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Omarion - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Omarion: B2K Is The Past

March 2005

After being part of a hugely successful group (B2K) and starring in MTV Films' "You Got Served," Omarion's future had two ways in which it could go. One, steadily to the top and the other - well, that's self explanatory. Luckily for him, he went straight to the top with his solo debut "O" on Sony Records landing him the #1 place on US Billboards.

MVRemix: In an interview I did with The O'Jays, they criticized younger R&B singers for their lack of sincerity and emotion attached to their material through their age and a lack of experience. Having such a hectic schedule since your teens, being a part of B2K, and now with a number one album, do you feel that you're having to act a certain way or do you feel your experiences are well enough developed to be sincere?

Omarion: I think now that I've come of age and I really understand what love is - 'cause don't get me wrong, artists can sling the sincerity and sling the true meaning behind music all the time. I truly agree with The O'Jays. I think though that this time around with my first solo album and with my first song "O" that I can get the sincerity of what R&B is, across.

MVRemix: How do you respond when people discredit you and B2K as simply a manufactured boy band?

Omarion: I don't care. The reason why I don't care is because B2K was something of the past... I really had a great time. I loved working with those guys and at the same time I don't feel like that's a true statement. I really felt that if we would have kept going on we would have probably been the next big thing. We were gonna be on our third album and our last album prior to us departing I think went to 1.4 (million sold) or something like that. We were actually on our way. So when people talk about "Oh they were teenie boppers" or groups that were pretty much manufactured - I don't think we're one of them.

MVRemix: What's the current situation with B2K? Any signs of a possible reconciliation or is done with?

Omarion: It's kind of hard to say, 'cause you know how guys are - we're stubborn and with everything going on right now it's hard to say. I'm working a lot. I can't really see that much farther into the future. There's nothing wrong - if I saw one of them I definitely would speak... matter of fact I saw Raz-B two weeks ago. I gave him a pound and he said congratulations... I haven't talked to the other ones though. But I'm not closing any doors or not.

MVRemix: What separates you from the many other R&B singers in your age bracket - apart from the success?

Omarion: Definitely my music - who I am as a person. How I talk about music, how I dance - how I perform. My first song is a slow song. When is the last time you've ever seen anyone dance to a slow song the way I'm dancing to a slow song? Yeah, I would just say different in that sense. I love to perform and I think I'm what you would call a true dancer. I enjoy performing for people.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on what went on with Houston earlier in the year? (The singer gouged his eye out after attempting to commit suicide)

Omarion: You know what, I went to high school with him. I know dude like that. I think it's kind of sad and I hope everything is cool and he's alright because if you don't have people to keep you sane - good family members and stuff around you all the time... You can go crazy. I'm not sure about the eye poking and all that stuff. But I just wish him luck - I hope everything's cool with him. I wish he wouldn't have did that to his eye because when god gives you the able-ness to see and you can't see no more... that's something you've got to deal with. You can't bring the eye back.

MVRemix: For those who've yet to pick up "O" what can you tell us about it...

Omarion: If you love the singles, you'll love the album. If you haven't heard the singles then I think it's something you should check out because I have some great music on there. I have The Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, Tank, Da Underdogs and I actually wrote five joints on the album as well. So, yeah, it's a beautiful thing. I think people will enjoy the music. It's real universal. I think it's definitely talkin' about love 'cause that's the realest feelin' on earth. It's not taught; it's just something that you kind of feel. It's great. I love it. [pause] Oh, Big Boi! Big Boi's on the album too. Big Boi from Outkast, so if you like Big Boi - you definitely want to cop that album.

MVRemix: Why was Big Boi the only guest on the album?

Omarion: Well I didn't want to cover an album with too many artists because this is my first solo album. So I kind of wanted the focus to be somewhat more on me. Outkast is the hottest rap duo in the industry right now, so I had to get them on.

MVRemix: If you had to compare the album to a designer label or car, which would you choose and why?

Omarion: I would compare it to a Bentley or a Phantom or a Rolls Royce. The reason why I say it is that the next time you hear something from Omarion it will always be consistent. Phantom's and Bentley's are high priced cars. These are something that when the manufacturers come out with a new model - it's always hotter than the last one. That's what I would compare my stuff to.

MVRemix: In your opinion, is an artist credible even if they only thrive in the studio with technology?

Omarion: Yes. The reason why is the world today is easily bored by the same quality of music. In order to shock your audience you have to be different; you have to do things differently. I definitely feel like if you're an artist and you're successful and something works for you - you definitely should be credited. I'm not sure if you necessarily gon' be respected in the industry for that. But you definitely should be credited for that, for sure.

MVRemix: What are you listening to right now?

Omarion: I listen to a lot of gospel music. I enjoy listening to a lot of gospel; Kim Burrell, Karen Clark-Sheard, J. Moss. A lot of gospel. As far as on a rap front - I know this sounds crazy because it really doesn't mix, but you know 50 (Cent) album just came out. I love his album. Jay-Z... Just everybody that's putting out good music. Ludacris of course...

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on John Legend?

Omarion: Oh yeah, that's my label mate. He's real talented. I'm actually happy that somebody is kind of a counter to Alicia Keys - 'cause he plays the piano and sings as well.

MVRemix: What's your favourite Ray Charles track?

Omarion: "Georgia" [sings excerpts] and "Hit The Road Jack" [sings excerpts].

MVRemix: What's your favourite Marvin Gaye track?

Omarion: Definitely [begins singing the track] - oh what's the title - yeah, "What's Goin' On."

MVRemix: Apart from promoting the album, what upcoming projects do you have in the works?

Omarion: Yeah, film projects - I just signed a two-picture project with MTV films. So I have two films I have to shoot this year. One called "The House Of The Scary Movie" with myself, Marques Houston and Chris Stokes and another one called "Soldier" which is also kind of like a dance film as well like "You Got Served" was.

MVRemix: Any last words to fans or potential fans that are going to be reading this?

Omarion: Yeah, check you boy Omarion out if you don't have the album - check me out I think you'll enjoy it. Thank you to all my fans for the first week sales making me number one. It's a beautiful thing. Thank you.

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    "Phantom's and Bentley's are high priced cars. These are something that when the manufacturers come out with a new model - it's always hotter than the last one. That's what I would compare my stuff to."