Prodigy (Mobb Deep) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Prodigy: Quiet Is Kept

April 2006

Mobb Deep have a legacy which few groups can compare with. Though they don't have many hits under their belt, the group has a loyal following that has helped push their signature sound throughout the globe, allowing for a career spanning over a decade.

Times have changed, and Hip Hop can make the right person a huge amount, now, Mobb Deep have moved into that arena through joining the powerhouse that is G-Unit/Interscope and allying themselves with 50 Cent, Eminem and Dre. The duo are scheduled to release their first G-Unit affiliated record on May 2nd entitled "Blood Money."

I spoke with Prodigy about this and other things, but, well... He didn't say much.

MVRemix: What's the biggest mis-conception that people have of Mobb Deep?

Prodigy: Um... I don't even know.

MVRemix: Is there one thing you think people associate with you straight away that's definitely wrong...

Prodigy: [ponders] Nah, not really.

MVRemix: When you first got into rap - did you see it being a career though it still was a relatively young genre?

Prodigy: As a career what?

MVRemix: Did you see it as being a career - a long standing occupation or did you see it as just some fun/something creative around that time?

Prodigy: I looked at it as a career, 'cause it was back in the day. You know what I mean?

MVRemix: Describe a typical day in Mobb Deep history when recording "Juvenile Hell."

Prodigy: Around recording that album just a lot of 40 ounces blunts flying around.

MVRemix: Mirroring that, describe a day while recording "Blood Money."

Prodigy: "Blood Money" there's a lot of Henney... A lot of champagne poppin' off.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Blood Money" and what directly inspired the title.

Prodigy: What directly inspired the title was 'cause it's about money and how all money is blood money. It's evil; it's the route of all evil. Basically the album is real tight, it's real tight - so you know we got a hot one right here.

MVRemix: In one interview you said that you use "the same formula on each album" but in another you said fans may hear it and think it sounds a little different, but if they're your fans they should support it all - what is the blood money sound?

Prodigy: If you listen it sounds a little different.

MVRemix: In what way?

Prodigy: It's always gonna be Mobb Deep, no matter what. Only new things about the album is we got Dr. Dre involved in there, we got 50 Cent involved, nahmean, and Eminem - everybody just involved makin' the project crazy.

MVRemix: Have you managed to forge much of a relationship with Dr. Dre?

Prodigy: Yeah, definitely. Watching him work is an inspiration - it's crazy.

MVRemix: How about Ma$e? You seem like an unlikely combo...

Prodigy: Yeah, we cool. Me and Murda Ma$e is cool.

MVRemix: Any current follow ups planned? How many albums does the G-Unit deal stem to?

Prodigy: It's for a few albums, you know, we about to get it crackin'. We ain't done yet, we 'bout to get it started.

MVRemix: There were rumours that you had two albums left including "Blood Money" and then you'd call it quits - is there any truth to that?

Prodigy: Nah, never that. We ain't never gonna call it quits. We gon' keep it goin' 'till the wheels fall off.

MVRemix: What's the current standing with the infamous mobb - will they be affiliated with g-unit/mobb deep?

Prodigy: Nah, they doin' they own thing. They doin' they own thing...

MVRemix: Its been widely noted that you're working on an autobiography and then a film adaptation of that - can you tell me a bit about those?

Prodigy: Yeah, we doin' an autobiography of Mobb Deep. You know, our story and later on we gon' shoot the movie to the book.

MVRemix: Will the film be in the same vein as "Murda Muzik" or a lot more Hollywood?

Prodigy: Nah, this one is gonna be more budget, not Hollywood. More budget.

MVRemix: Which movies have been the most influential to you that we wouldn't expect?

Prodigy: I like "Sling Blade" and there's a few movies out there that's official, but that's like one of them you wouldn't expect.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Prodigy: I don't know man. Maybe Bush...

MVRemix: Reckon you'd win?

Prodigy: Oh yeah, definitely.

MVRemix: You collaborated with MOP on a Frankie Cutlass joint ("Know The Game") on a recent Kay Slay tape - any word on a comeback from him?

Prodigy: Who?

MVRemix: Frankie Cutlass...

Prodigy: Oh, I don't even know.

MVRemix: Do you guys not have much of a relationship?

Prodigy: Nah...

MVRemix: You've never been a group to speak on beefs in interviews - what makes you keep your thoughts so close to your chest when artists 50 [Cent] air out every grievance?

Prodigy: We'll talk about it if it's necessary, handle everything accordingly.

MVRemix: What's the current status of the relationship between Mobb Deep and Cormega?

Prodigy: It's cool. We don't see each other 'cause we real busy.

MVRemix: But you're still on good terms?

Prodigy: We really don't have too many mixings with anybody. We runnin' around a lot 'cause we got a lot of work to do.

MVRemix: When is "Blood Money" actually gonna see it's release date?

Prodigy: May 2nd.

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