Needlz conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

My Time To Shine

January 2005

You may not be familiar with the name, but you are certain to have heard his music. The past year Needlz has been hard at work building a name for himself and the results speak for themselves. With production on the new Game album, as well as Ludacris' "Red Light District" and Young Buck's "Straight Outta Cashville", Needlz is quickly becoming the next big producer in the industry. But where did this guy come from? MVRemix attempts to answer those questions and help you get familiar with the man behind the music

MVRemix: Tell us about Dry Rain Entertainment.

Needlz: That is my production company. We have a foundation for it, but we are really looking for an artist right now that will help us do some ground breaking stuff. I think I have the potential to do a great album and I want to prove to people that I am not a one hit wonder. But right now we are looking for artists, because the one we had didn't work out. And once that jumps off we may branch out and gather a few different producers. But right now its just me, my manager Folayan Knight, Kenyatte Nelson, Music Jones and another cat. So we all come from different backgrounds, different approaches, but we all come together to do what we do.

MVRemix: Have you ever thought about doing an album with just your beats and a variety of featured artists? Such as what Needlz InterviewAlchemist just did with 1st Infantry.

Needlz: Yeah, definitely! I think that would be really dope. I just want to get to that level where I can do that. I always want people to hear more than one of my beats at a time, I want them to know that I am really not a one hit wonder. I am a consistent producer with different vibes. But overall, I am a patient guy and I am just going to wait for my time. And Alchemist has been in the game for awhile, as well as the other cats who have done similar albums, so I just have to wait until I get a little bigger.

MVRemix: What artists have you recently sold beats to?

Needlz: I did some stuff with Ludacris for his album, that's called "Pass Out". I'm doing a joint with David Banner on Monday. I did something with Rich Boy from Mobile, Alabama, he's on Interscope and his project is going to be real dope. Also, I did songs with Trina, Game, Fabolous and others but I can't really mention that right now.

MVRemix: Overall, what is your main career goal?

Needlz: I just want to create my own brand, continue to grow with my company, and from there branch out to do other things. But the most important thing for me for the next five or six years is the music. Once people know you are capable of doing hot things, they are always going to be around you. So I am really just going hard on the beats and getting the production company jumping off. So the sky is the limit. I feel I can do whatever I want, its just a process.

MVRemix: I am going to name some producers and you tell me what you think is good or bad about them. First up Alchemist.

Needlz: Alchemist is dope! All the records he samples are hot. I always find them after the fact. (laughter). He has a really good ear for samples. He is not the type that goes out and samples anything. He is real smart with everything and is a student of the game.

MVRemix: Heatmakerz

Needlz: They are dope as well. A lot of the newer stuff they have done has been dope. They are kind of getting away from the sampling, so its not as gaudy as it was. But I know them dudes, they are pretty cool too.

MVRemix: Lil Jon

Needlz: He's dope man. He has his sound, which he is really capitalizing off of. To me, having him on the track helps the song itself. He's been in the game for a long ass time though. When I was DJing back in the day, he was doing reggae remixes and things like that. So the thing I like about him is, he has persevered. I think that if you can stay in the game long enough, you are going to have your two or three year run when you can make millions.

MVRemix: Eminem

Needlz: Eminem is dope, but I'll think he'll be a lot better two or three years from now. You can tell from where he started to now that he has gotten better. Because I know from my personal experience, a year's experience making beats makes a big difference. He just started making beats though. But he's surrounded by a lot of good musicians who can help him get what's in his mind out on record. But let me mention this, my favorite producer out right now is this cat called Nottz. He's out of Virginia.
Yeah, he's dope.

Needlz: Yeah, that's my guy. I have been a fan of his for awhile. He has a great combination of drums, samples, live shit, everything. To me, he is the guy I am checking for right now.

MVRemix: That album him and Royce 5'9 are doing should be hot.

Needlz: Yeah! I'm waiting to hear that.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future?

Needlz: Just branching out and doing stuff other than music. I think in this industry you have a lot of potential to make some money. You can do a lot more than buy 10 chains and crazy rims. I'm not that type of dude at all. I would rather give my money back to the community and help build a school. Both of my parents are educators, so I see on a day to day basis how things like the education system is being over looked. But at the end of the day, there is a bigger picture than the money, ice, girls and stupid cars. Its about giving back man. Its about that and family.

MVRemix: Any last words shout outs or plugs?

Needlz: Shout out to my manager Folayan Knight. Shout out to the Dry Rain staff. Shout out to everybody in Lansing, Michigan. I don't always get a chance to go back there but I will always rep them.

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