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Pack FM - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Pack FM

December 2001

These are the transcripts of an interview with Pack FM. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on December 12th, 2001.

MVRemix: For those who don't know you, how did you begin?

PackFM: I started rhymin' about 10 years ago, just rhymin' in school. Never took it seriously...then one day I decided to try to make something happen. And I been goin' strong ever since.

MVRemix: What do you do after "deciding to try to make something happen"?

PackFM: I started getting into battles and ciphers. I went down to 88hiphop and entered their competition as well as traded verses back and forth with the best there was.

MVRemix: How long did it take you to hone your battling skills?

PackFM: About a year. I lost the 88hiphop battle 2 times before I won it and held it down for 4 months. I got eliminated 3 times before winning at Braggin Rites.

MVRemix: Can you drop any names of emcees you've "slayed"?

PackFM: Hahaha..I ain't gonna say I slayed anyone 'cause they're all friends of mine. But, my favorite battles were against cats like Breez Evahflowin', Pumpkinhead, Tonedeff, Substantial, Eyedea, Apathy and C-Rayz Walz to name a few. I won most of those and lost a few.

MVRemix: How did you manage to get your material out there?

PackFM: At one point I would just put some songs I did together and burn cd's to sell at shows, and during napsters peak I would leak a few exclusives out. All just to create some sort of buzz and once all of this came together (battles, CD's, the net) and people had a grasp of who I was I started pursuing deals that were previously offered to get my music out through labels

MVRemix: did things get set up with Bronx Science?

PackFM: I'd been talkin' to them for years and always put it off 'till I thought the time was right.

MVRemix: Are you pleased with the 12"s reception?

PackFM: Definitely...for my first official release I think I've been shown a lot of love

MVRemix: What are you doing to gain more exposure?

PackFM: I have a few follow up projects in the works, still doing shows etc. etc.

MVRemix: Care to elaborate on those follow up projects?

PackFM: Nah, 'cause when I talk about shit it takes forever to happen... haha.

MVRemix: Who are some lyricists you admire?

PackFM: I'm feelin' Jay-Z, Redman, Eminem. On the underground I like the steez of Juice, D-Stroy, Copywrite and of course my partner in rhyme; Tonedeff. Words and Rise too.

MVRemix: What was the best thing that happened to you in recent experience?

PackFM: A lot of good things have happened, but I guess hearing the success of this record is one of the better things. The numbers may not be super high, but the feedback is great.

MVRemix: Okay, a freestyle, a freestyle - if it's written?

PackFM: Depends on ya definition of freestyle. Doesn't really matter if the rhyme sucks though, does it?

MVRemix: But, what I'm asking is, what's your definition of a freestyle...

PackFM: My definition of a freestyle is an unformatted verse spit outside of a song.

MVRemix: If your material is reviewed and the critic doesn't like do you react? Do you take it to heart or does it not bother you?

PackFM: Nah, everyone got their own tastes. I take all criticism and build off it.

MVRemix: Who's winning? Nas/Jigga?

PackFM: Jeff Van Gundy

MVRemix: You what?

PackFM: Huh?

MVRemix: Who's Jeff Van Gundy?

PackFM: Head coach of the Knicks. He resigned on Sunday.

MVRemix: I'm English. I know nothing about Basketball. But, Jigga or Nas, Pack. Jigga or Nas!

PackFM: Ummm...ok, fine - Jigga.

MVRemix: Have you heard his latest rebuttal? I mean I want/wanted Jay to win, but his latest is, um, nothing close to "Ether"

PackFM: Don't matter, Jay is still better and I like his music more. Nas needed a 4 verse song to come close to one verse Jay had about him.

MVRemix: Haha. Amidst the tones of material that's floating around out in the airwaves and off of them, what have you been feeling?

PackFM: Hmmmm, not much...

MVRemix: Well, ok. Do you have any plans to change yourself in 2002, a New Years resolution?

PackFM: Just be a bit more dedicated and make moves by any means

MVRemix: Did the E-Famm/Weathermen beef get resolved?

PackFM: There was never any beef.

MVRemix: What happened then?

PackFM: I don't know. Nobody ever said anything to me.

MVRemix: I thought that there were problems with Yak Ballz etc.?

PackFM: Like I said, nobody ever said anything to me. So there wasn't any beef.

MVRemix: Hmmm...ok...Do you have any non-musical aspirations?

PackFM: Yeah, I'm a graphic designer by day but my dedication to music has taken over. Hopefully, by next fall I'll finish getting my degree and make that a seperate career.

MVRemix: Nice, what can we next expect to see from Pack FM?

PackFM: Entertainment.

MVRemix: In what form?

PackFM: The purest form.

MVRemix: Any last words you'd like to put to your fans and potential fans?

PackFM: 1. Bring back the boom-bap sound
2. Red meat won't kill you. But green meat will.
3. Go and buy all my stuff!

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