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Paradigm - conducted by ionz149  



These are the transcripts of an interview with Paradigm. The interview was conducted by ionz149, January 2002.

MVRemix: First things first how'd you get the name Paradigm and how do you feel about the "other" Paradime?

Paradigm: I named myself paradigm about seven years ago or so. Before that, I called myself just "P" which was short for my last name, Petras. As I got older I wanted a name that defined what I was trying to do with my music. The word "paradigm", meaning a way of looking at the world just made sense. As far as the Paradime from Michigan, I don't know much about him.

MVRemix: What's the haps on Freshchest and Day by Day?

Paradigm: Those are the two organizations that have most helped me out with all this music stuff. Freshchest is a label whereas Day by Day is more of an artist management type of thing. Freshchest is run by a good friend of mine who I grew up with. He has helped me out a hell of a lot with recording at his studio, promotion, etc. Day by Day is run in part by a friend of mine who I met a year and a half ago or so. He has helped me out a lot with networking, getting on compilations, getting a little press here and there, etc. Both dudes are good people--always looking out for me.

MVRemix: How many years have you been on this planet?

Paradigm: I turned 27 this past December.

MVRemix: How long have you been rhymin' for?

Paradigm: 14 years.

MVRemix: Are there any favorite places you go to when you want to write?

Paradigm: Just my little studio apartment. I do most of my writing there.

MVRemix: How long have you been making beats?

Paradigm: 13 years or so, but I started using more elaborate equipment and getting more proficient at it about 8 years ago.

MVRemix: Who has made beats for you in the past?

Paradigm: Johnny Cock and JL of Freshchest records.

MVRemix: Do you have any of your old music that you would ever consider re-releasing?

Paradigm: No. Everything I want to be available is currently available.

MVRemix: Do you have your very own website?

Paradigm: I'm at and I'm listed under "artists" at and

MVRemix: What do you do to get money?

Paradigm: Teach undergraduate journalism courses at a state university and work as a superintendent in my apartment building.

MVRemix: Do you know any Puerto Ricans?

Paradigm: Sure. My mom, my friend Fernando, my friend Gustavo, my co-worker Luisa, my friend Mike... and my main man Jimmy Gonzalez.

MVRemix: Did you buy the new De-La-Soul and why?

Paradigm: No. I don't buy much hip-hop music. I don't have the money nor the inclination.

MVRemix: Do you or did you ever like Jurassic 5?

Paradigm: I haven't heard much of their stuff. I heard one joint I like called "Concrete Streets" or some shit like that.

MVRemix: Smoke weed, cigarettes, any thing?

Paradigm: No cigarettes, no weed, no liquor, no sugar, no bread, no pasta.... Mad discipline.

MVRemix: Eat meat?

Paradigm: Yes. A lot of chicken and some red meat. No pork. For a while I eliminated red meat, but I decided I needed it for the protein.

MVRemix: Playstation 2, X box, or do you say "Fuck Video Games!"?

Paradigm: Mostly, I don't fuck with that shit, although once in a while I play a game or two of virtual tennis at my local arcade. That's a great game.

MVRemix: Are you a Graff head, do you paint?

Paradigm: No, I don't do graff. As a kid I liked painting with watercolors. Over the years, I lost interest in it.

MVRemix: Who are your 5 favorite emcees at this moment?

Paradigm: 1) Dose one
2) Sole
3) Myself
4) Myself
5) My balls.

MVRemix: Any emcees you got beef with?

Paradigm: No.

MVRemix: Any emcees got beef with you??

Paradigm: Not that I know of.

MVRemix: Do you have any recommended reading (comics, books,m ags)?

Paradigm: Read everything by Noam Chomsky, read "It Can't Happen Here," by Sinclair Lewis.

MVRemix: Any new material to look out for?

Paradigm: I have a new full-length CD coming very soon. it should be out sometime this month (February).

MVRemix: Last but not least how do you feel about Bush's attempt to put a stop to terrorism?

Paradigm: Don't get me started. What a fucking falsehood. All this anti-terrorism bullshit is just a way for the government to boost military spending and have the people accept it. I can write volumes on this, but essentially, terrorism is the new Russia. What I mean is, during the cold war, the government used the so-called communist threat as a way to justify massive military spending. In reality, there was no communist threat! All these insurrections in Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, etc. were either nationalistic, anti-imperialistic, or straight up fighting-for-a-better-life peasant rebellions. They weren't Stalin-istic rebellions of communist expansion. But the government succeeded in hoodwinking the public so they could finance their multi-billion dollar war toys. When the Berlin wall fell, the government needed a new threat to justify its military spending. First it used Saddam Hussein, now it's using "terrorism." give me a fucking break. How are billion dollar war toys going to stop terrorism? The planes that took down the trade center were hijacked with box cutters. Box cutters! Now, we're going to go off and build more jets, bombs, star wars systems, etc. to fight an enemy that can kick our ass with box cutters?! Bottom line is we'll never be able to stop terrorism. It's too surreptitious, too guerrilla, too underground. Do you think the marines will ever find bin laden? Never. To those who think I'm being anti-patriotic... fuck you. You all are fucking sheep buying the public relations line from a government that doesn't give too shits about you or your well being. People need to wake the fuck up. And on that infuriated note, thanks for the interview.

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