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Prime - conducted by Hugo Lunny  



These are the transcripts of an interview with Prime. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on May 17th, 2002. Prime is an up and coming independent emcee hailing from Chicago. Prime's best known for his participation in the independent scene with his crew The Molemen. Later in 2002, Prime is set to properly release his debut album 'Pocketful Of Change.'

MVRemix: How did you begin?

Prime: I started out just listening to rap music - Slick Rick, LL, NWA. I was this quiet kid, and the kids I ended up hanging out with were all B-boys and emcees. So I just did it to fit in and not be so antisocial. Little by little I'd get in cyphers and street battles and that molded me to be more confident, clever and more well structured as far as rhyming. Eventually I got a rep in the city as a pretty dope battler. Unfortunately it never really translated on a larger scale, but I got more recognition due to Skribble Jam and the Blaze Battles. So I just did the single, and now I'm working on my LP. I did some cheap CDR's before, but they were more practice.

MVRemix: How has your association with the Molemen influenced you, and how do you believe you've influenced them?

Prime: They've influenced me a lot. They have all been making music for like a decade here in the city, and they've always been honest with how they feel about what I'm writing. So its helped me become a better writer, also I've learned a lot about the independent industry side of things. As to what I've added to the Molemen, or hope to add. I want to become the voice of Molemen, because right now Molemen are more well known for their production then anything. Hopefully Vakill and myself will help Molemen become more recognized as a label.

MVRemix: You're from Chicago...and traditionally every dope MC has had problems with the windy city. Juice said it's a city of hate, Common moved.. What are your feelings?

Prime: I have a love and hate relationship with the city. It's my hometown, so of course, I got love for the city and the scene here. But, a lot of times they're too trend driven and they tend to like their own shit least. But, lately the kids are growing more supportive, so it's getting better.

MVRemix: Why the name "Prime"?

Prime: I dunno.

MVRemix: Haha, okay

Prime: I went through like eight names, but I used to do voices and imitations during freestyles, so I got the Optimus Prime from someone, I don't remember who, and it stuck. Then I dropped the Optimus 'cause I felt it was too corny. So, Prime was just right. It's simple and not overstated or anything. So, it's like I just let the rhymes speak for themselves. There's no hype to it.

MVRemix: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Prime: Depends what day it is. Today it's a drop past half full, so it's cool.

MVRemix: What's up with the Scam Artists?

Prime: Dead. But you never know. There is some internal stuff going on that keeps Scam Artists from putting stuff out, but hopefully it will get resolved.

MVRemix: Who are some lyricists you admire?

Prime: Present or past?

MVRemix: Both, who stands out

Prime: Okay, my all time favourites are Nas, Pharaohe Monch, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Rakim and KRS. As for present cats - Slug, Sage, El-P, Aesop, Blueprint, Eminem, Ludacris, and Jay-Z. Cage is dope as fuck too.

MVRemix: You've dropped a bunch of albums independently, do you ever plan to scrape them together and select tracks to create another LP for a wider release?

Prime: Probably not. I really don't like stuff once I've written it. I wanna keep improving. So this new LP, 'Pocketful of Change,' is what I want people to acknowledge as my first real album. I'd probably make a cd of older stuff to sell at shows or something.

MVRemix: How have you grown as an artist throughout the course of your albums?

Prime: I think I've learned to be more honest as a writer. I don't bullshit as much and I've learned to structure my shit better and use my voice as an instrument more. I dont hyperbolize as much, I just word things better.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with C-Rayz, Rise, and Gaston for "All Angles"?

Prime: Well, I knew C Rayz through my man Breez Evahflowin', who I met in Chicago, and the other cats I met through cyphers at the Rocksteady Anniversaries.

MVRemix: What are some of your favourite and least favourite words?

Prime: Favourite words: Fuck, Shit, Bitch, mostly swear words...they're very expressive when used correctly. Least favourite: abstract, artsy, experimental, avant guarde, and "advancement of hip hop"

MVRemix: Is a freestyle, a freestyle - if it's written?

Prime: No. A freestyle is off the head. But, you can spit writtens on the radio and it's cool. 'Cause people can tell what's what. So don't front. I'm off the head but I got spare verses.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the last HBO battle and the supposed forthcoming one, will you be involved or would you want even want to?

Prime: Blaze is HBO. I'm underground, they do what they do. I do what I do. I only like losing to women in life, not on cable. But I got people to notice me because of that so respect due.

MVRemix: What are you currently working on? Including album details - and what have you recently done that has yet to surface?

Prime: I'm currently working on my LP, "Pocketful of Change", which will feature Slug, and most likely Brother Ali and Blueprint. Production credits will go to Molemen and hopefully Dug Infinite on one track. I've got the LP half done and hopefully will have it done and out by Late Summer. I have some stuff on the Molemen compilation and some collabo's in the works.

MVRemix: Any last words you'd like to put to your fans and potential fans?

Prime: "I dont want fans, I just want supporters, and to leave this earth with more than just a handful of quarters." Check out my shit. If you like it buy it, don't download it. Support independent Hip Hop. Thanks to MVRemix for interviewing me. Peace in the Middle East.

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