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Project Pat - conducted by Dru Hepkins  

Project Pat

October 2006

From winning an Oscar to being incarcerated, Project Pat certainly has had his taste of life's unpredictable twists and turns. With the upcoming release of his new album "Crook by the Book, The Fed Story", Project Pat intends on coming up big and leaving things on a very positive note.

MVRemix: Describe the Hip hop scene in South. Is it still on the rise right now in your opinion?

Project Pat: Ah man, it's on the map. It's going further down south. That's where [hip-hop's] moving.

MVRemix: You've also released underground albums. Tell us a little about that and why you released underground units.

Project Pat: For the cheese. [laughs]

MVRemix: What do you feel you did differently in your approach with this new album?

Project Pat: Well mainly it's not so much that I'm doing something differently---but I'm going more in depth with certain subjects.

MVRemix: How so?

Project Pat: Well, you know like with the bid game---I didn't really know too much about it. You know---with the snitching and all that. I mean I heard it but I didn't really know know.

MVRemix: Was your recent jail stint your lowest point so far?

Project Pat: Oh yeah. Jail was definitely my low point. The Oscar [Three Six Mafia] was definitely my highest point but going to jail right when the album went platinum was a low for me. People trying say I was a criminal an all that, man it's best not to do nothing illegal. I mean nothing.

MVRemix: Who were you're collaborations on this album?

Project Pat: Young Jeezy, Beanie Sigel, Pimp C, Three Six Mafia themselves…

MVRemix: Is anything new or different sonically or in regards to lyrical content that we haven't heard from you in the past on this album?

Project Pat: It's not a different approach but it's straight dirty south talking about the streets and the gutter---but it's more hard hitting.

MVRemix: What do you want everyone to know about this particular album?

Project Pat: Well, I'll put it like this man---it's the fire. You gotta hurry up and get the fire. You get the fire the first day it come out, you mess around it's gonna be sold out.

MVRemix: Take us through your creative process with this album.

Project Pat: I got about 2 or 3 cd's from Juice and Paul, picked out some of the ones that I liked and then just vibed and went from there.

MVRemix: Is there anything specific you set out to do or want to achieve in the music industry?

Project Pat: Well, you know…mo' money mo' money. [laughs]. You know I'm cool. In the future like ten years from now I really couldn't say. I hope I'm making phone calls, checking accounts and money rising like cake dough. [laughs]

MVRemix: Are you satisfied with what you've achieved thus far?

Project Pat: Well, our long term goal is to really get off into these movies. More and more movies. Movies are real big money---real big money.

MVRemix: Speaking of movies, describe the "Choices Three" venture.

Project Pat: Choices Three is gonna be big pay and we eventually are gonna be more hands on.

MVRemix: What are you most proud of to date or about this album?

Project Pat: The tracks by Juice and Paul, man the tracks on this album are pure fire. They're just flame throwers and I'm really liking that.

MVRemix: You know I just have to ask this; Compare the Memphis or south scene up against what's going on in East and the West.

Project Pat: The thing about the south is our music is not the same. And one thing about the south, if any body comes out from ‘round here we gonna go get it. You know----we gonna support. And the game is changed because you used to have to sound like you came from the East in order to blow but it ain't like that no more. Our sound, slang and everything is different and it's bumpin' too.

MVRemix: Before all the success you've achieved were there any artists that inspired and influenced you?

Project Pat: Oh yeah, ah man I used to listen to NWA, Scarface, Geto Boys, Willie D, I used to really be on that Willie D stuff.

MVRemix: Now that there's a spotlight on you, where do you want to bring Hip hop?

Project Pat: I'm really just [here] and I'm glad to be [here]. I'm not really trying to take no where I'm really just trying to get right.

MVRemix: Any advice or inspirational words to any of the young and up coming cats out there that may be watching you?

Project Pat: Just do you and have faith in what you do. Don't think that you're not gonna blow because you are.

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"It's not a different approach but it's straight dirty south talking about the streets and the gutter - but it's more hard hitting."