVDs, I don’t. I’m nothing. I get in where I fit in. Jordan can’t rap, so he stays making DVDs. I’m the mouth piece for sex. They provide the visuals.

MVRemix: You seem to be a big fan of Horror films. What are favorite horror films?

Necro: I’m not really a fan of horror movies. I’m a fan of all cinema. A lot of horror sucks, as well as a lot of other movies. I’m into exploitation of any kind, as long as it doesn’t cross the line. As for favorite horror movies, I've watched thousands. I don’t have favorites. Everyone knows I love ‘Blood Sucking Freaks’.

MVRemix: What are some of your favorite exploitation films?

Necro: Everything is exploitation, in my opinion. The Michael Jackson Special, that had him talking about Balloon fights and climbing trees. That faggot, Michael is into playing with kids. He climbs trees, takes balloons, fills them with water, and has fights with his little friends instead of going on dates with women. That was exploitation. It is hard to say what is and what isn’t. I don’t deal in genres when it comes to art. Everyone else does. On ‘Street Villains Volume 2’, I have a track called ‘Billy Jean 2005’. It is me and Mr. Hyde rapping over the original beat to ‘Billy Jean’. We destroy Michael. Super foul track.

MVRemix: You made some of your own films too. Would you rather be a director?

Necro: I want to do it all. As we speak today, I don’t want to be a filmmaker. It’s too much work. I’d rather blow up as a rap artist first. Tackle one thing at a time. In the future, who knows? Directing is grueling.

MVRemix: What about the films you made?

Necro: I'd prefer not to talk about them. Sorry. I don’t like talking about films. I feel I stepped into that world. I’m beyond advertising, at this point. I mean my main goal is Necro, as a rap artist, and Psycho+Logical Records, as a label. If anything, the person reading this will be like, ‘Why doesn’t he want to talk about his movies?’ I don’t give a fuck! I got my eyes on a bigger prize.

MVRemix: Movie word association. I’m going to say a title of a film and you say the first word that enters your mind.

Necro: Okay.

MVRemix: Dawn Of The Dead (original).

Necro: Dope.

MVRemix: Dawn Of The Dead (remake).

Necro: Haven’t seen it.

MVRemix: Death Wish.

Necro: Classic.

MVRemix: The Godfather.

Necro: Monumental.

MVRemix: Superfly.

Necro: Little Child Running Wild.

MVRemix: The Mack.

Necro: Funny.

MVRemix: Star Wars: Episode III Revenge Of The Sith.

Necro: Disappointing.

MVRemix: Day Of The Dead.

Necro: Cool.

MVRemix: Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock).

Necro: Next level.

MVRemix: I Spit On Your Grave.

Necro: Ok.

MVRemix: Brain Dead (a.k.a. Dead Alive).

Necro: Dusted.

MVRemix: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original).

Necro: Bile.

MVRemix: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake).

Necro: Haven’t seen it.

MVRemix: Suspiria.

Necro: Goblin.

MVRemix: Night Of The Living Dead.

Necro: Cool.

MVRemix: Last House Of The Left.

Necro: Cool.

MVRemix: Blood Sucking Freaks.

Necro: The illest ever.

MVRemix: What is your favorite part of your live show?

Necro: The energy the crowd gives me. Mad love at a Necro show. I feel the energy. That’s probably the best, that the kids are into it and very happy to see me. It shows the work pays off and that there are humans who love my shit, as opposed to the haters. It’s like stepping out of hell into heaven, like Malcolm X, stepping up to the podium.

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"I’m not really a fan of horror movies. I’m a fan of all cinema. A lot of horror sucks, as well as a lot of other movies. I’m into exploitation of any kind, as long as it doesn’t cross the line."