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Planet Asia - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Planet Asia

May 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Planet Asia. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on May 16th, 2000. Planet Asia hails from Fresno, California and is well known in the underground scene for his powerful delivery, and slick rhyme scheme.

MVRemix: What does your name represent or mean?

Planet Asia: It stands for "All Started In Asia."

MVRemix: When and how did you get into Hip Hop?

Planet Asia: I got into Hip Hop through beat boxing, Fat Boys and LL's 'Rock The Bells.'

MVRemix: When does your solo debut drop?

Planet Asia: 2001

MVRemix: What sort of stuff is there gonna be on there? Guests, producers etc.

Planet Asia: Me, Yard Massive, Rasco, Bahamadia, Dead Presidents and Sizzler.

MVRemix: What albums/mcs are you feeling at the moment?

Planet Asia: Right now I'm feelin'... [pause] Just everything. A lot of people man. Pharoahe Monch, Common, Jay-Z, Rah Digga, Outsidaz.

MVRemix: What do you feel you add to hip hop that no other mc does?

Planet Asia: A great show. A great, great show. I'm not saying that other emcees don't have great shows, but I like my show.

MVRemix: Are you happy with your following or would you prefer that of a mainstream artist?

Planet Asia: I want all followers, mainstream and underground.

MVRemix: If you were to branch into the mainstream...

Planet Asia: I don't really focus on a certain crowd. I don't rap for only underground people, I rap for everybody. You know street corner cats ain't really underground. I mean you can be underground as in music-listenin' wise, but your ways... you might be living in a suburb living the life. You know what I'm sayin'? When I'm rhyming, I'm rhyming about a lot of shit that I went through in the ghetto. Where as a lot of people that's at my shows can't imagine because they didn't live that life. They come to the shows so they can know about that shit.

MVRemix: What I meant was would you change your lyrical content to suit...

Planet Asia: Nah, because I don't rhyme for nobody apart from myself.

MVRemix: What are your outlooks on the West Coast underground Hip Hop scene?

Planet Asia: It's up and coming innovative music.

MVRemix: Which MCs/producers would you most like to work with?

Planet Asia: DJ Skratch & Jay Dee.

MVRemix: Who would you like to work with outside hip hop?

Planet Asia: Uh, Garth Brooks.

Eclipse: And that's the truth man.

MVRemix: How did you and Rasco first hook up?

Planet Asia: I met up with Rasco in Fresno, when he was going to Fresno State. He was with another group called "Various Blends," that's how we hooked up.

MVRemix: How is the Cali Agents album different from your previous projects?

Planet Asia: That we've done?

MVRemix: Yeah

Planet Asia: It's just a consistent headbanger thing. It's not really different, it's just upgraded shit that we've been doing you know. It's us, together, being able to focus on something. A whole project.

MVRemix: Do you prefer working alone or with others?

Planet Asia: I like both.

MVRemix: Can you give me some details about 'How The West Was Won...'? Who produces, when it's gonna be out, things like that.

Planet Asia: You got tracks by Protest, 427, Paul Nice, the Molemen, Roddy Rod. You heard the album?

MVRemix: Yeah

Planet Asia: You like it?

MVRemix: Yeah, but I've only heard it once.

Planet Asia: Right.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the Cali Agents album being on the net already?

Planet Asia: That's scandalous man. Hip Hop is getting more scandalous by the day.

MVRemix: Whats your take on MP3s?

Planet Asia: If it's bootleggin' it's bullshit. If you creatin' some shit off of your own and you selling it then it's all good. To a degree, it's cool, but the overall moral... If your moral is to get new shit and sell it before the stores can and the artist doesn't benefit from it then that's wrong. It's just stealin'.

MVRemix: Think they'll screw up the music industry?

Planet Asia: It could be. I don't think so though. They're gonna find a way to stop that.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on online Hip Hop?

Planet Asia: That shit's great. It's quicker access for people to get to stuff. Quicker access to the artist.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the state of Hip Hop currently?

Planet Asia: I feel Hip Hop has never really changed. Same shit different toilet. Different people, same flaws.

MVRemix: Are there any 12"s or albums you'll be guesting on soon?

Planet Asia: New 12" with me and Talib Kweli.

Eclipse: It was supposed to be out now.

MVRemix: Anything else?

Planet Asia: I'm on the new Dilated LP and my EP is comin' out.

MVRemix: Do you have a date for that?

Eclipse: This summer.

MVRemix: Is Hip Hop the only thing you listen to?

Planet Asia: Nope.

MVRemix: What else do you listen to?

Planet Asia: Roots reggae, Jazz, um, Radio, haha. Shit, I listen to everything man. I'm Hip Hop. I mean what kinda question is that to ask a Hip Hopper? I aint sayin' you, in order to do what I do, I mean, that's like a general type question because Hip Hop is all the music you can think of if you think about it. We put our hands in.... Emcees, we take concepts, so I would never be a closed minded person to any type of older music. No matter what form of fashion, what colour, race, whatever it is, I'm even into country music. Hip Hop has had country music influences. There have been Country & Western Hip Hop songs.

MVRemix: In 10 years time what do you predict will be going on in your life?

Planet Asia: What's gonna be going on in my life ? I'll probably be more of an activist. I might be a father, it depends. I know I'll be a leader of something.

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