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Psapp - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

The Only Thing Psapp Ever Wanted

September 2006

As the heart beats, all living creatures move to a rhythm. The feline is an animal that is rhythmically unique. Cats jump, purr, walk, and breathe with their own inimitable rhythm. Fiercely independent, cats represent the epitome of eccentricity. While dogs instantly give humans their love and attention, human beings must earn a cats respect. The mystery of the feline has yet to be solved.

Owners and lovers of cats, the musical band, Psapp creates slinky, elegant, feline-like pop music. Weird clinking noises and homemade instruments perpetuate the band's distinctive creativity. Born and based in London, Psapp was created by Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant. As a band, they have more than just nine lives. After a string of EP's and singles, they released their debut album, "Tiger, My Friend". Their signature sound, ethereal vocals, and odd rhythms earned them a loyal following. One of their songs, "Cosy in the Rocket" was used for the TV show, "Grey's Anatomy". Signed to Domino Records, Psapp released their sophomore album, "The Only Thing I Ever Wanted" in 2006. Although they maintain their playful melodies, their songwriting abilities have matured. Their love for cats has also grown. While recording the album, their cat would jump on the mixing board and move the levels. On the opening track, "Hi", the album instantly catches the listener's attention. The clanking drumbeats sound somewhat like a talented child banging on pots and pans. Galia's astute vocals create an enchanting atmosphere over her confident attitude. Another delightful song, "The Words" has a bouncy and amusing feel. The bizarre rhythms are accentuated by the soft, yet wacky keyboard melodies. Slinky, quirky, poignant, and charming, the music of Psapp is the aural equivalent of owning a pet feline. Let the music of Psapp purr.

MVRemix: What goes on?

Carim: We'll have to move very soon, but I think I found a new place for the studio, yesterday, after looking for over a year. All good, fingers crossed. Also, playing live shows and secretly writing new songs.

Galia: Not that secretly, as I keep telling everyone how excited I am.

MVRemix: The new Psapp album, 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' was just released on Domino Records. Tell us about the LP.

Carim: It was fun to make, which is the main thing and for us. It is a summary of everything that happened in the last year and a half.

Galia: That's the short story. Everything else you might want to know, you can hear by listening to the record though.

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the title, 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted'?

Carim: The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' is the thing you'll never get because when you get it, something else will always demand your attention and will become the next only thing you ever wanted. Galia is especially good at it.

Galia: I don't know what you mean.

MVRemix: How is 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' album different from the previous album you made and released? Why?

Carim: 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' is probably a bit less electronic than our first album, but as we are working on a song by song basis, we're not really aware of stuff like this. We just work on a song until we're happy with it and we don't place it in context with other possible album tracks. Only when we put the album together, we became aware of it. But we're happy with whatever got us excited and reflected our musical tastes of that period. To us, the new album also has got an inside sound to it. We recorded it with certain instruments at specific locations in the studio and all around the house. With 'Tiger, My Friend', we captured a lot of the outside sound ambience around Kings Cross. I really like it if a record has a real place and space you can hear. It gives it a specific location and there is no point of doing the same record twice.

MVRemix: Favorite song on the 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted'?

Carim: I refuse to have a favourite song on our album. It would feel like treason.

MVRemix: Which song took you the longest to do from conception to completion? Why?

Carim: I think it was 'The Words'. Although it only took an evening to write and record, it took a very long time to mix. I think there were about 30 mixes in the end.

Galia: I think the cat helped with that by climbing on the mixing desk and moving the faders and buttons around. She's very helpful like that.

MVRemix: Psapp's sound has been described as 'clanking toys'. Would you agree? Was this intentional?

Carim: Sure. There is some clanking and toys, but I would rather describe it as an asthmatic snake gone wild in a junk shop.

Galia: For us, it's pretty simple. We use sounds that we like. Some of them happen to be toys. Others are carpets, gravel, tables, my dad, and some choice pieces of wood.

MVRemix: How would you describe the music of Psapp?

Carim: Hmmm, an asthmatic snake gone wild in a junk shop is probably not too far off. But that would not give enough credit to our cat, who had a certain influence on the sound of the record. She kept on walking over the mixing desk, pushing faders, stepping onto Mono and Phase buttons. But for us, it's more writing songs and then, listening to what we've done. The music can take on all sorts of shapes, as far as we're concerned, with a bit of clanking toys of course.

MVRemix: Where did you two meet? How did you eventually form the group?

Galia: We were introduced by a mutual friend, Tim Whelan, who was originally the third member in Psapp, until he got irritated by our use of animal organs.

Carim: I had lot of different people coming over at the time for various different studio projects, but Galia and I stuck together, although it wasn't really happening at first.

MVRemix: What do you argue about the most?

Carim: Artwork. In the end, we're always happy with the result but, it takes a lot of time and arguing.

Galia: Yes, it wouldn't be the same without some sulking and sullen faces from both of us.

>> continued...

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"I really like it if a record has a real place and space you can hear. It gives it a specific location and there is no point of doing the same record twice."