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Play N Skillz - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Play N Skillz: Latinos Stand Up

August 2005

Repping the big D (Dallas, Texas), Play N Skillz are two brothers that have beaten the odds by working hard and creating a promising career for themselves. The producers turned rappers, first made their mark with their 12 standout beats on Lil' Flip's platinum album U Gotta Feel Me. After that, the Hip Hop industry started to take notice and now Play N Skillz have produced tracks for Chamillionaire, Bone Thugs~N~Harmony and Bun B's upcoming albums. The duo is also set to drop their own album, The Process, on October 18th. Play N Skillz tell their story to MVRemix, as well as provide insight to what fans can expect from their debut album.

MVRemix: Where were you guys born and raised?

Play: We were born in Dallas, Texas. Our parents are from South America. Our mother is from Venezuela and our pops is from Argentina, but we were born, raised and represent Dallas, Texas.

MVRemix: How do you think your environment or surroundings helped shape you into the men you are today?

Play: Seeing so much negativity and being at the bottom can only make you work and strive for the top.

MVRemix: What is your first memory of Hip Hop?

Play: We would have to say is the g funk era with Dre, when all the West Coast stuff was poppin' off is when we really got into Hip Hop.

MVRemix: What was the one album both of you constantly listened to growing up?

Play: Bone Thugs~N~Harmony's E.1999. We loved them guys and now to be able work with them and tour with them really lets us know that we have came along way

MVRemix: How did you guys first get into producing?

Play: We started off DJ'ing at all the hotspots in Dallas and throwing parties. We got really interested when I copped a small drum machine as a gift that someone owed me from a debt they had with me. So we started playing with it and Skillz who we call Beathoven - like Beethoven - started playing incredible melodies in an eight pad drum machine. So we knew we had something but we had to step up the equipment.

MVRemix: How would you describe your production style and sound?

Play: Lots of melodies. We are able to make transitions from a crunk joint to a street cut, to a laid back beat. That’s what gives you longevity in this business. You can't have one sound, you have to be able to adapt as time changes and Hip Hop changes. That’s why a guy like Dr. Dre has been so successful, because since the 80's he's been bangin' and stayed up to date and fresh.

MVRemix: Why did you guys eventually make the transition to the booth as emcees?

Play: Because, we had so many beats and we had our own studio. We have a lot of passion for music, so we literally live in the studio. That's why we started a label. At first, we had a couple of artists but they didn’t have the same drive, so were like fuck it, lets work on this craft and get all the money

MVRemix: How did you guys start to make a name for yourself locally and then on a larger scale?

Play: We started off with mixtapes and had artists do freestyles four our DJ mixtapes. But they would rhyme over our beats and they would always ask, “Damn, who's beat is that?” And we would tell them, "Us." So we would build relationships with people like Petey Pablo, Lil' Jon and Fabolous like that. But our big break came with Lil' Flip. He came to Dallas for like five months straight and we did over 200 songs and produced 12 tracks on his now platinum album U Gotta Feel Me. That definitely made the industry turn their heads.

MVRemix: Why do you think Dallas has been relatively overlooked in the Hip Hop game?

Play: Because there is no real support from the radio stations and we don’t have a distinct sound. We are kind of in the middle. We listen to crunk, east coast and west coast, but soon things are gonna change.

MVRemix: Do you guys feel any pressure to help put Dallas on the map in 2005?

Play: All the pressure and we taking it to the top

MVRemix: Tell us about your upcoming album The Process. What can fans expect out of it? What types of concepts, songs and issues can people expect to hear?

Play: The album was fully produced and written by us. We didn’t need a million dollar budget, so you really get to live with us step by step. The album is kind of what we have endured through our young careers, showing the good, the bad, the bitches, the bottles and the hate - all in one album. There's a song on there for any type of mood you are in, therefore you have The Process.

MVRemix: Any guest appearances on the album?

Play: Definitely we got Akon, Krayzie Bone, Lil Flip, Frankie J, Static and much more.

MVRemix: Overall, what is your vision for the future?

Play: Opening the doors for Dallas, Texas and for Latinos in the Hip Hop game.

MVRemix: Any other projects you guys working on that you want fans to know about? Any albums you producing on?

Play: We got all kinds of stuff in the works. We got beats on Chamillionaire’s new album, Bun B’s solo album - which is gonna be a classic and the Bone Thugs reunion album. As well as some video game songs and all the Latium Entertainment projects. We also will be playing a part in the new MTV movie, Rumble, with Ciara, 3LW, Jennifer Pena and more. So we grinding and be on the look out for the new video "Latinos Stand Up," which is our street single and a movement type song

MVRemix: Any last words or shout outs?

Play: Play N Skillz album, The Process, in stores October 18th. Latinos Stand Up!

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"The album is kind of what we have endured through our young careers, showing the good, the bad, the bitches, the bottles and the hate - all in one album."