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O.C. - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Starchild In The World Of Smoke And Mirrors

March 2006

MVRemix: On the ĎStarchildí album (Grit Records / Nocturne), were most of the songs done with you and the producer together in the same place? Or, were they done through the mail?

O.C.: They were actually done with the producer.

MVRemix: Were most of your albums created with you and the producer in the same place?

O.C.: Yeah. I usually like to be hands-on with the cats who Iím working with. The mailing thing? Only unless you are real busy. You have to be one of my crew members to mail me a beat. Iím not taking that shit otherwise. Unless you are Madlib or one of them and they are on another coast or the other side of the globe. Iíll take it and Iíll know it is genuine. At some point, we got to meet.

MVRemix: What are some major misconceptions do you think people have of you?

O.C.: Backpack rapper. I donít know what it is with people. I donít wear thick jewelry or shit anymore, but I drive Benzes, Jags, and Range Rovers. This is something I really donít talk about, but this is my life. My first car was a 190-E before I had a record deal. I always wore jewelry. I donít wear jewelry any more. Iím married now. I wear a wedding ring.

MVRemix: How has being married changed your approach to hip-hop?

O.C.: It changed my approach to women differently. I canít cheat and shit like that anymore. There is a difference between cheating on your girlfriend and cheating on your wife. Itís a big difference. Iím not perfect. I still look at chicks, but at the same time, itís a big difference.

MVRemix: What are some future collaborations fans should look out for?

O.C.: Probably me and Pharoahe Monch. Weíve been talking and discussing doing an EP together or something. So, probably me and him. Iím definitely doing this new Diggin record. Iím definitely looking forward to that.

MVRemix: What label is the new D.I.T.C. record going to be released on?

O.C.: I donít know. Weíre going to sit down after this year is up. At the top of the year, weíll see if we will collaborate with Dom and them. We may do the record on Hiero so we can all tour together, probably in May.

MVRemix: Is your next solo album going to be released on Hieroglyphics Imperium?

O.C.: Yeah, I got one more record to do. I love those dudes. They really didnít have to reach out, definitely not financially, so I could be down with them.

MVRemix: Del is one of my favorite emcees.

O.C.: Yeah, his next record is coming out in January.

MVRemix: What will your new album be titled?

O.C.: I donít know exactly. That changes up. I really donít know.

MVRemix: Any future Hieroglyphics collaborations?

O.C.: I guess I can start leaking this. Me and Causal will be probably working on a record too. I apologize to him every time I see him because I missed getting on his record. They sent me the track, but I was going through some problems at the time. Iím dealing with demons. I apologize to him every time I see him. Thatís my man, right there.

MVRemix: When putting an LP together, how many songs do you usually have to choose from?

O.C.: Everything that I recorded for this record made the album with the exception of only one or two. That was only because I didnít finish the song. Everything I recorded actually made the record.

MVRemix: What advice would you give to somebody coming up in the hip-hop industry?

O.C.: Be true to what you do. Be original! Definitely be original. At this stage in the game, everybody has the business side down pat, but they forgot how to write rhymes. I listen to Immortal Technique and Jeezy. I listen to everybody. I know Jeezy well too. Jeezy is not a lyrical dude, but I still like what he does. It just lets people know that they have to be different. Like CamíRon said, ĎYou got to have style.í Just be original.

MVRemix: Yes, if you just be yourself, no one can take that away from you.

O.C.: Nobody! It will shine through. Jeezy? If he read this, this is not a disrespect. Jeezy is not an emcee. Heís a rapper. But, I love his records, as opposed to Jay. Jay-Z is an emcee, but he knows how to straddle that line. Nas is an emcee. He knows how to straddle that line.

MVRemix: Do people constantly ask you when you will work with DJ Premier again?

O.C.: Yeah. (Laughs). I always work with people who are interested in working with me. Preme is my man. Donít get it twisted. With the artists he has worked with over the years, he has a little more rapport with them. Me and Preme donít hang out or get high together. He is big now. Heís doing the next Nas record. It would be all love to work with him, but Iím not stressing it. Iím waiting for no man! I donít care who you are.

MVRemix: How is DJ Premierís creative process different from other producers you have worked with?

O.C.: Preme is a funny dude. You know, ĎMy Worldí? Preme didnít actually like that record. Preme does his music right on the spot. He doesnít give people beat CDs, at least up to this point that I know about. Heís never given a beat CD to me or anyone I know. Preme didnít like ĎMy Worldí. He ran through a few joints and I was like, ĎThatís dope!í He was like, ĎNah! I got something better.í I was like, ĎHold up, dog! I want that right there. Iím going to rock to that!í He was like, ĎYou sure?í I rocked it! I wrote the song in 10 minutes.

MVRemix: Do you usually write most of your songs quickly?

O.C.: My first album maybe took me 2 months to do, if that. I know what I really want to do with this next record, once I get the chance. Iíve been a little busy, going on the road. Once I get the chance to lock myself in somewhere, Iím going to record the album. Itís going to take me no time to do the next record. I really donít want to over-think the record. I just want to go in and have fun with it. I want it to reflect that in the songs.

MVRemix: Any final words?

O.C.: Frequency is going to be the next producer! Trust me! Diggin In The Crates record! Casualís record! Me and Causal! Itís on, man! Iím not going anywhere! Iím here till Iím dead!

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"Probably me and Pharoahe Monch. Weíve been talking and discussing doing an EP together or something. So, probably me and him. Iím definitely doing this new Diggin record. Iím definitely looking forward to that."