Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) conducted by Todd E. Jones  

The Pedagogical Slickness Of Prince Po Interview

November 2005

MVRemix: That 'Starchild' LP by O.C. (on Grit / Nocturne Records) was dope.

Prince Po: I've heard it a couple of times. I'm just hoping that he's happy with what he's doing. Then, I'll be happy with his project. He's a dope emcee. He's definitely creative. Hopefully, we'll work again in the future. Right now, let him do him. Once he can get back home and really realize that with the talent that we have, we can make something together. I never knock him. I tell people to support him and buy his records all the time. It's just that, when a little brother does something, you have to let him do it. 'Jewelz' is not O.C. 'Jewelz' is a cool album but it is very materialistic. It's not 'WordLife'. O has to decide whether he likes jewelry, fine women, and nice clothes. I know that part of him but, at that time in the game, it seemed like everybody was doing that because that was what everybody was doing. We're known to go against the grain and a lot of fans were complaining when he did 'Bon Appetit'. I think he should do whatever he wants to do as long as he puts his heart and soul into it. If he did it just to make a quick dollar, I'm not with it. If his heart told him to do it, I'm fully supporting it. He's a creative dude. He's a dope emcee and I love what he's doing. I could love you and be away from you at the same time. I'm not going to sit and argue with you. I'm not going to keep wondering why you are mad at me, when I all I want to do is put you on a record. I know him from living next to Monch but, I don't know this mother fucker. He didn't grow up in the projects with me. He lived around the corner from the projects. That makes no difference to me. He didn't grow up with me. I looked out for him because he's a dope ass fucking emcee.

MVRemix: When creating a song, do you have a set theme or pre-written lyrics? Or, do you write to the beat?

Prince Po: Both ways. I've had ideas and wrote for them. '9 X Out Of Ten' was my rhyme. The actual chorus for that song was my rhyme for that song. Monch wanted to use that rhyme for the hook and wanted me to write another rhyme. It varies. Most of the time, I wrote to the beat and then, come up with the concept. For 'Invetro' and songs like 'Black Sunday', a lot of the written rhymes were from bits and pieces of little paragraphs that were written before. When the track was put together, we just put it to it.

MVRemix: Do you have a favorite Organized Konfusion album?

Prince Po: I would say 'Stress', but coming right up next to it is 'The Equinox'. The album, 'The Equinox' did not get a lot of write ups. Some people didn't like it that much because there were a lot of skits. I like 'The Equinox' because of the effort we put into it. It's such a different record. We even went out and ordered $600 worth of Hollywood sounds from moviemakers out here in Cali, just to put in those skits. A lot of those sounds, like the car noises, are professional movie sounds. We paid money for it. We put it together and had people come in to do the voiceovers. It's like a 'Pulp Fiction' story. Where it starts is where it ends. The album is just creative to me. A lot of people slept on it. To me, the most slept on shit or the most underrated shit, would always be my favorite shit.

MVRemix: Who are some people you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Prince Po: Jay Dee. I did work with Large Professor. I like 9th Wonder, who is coming up now. I think Kev Brown is dope. Also, Rhettmatic, The Beat Junkies, and Hershey P, who is down with Nasty Habits. Shafir. Man, there's a host of niggas! I want to work with DJ Quik too. He's a different type of dude. I'm just on some weird shit. I would like to work with George Clinton. I've got a weird, eclectic vibe of who I would like to work with. To each is own. Even if I would work with somebody in Cam'Ron's crew, I would like to work with Juelz Santana. I like some of the shit he says. I like different styles. Everyone talks about commercial versus underground. You are only underground until you sell a million copies. Once you sell a million copies, you go commercial? That's stupid! If Common goes platinum, he's not underground anymore? That's crazy!

MVRemix: Who have you been listening to lately?

