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Pedestrian - conducted by Neoteric  



These are the transcripts of an interview with Pedestrian. The interview was conducted by Neoteric, mid 2001.

MVRemix: What is your favourite cereal?

Pedestrian: Lucky Charms. I'm really into the non-marshmallow part of the Lucky Charms.

MVRemix: Why don't you buy Alphabits then?

Pedestrian: Alphabits I'm into also, but they started adding marshmallows to Alphabits also. You know, there comes a point where all cereals almost taste the same, or like, the minor discrepancies between the cereals are leveled out over time and they all end up tasting pretty similar.

MVRemix: What do you get on your pizza?

Pedestrian: Uhm... cheese, and everything I can pile on for free.

MVRemix: What question do you constantly get asked, or hate being asked?

Pedestrian: Do you guys think you are hip-hop? Or, you guys aren't hip-hop right? You guys don't think of yourselves as hip-hop?

MVRemix: So is that something that you guys get asked a lot, or hate being asked?

Pedestrian: Both. We always get asked that.

MVRemix: Why do you hate it?

Pedestrian: It's so ridiculous... I don't just doesn't go anywhere. It's the kind of question that sits there and spins on its head. It just doesn't go anywhere.

MVRemix: So when people ask you what you do, what do you say?

Pedestrian: I say I'm a rapper… and a writer...actually I don't say...I never introduce myself or tell people, but if they see me at a show, they know.

MVRemix: How's the book going?

Pedestrian: The Book is done. I'm just waiting on the cover. The guy who did the Sole "Bottle of Humans" 12" cover is doing the book too.

MVRemix: Is it gonna be available everywhere?

Pedestrian: Nah, but it's going be in some stores, because the people that pick up the records are going to carry the books as well. It's gonna be a great book. It's me, Dose, Circus, Why? and this guy, Peter Relic, (who writes for Vibe, Rolling Stone, and Spin) and my friend Nick Starr who's really dope too. And Dose and I are working on another book.

MVRemix: Will it be a poetry book?

Pedestrian: Yeah... it's called "The Great Line Convention, and Nobody Is Keeping Minutes".

MVRemix: And when do you expect that out?

Pedestrian: I Don't know, but it's coming along really well. I'm really proud of both of the books.

MVRemix: What regrets do you have?

Pedestrian: Musically, almost every verse I've recorded is a regret of mine. It's really weird. You do these songs, then a year later they are thrown back at you with plastic-wrap and you're just like "What the fuck? That's terrible" So that's like a recurring regret.

MVRemix: What projects are you working on?

Pedestrian: I'm working on an album right now, for Mush, and a tape with a bunch of people like Dose and Why?

MVRemix: What kinds Of producers are you gonna have on it?

Pedestrian: Math...he did "Dear Elpee" and "dead beats" on the Mush Compilation, he's doing the Mush album for me. And then Tommy (Controller) 7 , and my friend Emil, he's really dope. He did the Object Beings stuff, which is new.

MVRemix: If you were an animal, which would you be and why?

Pedestrian: I would definitely be human. There's that Dose line that's "If you could be any animal, which one would you be...the human soul, because it has almost no half-life." He ruined that question for me.

MVRemix: What was your favourite chipmunk from Alvin and The Chipmunnks?

Pedestrian: I don't know, but my favourite incarnation of the Chipmunks was the rap record. They put out a holiday rap 45, and they were just killing it. And then, the crazy shit was, if you put that on 45, they were just flippin' and you kinda see where Freestyle Fellowship got their whole thing from. Definitely Chipmunk inspired.

MVRemix: What books are you reading now?

Pedestrian: I'm reading William Carlos William's "Patterson." This great book by Rem Koolhas called "Delerious New York" about the architecture of New's amazing. And I just started Don Delillo's "Underworld."

MVRemix: What are some of your beefs, musically.

Pedestrian: I don't like when people are jerks on songs. People asserting their identity through songs. People constantly telling you who they are. I don't think that's cool.

MVRemix: Do you have an re-occurring dreams that you'd like to share?

Pedestrian: Yes. I have this dream where I'm being chased all the time, by some authorities I think...sometimes my father, sometimes this vague entity. I just know I'm being chased.

MVRemix: How do you interpret that?

Pedestrian: Well, obviously it has something to do with guilt. Like, the corner of my eye police... "the guilty police" as Bob Kaufman said.

MVRemix: Do you have any phobias?

Pedestrian: No... But I hate artificial lights and spiders.

MVRemix: Do you have any pet peeves?

Pedestrian: Those…and girls who don't shave their legs. And girls with bangs.

MVRemix: Do you know how they get the Caramel in the Caramilk bar?

Pedestrian: In the what bar? What are they called? Cara-what?

MVRemix: Caramilk…you don't know what those are? It was this huge ad campaign, but I guess you don't have them in the states.

Pedestrian: Ohh, you guys are on some next shit. You could probably bring them down here from Canada and sell them, bootlegged on the corners, illicitly to high schoolers.

