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People Under The Stairs - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

People Under The Stairs: Stepfathers

March 2006

MVRemix: What about solo projects on the whole, is there anything going on there?

Thes-One: I mean Mike and I, we make music here, there and everywhere. We're always making something and a lot of stuff doesn't even see the light of day. Some things show up, but we've got all our friends making music and we just kind of stay up in the scene, keep our chops up. Do stuff here and there.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on hyphy?

Thes-One: [laughs]

Double K: I love it man. It's real fresh. A whole new movement coming up out of the Bay. They're very skilled; bringing something new for everybody in Hip Hop. I think it's dope, man.

Thes-One: I think it's fresh too and I think that in this day and age where people don't really have a regional rap scene, I mean you've got the internet and all these other kinds of things... To see some people come up with their own slang in their own neighbourhood or whatever. That's definitely missing from Hip Hop nowadays.

MVRemix: The last time we interviewed you, we asked if you'd seen the movie with the same name as your group and you hadn't. It's been four years, have you yet?

Thes-One: Yeah we have.

Double K: Yes we have.

MVRemix: And your thoughts?

Double K: Ah man, it's the funniest movie I've ever seen man. So many funny parts. I mean you could give us a movie like "Colour Purple" or "Amistad" or a real serious movie like that; we're gonna find everything funny out of it and turn it into a comedy. So it was very funny man.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Double K: I'd fight Will Smith man, [chuckles] that's who I would fight.

MVRemix: Why Will Smith?

Double K: 'Cause he's not rappin' fresh anymore. Will Smith? He was the Fresh Prince, now he's just Will Smith.

MVRemix: The main question is would you win?

Double K: Of course, I'd beat the shit out of him! You know what - he was in "Men In Black" so I'm sure he works out a lot so he may get the best of me, but I'm sure I could do some screamin' and kickin'

MVRemix: Don't forget "Ali"

Double K: Yeah, right...

Thes-One: He can fight actually. I'd go to see that fight.

MVRemix: Which movies have been most influential to you?

Double K: Ah man, we're sittin' here watchin' one right now which is... Everyone knows that it's "Beatstreet," "Krush Groove," most rappers would say that it's "Scarface" but nah, it's "Beat Street," "Krush Groove," "Fly By Night."

Thes-One: "Fly By Night" was the most inspiration for this record. It's a little known Hip Hop classic that we think is friggin' hilarious.

MVRemix: Are you a fan of any contemporary Hip Hop movies... or?

Thes-One: Hustle & Flow is a piece of shit!

Double K: Yeah, that was the worst movie I've ever seen.

Thes-One: That was an utter, disgusting piece of shit. Worst Hip Hop movie ever.

Double K: We both agree on that. It sucked.

MVRemix: How does it feel to have fans? People who value your music so much that they replay it and know all the lyrics - yet you're independent?

Double K: Ah man, I know for me... And probably for Chris too, I know it's a feeling you just can't explain. I've always wanted since I was a kid for somebody to like my music. So to know that we have fans as loyal as they are, it's the shit.

Thes-One: A lot of responsibility too. If you think about that, it's heavy.

MVRemix: What's next?

Thes-One: After this album? A whole lot of touring.

Double K: A lot of touring man - we're on the road.

MVRemix: When does the tour begin?

Thes-One: April 25th-June 4th we'll be out in America. 40 days and 40 nights we'll be on the road.

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