Chromeo - conducted by Aaron A*maze Joseph  

P-Thugg (Chromeo)

July 2007

P-Thugg interview @ The Official Chromeo Make Up Party

Things didn't go as planned, but nonetheless worked out better than expected. Originally the duo known as Chromeo (Dave 1 & P-Thugg) were supposed to perform their live show at the Red Room nightclub last Thursday, July 19. Due to complications with his student visa, Dave 1 was not able to make it into Vancouver in time. With only one half of the duo in town, P-Thugg decided that the show must go on and relocated to a different venue to have the "Official Chromeo Make up party."

The dance party was moved down a few blocks to The Bourbon (50 W. Cordova St.) and proved to be an even more exciting night than expected. There was an abundance of Chromeo fans that showed up to dance the night away to the variety of mixes and mash-ups being played that night. Accompanied by Flosstradamus, My!Gay!Husband! and Benjamin, P-Thugg managed to pull together and amazing night with even better music.

Before the dance party started P-Thugg sat down for a few minutes with to explain the change in plans, as well as what is new with Chromeo and everything else in between.

MVRemix: What Happened tonight?

P-Thugg: Just visa problems, and all that shit....

MVRemix: The name "Chromeo" what is the origin of the name?

P-Thugg: It's like a mix of Chrome and Romeo, like metallic lover boy, type futuristic...

MVRemix: How long have you and Dave 1 been making music together?

P-Thugg: We've been doing this since we were in high school, around the age of 15. We were in a band together, you know the usual high school thing, and we kept on until around the age of 18. Then we started producing hip hop and became hip hop producers for like 10 years. From that, Tiga, who had a techno label wanted to try something new and approached us, and seeing as we were musicians it all worked out.

MVRemix: So how is the Chromeo tour going?

P-Thugg: We were in Montreal, we had a dope show there. All the shows were pretty dope. It's always good because it's our hometown and all the shows are sold out. New York was crazy as well, both shows sold out, Brooklyn was the second night and was really good.

MVRemix: How would you explain the music of Chromeo to someone who has never heard it before?

P-Thugg: A little bit of Hall & Oates and Prince... but thugged out. It's tough, but like Jodeci. We sing well and got good melody.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on how music is being made today, with Electrofunk, B-More, Mash-ups & House music taking over?

P-Thugg: I like all that shit. Baltimore is dope shit, it's what I started to listen to when I started to get into hip hop back in 1990; Bel Biv Devoe, Kid n' Play, EPMD, Rob Bass, Jazzy Jeff. All that new wave stuff, it's all great stuff, it's just NOT what we do, but we ARE fans.

MVRemix: What's the difference in styles between you and Dave 1 that makes things work so well between you two?

P-Thugg: Our differences are simply in our style of dressing, not in the way we make music. When it comes to music we see eye to eye. We just dress differently and hang out with different people. Dave used to dress more Hip-Hop back then, like 10 years ago. Me, I'm still this, I'm still me.

MVRemix: What would you say is the difference between the albums "She's in control" and the new album "Fancy Footwork"?

P-Thugg: More songwriting & more lyrics. The first album was really spontaneous, it just worked out. The second album we were thinking much more about everything, the sounds, the melodies, etc. We thought more about it and we wanted it to sound cleaner.

MVRemix: Being childhood friends with differing backgrounds and knowing each other so well is their anything you guys do to piss each other off, any pet peeves?

P-Thugg: Ah Yeah. We like brothers ya know? But we NEVER beef. We argue a lot, fight a lot, but we never beef. We scream at each other and take five minutes off, it's some brother shit ya know?

MVRemix: What's next for the duo?

P-Thugg: We just touring for this album, we'll see where it takes us. We had a great surprise with the first album, we'll see what this one does.

MVRemix: Any last words?

P-Thugg: I hope you enjoy the album, go buy it or download it, whatever you want. Don't forget to come to the shows and listen to us too.

MVRemix: Shoutouts?

P-Thugg: All my fans, my peeps back in Montreal, my girl...I'm coming home soon, I'll be there soon, I'm faithful.

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