Omarion conducted by Kendra Desrosiers  

Omarion Interview

March 2007

After B2K's break up in 2004, few anticipated Omarion's solo career to take off like it did in the following years. His music has received impressive sales and acclaim and has allowed the B2K generation to age with him as he grew from his youthful beginnings to his current more mature self. With Omarion's recent release of 21, he revealed a more personal, heartfelt individual demonstrating his development in songwriting and rare ability to express himself emotionally.

MVRemix: What have you been working on?

Omarion: Truthfully...I've just been traveling you know out promoting the album going out of the country.

MVRemix: Why 21 over any other period in your life?

Omarion: Well truthfully, 21 is a milestone in everyone's life you know and everyone that's under 21 wants to be 21 and anyone who's over 21 remembers what it was like.

MVRemix: What distinguishes 21 from your last album?

Omarion: I think it just more personal. It's just being my more personal album. I think that's what makes it different. I think it's more sexy I think at the same time it's a lot more personal, a lot more grown up.

MVRemix: Does your music tend to reflect personal experiences?

Omarion: To me I don't think music is true when it doesn't reflect some personal experience or something you've gone through or some one close to you has gone through.

MVRemix: What was your favorite single off the album?

Omarion: Well my favorite song on the album would probably be "Do It" and the reason why is cause it's so like the song is like in itself a swagger song. You know when its talking bout [sings] you know what I'm saying its just totally like pop yo collar like ok I'm in the club and I see you and I had more energy than be before [sings] it just a lot of swag. I love that song.

MVRemix: Can you tell me more about your songwriting?

Omarion: Well truthfully I just try to take life experiences and try to create you know we in the studio, there's a vibe the beats first and after the beat it's kind of like feeling after that.

MVRemix: Where did the inspiration for "Ice Box" come from?

Omarion: It came from this young lady that I was with a while ago and she pretty much inspired the record.

MVRemix: Why do you think Hip Hop doesn't allow for guys to express themselves emotionally?

Omarion: I would say guys period. I wouldn't say Hip Hop or R&B, I would say guys period. It's a little bit more easier and it's a little bit more acceptable when an R&B artist like myself but yea guys don't really express themselves. To me I'm not on the song whining, I'm not on the song crying, I'm just saying the truth [sings]. I'm cold naw mean and a lot of people go through that not even just guys and females too they feel like they get in that one relationship and it changes them and it make them feel like they can never fall in love again.

MVRemix: Your style has matured since your early years in B2k, do you think this is a shift that more artists should be reflecting?

Omarion: Yeah I do. I have my personal battles that I've gone through so its really help me create my story.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the lack of older male artists in R&B today?

Omarion: Each generation is just changing. Even between the music that I grew up on and the kids now. Michael Jackson technically was like a generation older than me or two generations or something like that but like I still know about Michael Jackson but the kids under me, there's some that know him, and a lot of them still do know him but there's a lot of them that don't. I feel that the youthful people are kind of being short changed from where the great music came from and used to be.

MVRemix: So is it humbling to be considered to be in the same league as Michael Jackson and Usher?

Omarion: Aw man, it's humbling, it's a great compliment. It's amazing because you know I been in the game for a long time so to be compared to the best made me feel like I have my opportunity and god will give me my time where I can shine.

MVRemix: Are you at all threatened by artists like Chris Brown?

Omarion: No, not at all. I feel like in the record industry there's room for everyone. Everyone technically when it comes to the charts is competing but Chris Brown, that's my lil dude, that's a good friend of mine.

MVRemix: What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

Omarion: Umm. That I am wild. Like I have sex with a whole bunch of women and stuff like that. That's what I mean by wild.

MVRemix: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Omarion: I'm not sure but whatever my collaboration would be it would be something real dope and extravagant. Like something with Fergie or something like that.

MVRemix: I know it's kind of monotonous but how is your relationship with the former members of B2K?

Omarion: Um it's cool. I actually just talked to DeMario last night.

MVRemix: Do you plan on starring in any more movies?

Omarion: Yeah I want to do some more movies. I actually have two movies coming up this year, "Somebody Help Me," which is a scary film and another film called "Reggaeton" that Jennifer Lopez is producing.

MVRemix: Is there any truth to the rumor that you want to go into directing?

Omarion: Yeah, I actually do. Coming up under Chris Stokes you can't really help but to not. I mean but to learn. He is an amazing guy and I have so much you know cool little films that I've already done just me and myself.

MVRemix: Can we expect a clothing line from you in the future?

Omarion: Maybe not a clothing line but you know some video games. I'm going to be starting my own band studio really soon it'll be cool.

MVRemix: What can we expect in the future from your solo music career?

Omarion: Hopefully yeah...just you know longevity, great music, and I just want to continue on growing with my fans and growing with people that are getting to know me.

MVRemix: Where do you see your career in 10 years?

Omarion: Hopefully, not even just my career but my life I'm just happy. You I have happiness. Hopefully having a family and having a wife or you know just being happy and life and die.

MVRemix: Do you have anything to add?

Omarion: No, everybody get the album I love y'all. Peace and a bowl of hair grease.

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