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Outerspace - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Outerspace - The Next Level


Tired of hearing the same watered down bullshit on the radio? Do you just want to hear some raw and uncompromised Hip Hop? Then look no further than Outerspace. Philly's finest, Planet and Crypt, are revered for bringing you that unadulterated street corner music. The duo first stormed onto the scene as an offshoot of Jedi Mind Tricks, but it wasn't long until they developed a strong backing of their own. Now with their debut album "Blood And Ashes" taking the underground scene by storm, Outerspace is finally getting the recognition they deserve. Planet and Crypt recently took some time out to speak with MVRemix about their album, as well as their history in this game.

MVRemix: Let's start by getting some background history out of the way. So what was it like growing up in Philly as a kid?

Planet: Philly's the shit, I loved it. Philly got a crazy dope way of doing things. You can be in the HOOD HOOD on one block, then the next block is 250,000.00 dollar houses.. So you get to experience and kinds see everything. Philly is a hard place to please, but Philly easily can please the outsider nahmean? Growing up was cool, I went to catholic school most my youth and public for the end, and that was a big difference. So I got to see different things. In catholic school you were shook to wear jeans, and public you had cyphers and people smoking el's in the fire escapes, and not getting in trouble. So its crazy on both sides here.

MVRemix: How did you first get into rhyming?

Crypt: Well, when I met plan I started getting into hip-hop by stealing my older brothers' Tribe and Public Enemy tapes, and some heads around the way suggested we should become a group and start rhyming. So we did, and that was when I was about 11 and planet was like 13. We had fucked around a little bit until they suggested it that's when we took it serious.

MVRemix: What are some of your first memories of Hip Hop?

Planet: Me personally, I remember this cat was at the ball court and was rhyming and I used to be jealous thinking this cat is crazy ill! That's when I first started rhyming trying to write. Until one day, I'm listening to the radio and they premiered a new Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo joint, and the first verse was the same verse that cat at the yard was spitting, and I remember thinking how wack it was that he was straight biting G. Raps' shit. It was the song Road To Riches . And to this day that shit still happens, that's how I know hip hop ain't going anywhere. That was in 89', I was 11 years old, imagine.

MVRemix: How did the two of you met and form Outerspace?

Crypt: Since before we were even born our families knew each other. Our older brothers went to school and played ball with each other, shit like that. Coincidentally Planets family moved two blocks away from us, and we linked up that way, and that goes back to the other question from before how we formed Outerspace.

MVRemix: Tell us how you got your names, Planetary and Crypt The Warchild?

Planet: Back in the day, I used to write graffiti. I got the name masterplan when I heard that YZ joint, so I started using it. Then it turned into just Planet, now I just added the Planetary, because there's other planets in the game, nah mean?
Crypt: Mine is simple, I couldn't come up with a name, and my man Hasan one day called me like yo "crypt the warchild", I was like that sounds hot, and used it from there. Plus my real name is Marcus, and the beginning MAR means god of war, so it fit.

MVRemix: How did you come up with the name Outerspace? What is the meaning behind it?

Planet: Well, back in the early 90's, we had cats like Kool Keith ,Redman, and early Keith Murray, who used a lot of that space talk and big words, and stuff like that. So one day I was thinking , Outerspace is like an unknown place, no one really knows what's going on up there. Well' this was then, you know? And being Puerto Rican , in hip-hop that was for some reason unknown, and mysterious. So I thought the comparison was kinda dope, and since my name was already PLANET, and this weird stuff is in style right now it would be hot, and we just went from there.

MVRemix: Do you think the name is misleading to the average fan, because I always hear some bullshit on the internet like, "I thought Outerspace was gonna be some nerd rap because of the name, etc"?

Planet: I mean to me, I can see where their coming from, but personally, I don't judge artist by their name because cats use their real names as rap names and that can't make you seem like nerd rap, gangster rap or anything, its just your real name. That kinda shit you judge by who the artist are affiliated with who's on the production, and shit like that. I never let a name stop me from checking someone I don't know. Look at ILL BILL, that shit is mad simple and his shit bananas!

MVRemix: How did you originally hook up with Vinnie Paz?

Crypt: In Philly, there was an event once a month called Bobbitos footwork, where local mc's would come out for open mics, performances and shit like that . Us and Vinnie used to be there every month until one day we just stepped up and showed each other some love, exchanged phone numbers, started hanging out, and became real close friends. Since then its been a wrap.