Prince Po: Actually, everybody I just mentioned. Rhettmatic, Kev Brown, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, some of the Diplomats. One of the dopest, who I would like to work with on something special, is Jay-Z. Even when Nas and Jay-Z had the battle, your opinion could be that Nas won, but in what perspective did he win? Nas is a certain type of emcee to me. Jay-Z is a certain type of emcee to me. They are not even in the same category. I love Nas and I got to give the brother love from the borough of Queens, but Jay-Z does a lot of collaborations while Nas doesn't. To me, that takes away from someone being a dope emcee. Making a dope collaboration with somebody is where Jay-Z kicked his ass. Jay-Z can adjust and do songs with different people. That is part of the versatility of being an emcee. Nas is versatile on topics and different things to talk about. Nas is definitely intelligent on the lyrics. We will always be able to listen to his music for years to come. I like Jay-Z because he can do a song with Talib Kweli and then, turn around and make a song with Linkin Park. That's a true fucking emcee! That's versatility! I like a lot of the Nas collaborations but I don't think he collabs as well. To me, that's one thing that he's not better at than Jay-Z. Everybody says that Nas kicked Jay-Z's ass but a lot of people don't know things. People don't know that in 'Do It Again (Get Your Hands Up)', he said some shit on there to Nas. 'Three cuts in your eyebrows / trying to wild out. The game is ours. We'll never foul out / Y'all just better hope we gracefully bow out.' To me, that's just as dope as 'Either', but you couldn't tell anybody in New York that it wasn't. To each is own. I like both emcees. They are both kings of New York. Fuck that one king shit!

MVRemix: Where were you during September 11th terrorist attack? How did you deal with it?

Prince Po: In 9-11, I was in Southside Queens. WPLX, Channel 11 went out because it was on top of The World Trade Center. At the time, I didn't pay it no mind and went back to sleep until one of my neighbors knocked on my door and told me what happened. My man G.I. Joe, who runs with Diggin In The Crates, saw the 2nd plane hit from his window, in The Bronx. I just felt the tension from everything that was going down. It was a shocker to me.

MVRemix: What was the last incident of racism you experienced?

Prince Po: It was when I was getting on a plane. You know the lady who checks the tickets before you walk down the corridor to get on the plane? I asked her if 1st class was crowded. She said, 'If you were flying 1st class, you wouldn't have to worry about it.' I just ignored her. If I didn't, I would have cursed her ass out. I don't give a fuck if you are mad about your job. Somebody else wants to do it. Your hell is somebody's heaven. Who gives a fuck about what you think, your theories, or if I should be flying first class? I just ignored her, walked away, and didn't acknowledge her existence. I thought it was a very ignorant thing to say, but that's how the world is. I have neighbors here, in Burbank, California. When I talk with them and they ask me questions, I can tell that they didn't grow up among Black people. I can't be mad at them because that was just the way they were brought up. I'm definitely going to educate them on who we are. I'm going to let them know that every mother fucker doesn't have to have a chain around his neck to show his worth. We've been worth a lot of money even before money came into play. I just try to walk with my head high and try to spread love no matter what color people are. Ignorance don't have a color. She was an ignorant fucking lady who will be there for the next 20 years of her life, tearing those goddamn tickets.

MVRemix: What are some major misconceptions that people have of you?

Prince Po: Wow! That's a good question, Todd. A lot of independent labels aren't stepping to me because I was on Priority .They must think I'm looking for $180,000 advance. I think people have the misconception of the type of grinder I am. I'm into getting in those streets and selling records. The little record labels must think that I'm looking for a major deal when all I want to do is move units. Over the years, when people don't see you, but you pop back on the scene with a nice shirt and nice sneakers, they look at you. They think, 'What happened to you? Are you alright?' I guess that if I was wearing sneakers with holes and looked cracked out, it would be alright because I'm not making records, as far as them not seeing it. Over the years, I was studying sampler ands computers. I was learning the programs by myself. I was educating myself on being computer literate. This made people have the misconception that I fell off. They may think that I'm hustling because I look the same and wear nice clothes. That's because my fans are devoted to me and I was still doing shows solo. I am still doing features solo. I am still producing. It was a blessing. When people don't see you on T.V., they automatically think that you are cracked out, hungry, or sleeping in the park.

MVRemix: Did drugs ever influence your music?

Prince Po: Cats smoke a little bit of greeny weed. This whole new era of E pills is cool but it's not for everybody. Out here, there's a saying that niggas a fizzed out. For me, I'm horny and want to touch something normally. I don't need to take pills to do it but I'm not mad at anybody who bug out and have fun. To each is own, but those pills have other shit it them.

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"I think people have the misconception of the type of grinder I am. I'm into getting in those streets and selling records."

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