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O.C. - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

O.C. - Cult Classic

January 2006

MVRemix: On another track - "Gone" - you state - "My weakness was a pretty face ." So have you always considered yourself a ladies man?

O.C.: Na - but what man doesn’t consider himself a ladies man. (Chuckles) If you dealing with two or more woman - the shit is hard. Its hard to try and juggle two or three woman at a time. You are most likely dealing with three different personalities and woman can flip the script on you. So that record is basically half fiction and half truth. I'm talking about getting caught cheating or getting ditched by your girl or spouse. These are everyday things that happen, so I just took a little lesson out of Krs-One's book and did the poetry is the language of imagination shit. Some of it is true, some of it isn't.

MVRemix: One of my favorite records off Starchild is "What Am I Supposed To Do," as you talk about if you can't count your friends on your hand, you have a problem. Was there a point in your life when you realized that?

O.C.: Yeah, I think there is a point in all of our lives that we realize that. If we are in the drivers seat and handling your business, then you know you have a hundred motherfuckers around you. Everybody is your friend, you are paying their rent, you are giving them money to survive - I don't have any kids, so now that I look back on it, I might as well had a house full of kids, because I was taking care of a lot of dudes. But at the end of the day, when the dough is low, you know how that goes - everybody is gone. You weed out the bullshit from the truth eventually.

MVRemix: Speaking of D.I.T.C. - Mase recently made a disrespectful comment stating that the legendary Big L rhymed his words. What are your thoughts on that? Do you want to comment on that?

O.C.: I mean, Finesse addressed it on Star & Bucwild a couple weeks ago. I don't know if Mase is trying to bring some controversy because he is going to G-Unit. I mean he is a pastor, now he's going back to some Murda Mase bullshit. But, we done seen L write rhymes in the studio. Me and L were on the road when he was doing "Ebonics." He was writing "Ebonics" for a year and a half. Some records, he wrote quick, others that he put thought into, he took awhile to do. So I don't know. He is trying to disrespect Loon, (Big) L - and even though he didn't outright blatantly disrespect L, the man is dead. This is supposed to be your friend that you grew up with, so why would you say something like that about him when he can't say nothing back? So I think its just bullshit and he is trying to bring attention to himself for signing to G-Unit. I don't have nothing against the nigga, but he ready to bring dudes out of retirement on his ass. So he better be easy about what he say.

MVRemix: You seem to be a guy who likes to lay low and stay out of the spotlight and isn't for all the attention. Would you say that is a fair characterization?

O.C.: Yeah, I got that Rakim syndrome. I don't do the shit on purpose. I do think its bad for anybody's career, especially if you are an entertainer. But yeah, that's me.

MVRemix: Its funny, because I interview G. Rap like a month ago and I asked him the same question, and he gave me the same answer. He said that its funny its like that, because you would think it would be the opposite since I'm a rapper.

O.C.: Yeah man, for the most part, I handle my business. I do my interviews, I do my shows, I'm on time, but I don't know - in my mind it always seems like I'm not doing enough. I mean, do I have to be in the clubs every night? So I'm like, 'Na, fuck that, I'm not going to no clubs.' This is what other artists do - they go to the clubs and keep their face in the spotlight, even if they don't have a record out. But me - na, them days is over for me. I'm not trying to be in the club every night.

MVRemix: But most of those artists have the machine behind them. I don't think you have ever been intertwined with the system like a lot of these cats who keep their face in the spotlight.

O.C.: I got the respect from the system - at least some people in the system. But you are absolutely right, the people who are part of the system are the ones showing their face. But you have artists like Just Blaze - Just to me, he does both. He straddles the fence by doing big record and underground shit. Just will go to a college radio show, be a guest DJ and spin all kind of underground records. On the other hand, he will then go up to Shady 45, do the same thing and spin a mixture. He's not the only one, but there are a lot of artists that do it the same.

MVRemix: How would you say growing up in Brooklyn helped mold you into the man you are today?

O.C.: Well, I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens (South Jamaica.) Growing up in New York period - I just think I came from an era where the dress code, the way you walk, and the way you talked didn't define who you were, but everybody had their own style. I hate saying the golden era, like the 90's was the golden era for me, because that’s kind of saying I'm a has been in my mind…but just growing up in New York period gave me my style. Just seeing dudes, being around older cats and them telling me, "Don't be like me, just because everybody sees me on the block or I'm staying fresh." Everybody had their own identity and that molded me to have my own. So me being a 70's baby was a good thing for me.

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