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P.B.M. - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

P.B.M. - Paper Chase

December 2005 I know you graduated from Morris Brown College. Tell us about that experience and what you took from your four years there. In what was has college helped prepare you for the Hip-Hop world?

P.B.M.: Yes, I am a proud graduate of Morris Brown College the first educational institution in Georgia under solely Negro patronage established in 1885. Being enrolled at MBC and being groomed in the Business Dept. (if you don’t know I majored in Business), taught me to be an entrepreneur. The majority of my professors stressed self-empowerment to own your own business and to also handle your business at all times. My sophomore-junior year I was selling my first group effort CD (212 ”Thesis of Pimpin” ) and making a 100% profit because we duplicated our on CD’s and cover’s I mean I was real Master P bout-it bout-it wit it, ya know what I mean. I don’t regret at all getting my B.S. degree in Business, I knew one day I was going to start my own empire and I knew I had to have all aspects and essentials of knowing how to be a professional business man & how to run a business. I am fully equipped and ready for what ever, I can guarantee at the end of the day anybody who knows me will say The P.B.M. (Professional.Black-Business.Man) is a business man, know that. What equipment do you currently use?

P.B.M.: Man, I bang out on that MPC-1000, Pro-Tools, and the Karma keyboard. Are you a producer who samples and digs in the crate, or do you prefer to create your beats from scratch without any samples?

P.B.M.: I use both man, cause the musicians back in the days was cold man. I mean cold on them songs! It was real good music back then. So, yes I sample from time to time and I just bang out from scratch time to time. It’s an even process. Tell us about Black Ark Productions. Just go through the history - how you and Spillberg hooked up - as well as, what you guys have accomplished so far.

P.B.M.: Well Black Ark Productions, LLC. is my company that I incorporated in 2002, it’s the foundation for handling all of your music and entertainment needs. From production needs, management, and small business setup. My brother from another mother “SpillBerg” that’s my Boy!! We been knowing each other since middle school, after high school you know every body did their on thing we lost contact then we linked back up in the A-Town through word of mouth. And from then on it was a wrap when we found out both of us were doing this music. Spillberg is a very talented individual that is in a league of his own as being a producer, engineer and artist. He schooled me a lot on how to perfect my sound. He has his own company SpillBerg Productions also. So we joined together to form Monopoly Brothers where we combined forces to make that Chill-Bump music - ya know what I mean. Besides your work as a producer, you are also an emcee. What are your strong points as an emcee? How would you describe your style and sound?

P.B.M.: I would have to say that I keep it “G” about everything I say and do. Keeping it “G” is keeping it REAL and that’s what I dew. Also, I have my own sound a real southern drawl that you can’t really duplicate you have to be born wit it, plus my lyrics are very thorough because, I am a thorough individual. I can reach all crowds. If you had to choose one, would you rather be a producer or emcee?

P.B.M.: I mean Kanye paved the way for me to choose both, I choose both. Thanks Kanye! What has been the biggest headache for you so far dealing with this Hip-Hop game?

P.B.M.: Man, people not keeping it “G”. It was a headache along time ago cause I was new to these industry individuals who already got it. They will smile in your face hit cha wit the gat in your back. What I mean by that is, they just be popping and ain't gone do not one thing to help you. That’s why my formula for that is that I keep God first - believe a infinite percent in what ever I do - grind and handle my business all day everyday. I perfect my craft each and everyday. I guarantee with this formula you will be successful and succeed all of them and you want have no headaches. How do you go about shopping your beats?

P.B.M.: I work with the independents and the industry, everything is negotiable and contract driven. I also do demo packages for independents so they can have thorough and high quality production to present when they got out and seek a deal. With the South being on top of the industry, has that made it easier for you to get accepted now than in years past?

P.B.M.: I always been accepted, just for the way I carry myself cool, calm, and collective. Whether the South was on top or not, I will succeed, you got to understand my mind state I’m an achiever. I don’t understand anything else. What else do you currently have going on?

P.B.M.: Right now I am putting the finishing touches on my first solo album “My Way or the Highway”. Also, the Monopoly Brothers are working with various up and coming acts out of Atlanta that are getting major deals and always making that Chill-Bump music for all genres of music. Every thing is good, Buddy! Any last words, shout outs or plugs?

P.B.M.: If you need that Monopoly Product get at me The P.B.M. at or SpillBerg at if you want to receive a copy of (“My Way or The Highway” or “The Kingz of M-Townz) hit the email up and I will send you a sampler of either one . Oh yeah big ups to ya Lowkey for this plug appreciate cha man. Shout out to my family and friends the Mac Town and the A-Town Georgia in a whole. The P.B.M. is coming, know that!

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"I work with the independents and the industry, everything is negotiable and contract driven. I also do demo packages for independents so they can have thorough and high quality production..."