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Planet Asia - conducted by DJ INI  

Planet Asia

October 2006

MVRemix: What's up man, where are you at right now?

Planet Asia: I'm in fuckin' Denmark I think.

MVRemix: So your touring out there I assume?

Planet Asia: I'm in Europe, touring the whole Europe, we everywhere; Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Amsterdam, everywhere.

MVRemix: Who you tourin' with out there?

Planet Asia: It's the Cali Agents, me and Rasco. Tonight we got a show with Ghostface. It's a three-day festival, they even got MC Eiht playin' out here, you can't even see him in the states.

MVRemix: So how is performing overseas, compared to performing in the states?

Planet Asia: Well, they on some '88 shit, they real receptive to the real hip-hop. They way more receptive to our shit.

MVRemix: Why do you think that is? Why is it that they dig the older stuff and the underground stuff over there?

Planet Asia: Maybe it's because they a couple of years behind, or just bein' real [laughs]

MVRemix: So a lot of people probably know you from the stuff you did as the Cali Agents, and your own solo stuff, and now you've got this big album that just came out.

Planet Asia: Yeah! The Medicine, produced by Evidence. I got black thought from The Roots on there; we got Strong Arm Steady, Dilated Peoples, Cali Agents, Defari. It's stupid; it's just one of the biggest releases as far as independent albums go.

MVRemix: So the big thing that I was hearin' on your album, and a lot of the other projects that've been comin out have really been takin the sound of their album back to early stuff in their career, is that somethin' that you've noticed?

Planet Asia: Well, you know, not to many hands in the cookie jar. We really didn't go into it with a record company state of mind, or like we tryin' to get some sales. It was just me and evidence makin' the kind of music we like, it wasn't like we had some A&R over us. It was just us in his room, or in the studio, creatin' whatever came out. I think that's when the best kind of music comes out.

MVRemix: When did you hook up with Evidence originally?

Planet Asia: I've been down with Evidence since what 98 '97 or some shit. Rasco was the first one to introduce them to me to that music, then Defari, he had them on his first album, he had Defari, and Dilated.

MVRemix: So it's been released on Battleaxe Records, explain your afflation with them.

Planet Asia: Battleaxe/ABB/Goldchain Music. Yo Madchild is a Hip-Hop head, and he's smart, actually he's the one who brought this idea to the table. He likes to hear the stuff that I do with Evidence ever since "Place of Birth" and a lot of cats like that single, to this day I'm signin' that single and that came out, what, in '99 or something. And he was like "Yo, you should do a whole project together," and it was like, boom. Because I was already doing a verse for the Swollen Members album, and that's really how the whole thing came about.

MVRemix: So you've obviously done a lot of touring, overseas and whatnot, where's your favorite place to perform?

Planet Asia: Well I'm always overseas here in Europe, I love Germany, places like Poland, and Hamburg, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, I love all that shit. I went to Japan earlier in my career, and that shit was dope.

MVRemix: Do you like performing overseas better then in the states?

Planet Asia: Yeah, because there's always a lot more people. Like last time we did a show in the Czech Republic a month ago and it has 25,000 people.

MVRemix: I bet that made you feel good.

Planet Asia: That make me feel great!

MVRemix: So I'm gonna play a quick word association game, I say the name of an artist and you say the first word that pops into your head.

Planet Asia: Aight, shoot

MVRemix: Kool Kieth

Planet Asia: Out there

MVRemix: Dilated Peoples

Planet Asia: Foundation

MVRemix: 50 Cent

Planet Asia: Street corner

MVRemix: Lupe Fiasco

Planet Asia: Mosque

MVRemix: Jay-Z

Planet Asia: Wall Street

MVRemix: 9th Wonder

Planet Asia: Pete Rock [laughs]

MVRemix: Nas

Planet Asia: Pharaoh

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"Madchild is a Hip-Hop head, and he's smart, actually he's the one who brought this idea to the table. He likes to hear the stuff that I do with Evidence..."