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Jef (Network Reps) - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Jef (Network Reps)

May 2000

These are the transcipts of an interview with Network Reps member; Jef, conducted by Hugo Lunny on May 22nd, 2000. The interview is regarding the group and had been intended to be conducted with the entire group, but due to complications, Jef respresented the whole group. The Network Reps have a history of dropping dope independent material, most recently with the 12" 'The Music'/'Life To Live' on Stonegroove Records.

MVRemix: did you hook up?

Jef: Me, Dash and Tru went to high school together. I've known these people for like 8 years now. Dash met Bean like about 3 years ago away at college.

MVRemix: You guys have worked with a lot of really dope underground emcees, who did you have the most fun working with?

Jef: A lot of the time, Network vocal were laid first and guest vocals were laid later so most of the time I'm the only one who met all those cats. I have to say L-Fudge. He's mad funny and he is mad nice lyrically, plus has great freestyle skills.

MVRemix: What's the story with you and Nervous? You popped out a few 12"s there, and then the label folded? Or did you bolt first?

Jef: They folded. They served their purpose for us by puttin' our material out, but we parted on bad terms. I'll just say that I understand why they have such a tarnished hip-hop image.

MVRemix: What do you think is the best track you guys have popped out so far?

Jef: The consensus is simplistic. The Spinna-Tru marriage was love at first sight musically. The beat was just the kinda vibe he wanted and Spinna and Shawn hooked us up with the hook.

MVRemix: Where do you think the state of independent hip hop is right now? There are so many independant labels cranking out records, is this a good thing or is it becoming overcrowded?

Jef: I can only speak for myself when I say this. It's pretty good but the overcrowding is becoming a problem. The problem is that there are a lot of average singles being picked up and put out. Mediocre music is hurting it for new and established cats. Labels and distributors want sales points to put things out. There's politics (to a point) even in independent hip-hop. Don't get it wrong though, there are always your "next" cats out there that's about to do it.

MVRemix: I've been told you had recently broken up.... or something, could you clear up the rumours?

Jef: That is (emphasizes) not true. After nervous, we had enough material for an EP, but nothing materialized. We took the time to re-evaluate things. The Stonegroove opportunity came about and we had those songs in the chamber, so things happened via Matt Fingaz.

MVRemix: What has happened between this 12"(The Music) and the last one? Any changes, anything new?

Jef: The folding of nervous. We decided to record more in the summer to attain a real group feel for our new material. We have been separate physically but united on wax. We wanna just take everything to the next level. We haven't sat together and really built music. Everything has been long distance, so the future looks bright.

MVRemix: What is your fantasy record? Who does the beat, who rhymes with you, and what label is it out on?

Jef: I can't speak for them. There were a few ideas that seemed fantasy but could happen. I'll just say that a lil' dream called the "Dash-Tash connection" is a concept that may or may not be a reality soon. We'll just see how the bank's holdin' up when the time is right.

MVRemix: Right, imagine you're exiled to an island in the middle of nowhere. You can only take two hip hop albums and one movie with you, what are you taking?

Jef: We all agreed that Common's latest would be with us all, but everybody else had different ideas on other things.

MVRemix: Do you know much about MP3's?

Jef: Somewhat. I'm very interested in utilizing them to get the music out.
How do you feel about them?

Jef: I think labels don't like them cause its free music but I like it cause it builds fans and creates a new buzz. It's not a brand new idea but its something that's changin' the game.

MVRemix: What were some of the mistakes they learned from in dealing with the music industry?

Jef: Always read those contracts and find the right situation. Don't jump into anything that comes your way.

MVRemix: Do you think it's unfair that your records will likely never be played on Hot 97? Or would you rather that they weren't?

Jef: Yes but that's the politics that has plagued commercial radio since its inception. You either fuse your sound to gain that mainstream audience but keep it honest and still do what's true to you, or you come with a different approach.

MVRemix: If there was one thing that you could change about the history of hip hop...from the beginning through when Puff made it flossy through today, what would it be?

Jef: I wish hip hop artists didn't have to die the way they have in last few years, but God has a purpose for everything.

MVRemix: What are you bumping right now?

Jef: Me personally...Common, Ghost, and I heard the new's better than the last album but very dark.

MVRemix: What do you think the best album of 2000 has been so far?

Jef: Most of us would say Common's last but Tru may say Ghostface's latest.

MVRemix: What record, or album are you most interested in hearing this summer?

Jef: I'm coppin' that Slum village. Jay Dee is a great producer. I know bean feels the same but I can't speak for the rest of them.

MVRemix: Is there an album in the works? You guys have an LP's worth of material on compilations and singles, when will we get a full package?

Jef: We just wanna record more songs period. We wanna put another record out this summer. It may be a Network record or a Tru or Dash solo. Tru has 6-7 solo songs done. Dash is recording his solo stuff this month - 2-3 tracks. Bean has 5 tracks done. We have a couple of things we haven't used. We'll see by July when we will have enough tracks to decide.

MVRemix: Besides a new LP what other projects should we expect to see the Network Reps on?

Jef: I just did a track for Major League entertainment, a song with P Dap, Cash Brown & Das EFX so look for that...another musical treat I produced. Tru should have a feature on an undisclosed independent release this summer also.

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