MVRemix: Are there any rumours you'd like to set straight?

Pedestrian: No... I think it's great if people are talking about me. I think it's weird. 'Cause you know, who am I? I'm all for rumours.

MVRemix: What motivates you?

Pedestrian: That's a good question. I don't know. There's a lot of inertia to what people do. We just find something that makes sense and we just keep doing it until death or something like that. But, I guess a lot of authors, musicians, and my friends, more than anything else.

MVRemix: Do you have any tattoos?

Pedestrian: Nah, man (chuckling while bringing his tattooed arm into view). Tattoos are ridiculous. I'd like to warn everyone against tattoos. Tattoos and haircuts are the most ridiculous things.

MVRemix: At what point did music turn from a hobby to something you really wanted to focus on and eventually make a profession?

Pedestrian: Probably last year. I don't know. I don't even know if I can make a profession out of it. I mean, I'm not working now and I'm making just enough to live. I think it's all kind of a fluke. I don't really expect anything out of music. It just kind of happened. But I hate working, I never want to work again.

MVRemix: But do you remember a certain point…

Pedestrian: Nah, but there were people around me, like Sole and Dose, who took it there, and I was just like "there" in a business sense. They did most of the work to get us there so we don't have to do shit jobs. Just them largely.

MVRemix: Any dreams? Something you aspire to be or do?

Pedestrian: Like the "Wind Beneath My Wings" type of dreams?

MVRemix: Yeah

Pedestrian: Yeah... travel Europe, write novels.

MVRemix: Have you started writing novels yet?

Pedestrian: No...just poetry right now. Novels are a whole 'nother animal.

MVRemix: Who is your favourite Comedian?

Pedestrian: Woody Allen .

MVRemix: Why?

Pedestrian: I fucking love Woody Allen. I've seen every single Woody Allen movie. He's just the man, that dude is a ripper.. he's a styler. He's from the Goodlife.

MVRemix: What have you thought of the touring you've done so far?

Pedestrian: Well, I've been all over Cali touring. I think it's great. It's so fun. Like, we go to these places and for some reason these people have been convinced to come there, just to see us, and its so weird and funny. Like I have no idea why the people are here. We get to meet these people that we wouldn't otherwise meet, get drunk in someone else's room. It's just great. It's so much fun for me. To get paid for it is even funnier. I mean, this whole thing I find pretty hilarious. Just any attention whatsoever, the whole industry..

MVRemix: Even this?

Pedestrian: Yeah …this...the fact that people make music is pretty funny to me. It's like this weird animal hobby we have. Nobody even questions why or how.

MVRemix: Yeah I was thinkin' about that earlier, why people make music…

Pedestrian: What would inspire you as a functional human being to go and make music. Then make a life, like fasten an entire life to yourself about making songs. It's so strange, but it's fun. Better this then all those other modern alternatives.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the love/hate relationship that Anticon seems to get?

Pedestrian: It sucks. I don't know why people would hate us, we're nice guys. That's how I always feel, I'm just like "Why would you hate us?". We're not like these jerks up here you know, bragging about not being that cool as a person, or we're not on stage, asserting ourselves. I see Anticon really as some of the few rappers that aren't self-conscious and constantly trying to prove themselves. That's kind of the goal, to be the most human we can be, so I just don't know why people would think that… but you know, I hated stuff too, so whatever. Though it's cool that anybody likes it.

MVRemix: Do you think its more because you are going against the grain, or because you're expressing things that they can't understand or don't like?

Pedestrian: Theres a lot of stuff. Some of it is the music. Some of it is, that we are largely white. I think a small part is that people get threatened, and that has to do with the "us not being hip hop question" and get threatened by the slightest thing. And people want to bring different influences in. You know, to reference the Beatles, or Flannery O'Connor is different in hip-hop then referencing Roy Ayers or James Brown. Like some people are cool to reference and some are not. If you cross the select group of people that hip hoppers say are cool to bite, then you overstep the boundaries like "What are you doing?" It's cool to rip off a James Brown chorus, or a Donald Byrd Chorus, but not cool to rip off an Emily Dickinson phrase and use it as a chorus. You know what I'm saying? There's like this hierarchical rendering of influences in hip-hop. You can only do certain shit.

MVRemix: Basically, what's everything you're working on?

Pedestrian: I'm working on being smarter. I'm working on the "Smart Album," where I'm smart. And then I'm working on the "Happy Album" after that...

Dose One:I just finished "Circle," that is my "Happy Album"...but you know, I wrote stuff that I could follow one day, like when I'm 30 and I could read it and be happy reading it. But, I think I'm just a little ahead of myself. I'm also not dead yet, and that was the album before Circle, the one where I died, "Slow Death." Them was just me and Jel and equipment and creativity. Now I'm a human.

Pedestrian: Yeah. "The Human Project" is the big one. It's going be a two hundred-page album.

Dose One: At least...

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