MVRemix: Let's talk about the album, "Blood & Ashes". Have you been pleased with the initial reaction from fans and critics so far?

Crypt: So far everything has been good, I haven't heard too many bad comments. Ever since our website went up we gotta lot of emails from fans showing us love so we cant complain so far its been good. holla @ us

MVRemix: Overall, what are you looking to accomplish with the album?

Planet: Basically, we're looking to gather up a fan base of our own , so we can start building a rep up, nah mean? Hopefully with this album, and the legacy of blood tour we can start doing that. We really want this to set us up for retail and our next album. This is just the beginning. Like my man Beanie Sigel said, "your second album is your first album", we're trying to stick by that and set up the next shit and also use the AOTP album coming to help us out more too. Don't get us wrong, we still trying to sell some units now too though.

MVRemix: How come Stoupe didn't produce any tracks on the album?

Crypt: Stoupe is the type cat that is real straight forward. Once he's focused he cant be sidetracked. During our album, he was working on Legacy of Blood tracks. But we had alot of outlets for production with the help of Vinnie Paz, so we weren't even trying to stress Stoupe out more then he already was. We'll work with him though no worries.

MVRemix: One track that everybody has been going track over is "Angles Of Death", so tell us how you hooked up with Immortal Technique for that one.

Crypt: Well, Chuck Wilson of Babygrand records actually knows Immortal. We told Chuck we were felling him, and from there is was pretty easy. We went to New York linked up and banged it out.

MVRemix: What song on the album means the most to each of you?

Planet: Well, the song that means the most to me is 'Whatever It Takes". The track just made me wanna express myself on some from the heart shit. I got to say how I really feel about our careers, and just life period. Plus I got to put my man El Dorado on it and he's a close friend of ours, it was good to get him on the album.
Crypt: I would have to say 'Top Shelf" because we got to work with a legend (Sadat X) that we grew up listening to and it made me realize that we're evolving as a group. It'd sort of like a confidence booster.

MVRemix: Switching gears, what do you think about the current state of our country?

Planet: I feel our country is at the worst state its ever been. I'm seeing 10 year olds smoking weed, a lot of young bucks not going to school, and people I know personally getting strung out on dope. I'm watching the news and never seeing anything positive. I'm seeing our "soldiers" acting like savages in other countries as a representation of the USA. There's a drastic lack of education now for these kids and that makes for a bad future. We have a terrible president, we have a lot of things that the government keeps from us about this whole war shit, and it leaves us blind to what is really going. Its hard to make a move when you don't really know what's around the corner.

MVRemix: Are you going to be voting this November in the Presidential election?

Crypt: yes
Planet: Yes, unfortunately

MVRemix: If President Bush gets re-elected what do you think will happen to this country?

Planet: Realistically no matter who is in office these politicians ain't shit and this country is only gonna get worse. If bush gets re-elected we're getting fucked raw, if Kerry gets elected, we getting fucked, the only difference Kerry will put a condom on.

MVRemix: Overall, what do you want out of this Hip Hop game?

Crypt: A career. An outlet to take care of my family, my son and everybody I love.
Planet: Same here. I want this rap shit to buy a house, a new whip, clothes for my sons, and shoes for my wife, dig me?

MVRemix: What other plans or projects do you have in store for the future? Any tours? Guest appearances?

Planet: In September we're traveling the states with JMT and 7l & Eso on the "Legacy of Blood" tour, that'll be for about 6 weeks, then we coming back and banging out this Army of the Pharoahs shit. And as for Outerspace, we'll be working on our next album at the same time. We gotta keep the ball rolling. You can also catch us on King Syzes album coming soon, and my man Des Devious' single that'll be coming soon also.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs or plugs?

Planet: I just wanna shout out my peoples, QD niggas, AOTP niggas, my family, the babygrande fam, and everyone supporting us, we appreciate it. Also, cop that "JMT presents Outerspace CD" in stores and "Blood and Ashes" its our debut, cop it if you wanna know what hunger is really about.
Crypt: I wanna shout my fam out, and go cop that Blood and Ashes shit, its definitely worth that pocket change! Also, look out for our single off the album, Top Shelf featuring Sadat X. w/ Fire and Ice, coming very soon. also, cop that Legacy of Blood shit coming in September, they did it big on this album believe me.

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